Bullying: Personal Thoughts?

TEACH Journal of Christian Education, Aug 2017

By Stan Walsh, Published on 07/01/17

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Bullying: Personal Thoughts?

TEACH Journal of Christian Education Bullying : Personal Thou ghts? Stan Walsh 0 0 Longburn Adventist College Follow this and additional works at: http://research.avondale.edu.au/teach Part of the Education Commons Recommended Citation - Bullying: Personal thoughts? Stan Walsh Assistant Principal, Longburn Adventist College, Palmerston North, North New Zealand “was it all about the bully getting attention and receiving a lot of ‘likes’ supporting their comments on Facebook A couple of years ago we had a case of bullying by one student of another student, in the form of abuse on Facebook. This is nothing new, a recent survey in NZ suggested that 40% of students had been the victims of internet bullying during their time at school. However what was surprising, was that when a teacher asked a friend of the bully what the victim had done to deserve being attacked, the friend gave the teacher a pitying look and replied “nothing, it was all about the bully getting attention and receiving a lot of ‘likes’ supporting their comments on Facebook.” ” related to the attention seeking attacks of the bully. The sad thing was that later the victim had an attempt at committing suicide, which probably was The Bible starts with the original sin of Adam and Eve in response to Satan’s promise of if you disregard God and do what you like, ”You shall be as God, determining for yourself what is good and evil.” Unfortunately Satan missed out mentioning that the consequence of this selfish lifestyle is pain to yourself and others in this life and eternal death in the world to come. Maybe we are all too nice when we see hurtful and divisive comments on social media, and it is all too easy to hit the like button or ignore the comment altogether. Often with USA college gun shootings the perpetrator has foreshadowed what he intended to do, using social media as his forum, and unfortunately most of the comments he received in response were egging him on and encouraging him to act, with only a few brave people objecting to his course of action. This makes me think that not only do I need to regularly reflect on my own words and actions in the light of God’s directions for my life, but also “I am my brother’s keeper.”
 “There is a way that seems right to people, but that way leads only to death.” Proverbs 16:25 ERV OUTDOOR RECREATION It only takes one adventurer... to empower exploration and discovery. Avondale offers certificate and diploma courses in Outdoor Recreation. One year full-time. To find out more about our courses or to apply online, visit www.avondale.edu.au, phone +61 2 4980 2377 or email . 62 | TEACH | v11 n1

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