July 21, 2017 Conference Call

NASIG Newsletter, Nov 2017

Kelli Getz

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July 21, 2017 Conference Call

NASIG Board Conference Call July Executive Board: 0 Members at Large: 1 Regrets: 2 Update on Webinar for Committee Chair Orientation 3 0 Steve Oberg , President, Anna Creech, Past-President, Angela Dresselhaus, Vice President/President-Elect, Kelli Getz, Secretary, Michael Hanson, Treasurer, Jessica Ireland, Treasurer-Elect 1 Chris Bulock , Karen Davidson, Maria Hatfield, Adolfo Tarango, Ted Westervelt 2 Betsy Appleton , Member-at-Large 3 (Bulock , Hanson, Oberg) The meeting was called to order at 12:01 pm Central. The webinar for Committee Chair Orientation will be held on Monday, July 31 at noon Central. The orientation will feature a revised PowerPoint originally created by Dave Macaulay last year and updated by Bulock, Hanson, and Oberg. Hanson should have committee budgets ready to distribute during the Committee Chair Orientation webinar. Ireland is now in charge of scheduling conference calls. Hanson continues to work with the Westin Indianapolis to address billing issues. There were considerable problems with the award winner hotel bills. VOTE: Dresselhaus moved to approve a $500 sponsorship to Library Publishing Forum. Creech seconded. The motion passed with three abstentions and nine votes in favor. - The sponsorship form as it relates to the Vendor Expo needs to be revisited. Michael Hanson and the Conference Planning Committee Co-Chairs are working to update the form. The goal of updating the form is to simplify it and more closely align conference sponsorship and the Vendor Expo. The updated form should be ready by next month. Vote on minutes from 6/11 VOTE: Westervelt moved to approve the minutes from the 6/11 Board Meeting. Tarango seconded. The motion passed with eleven votes in favor and one abstention. Committee Updates (All) Communications Committee: Committee listservs should be updated. Also, Communications made some recommendations regarding the use of Google Drive that will be discussed at the Committee Chair Orientation. The main Google Drive recommendation centers around making the shared account the owner of files and folders to help with continuity. Conference Planning Committee: CPC is organizing the Fall Board Meeting dates and selecting a conference theme. Also, the 2017 vision session videos have been uploaded onto NASIG’s YouTube site. Digital Preservation Task Force: Shannon Regan will be chairing DPTF. The Library Publishing Coalition will be having a round-table in September. Westervelt is on the panel to talk about digital preservation. NASIG will be a cosponsor, and there is no financial contribution. • • • • • • Evaluation & Assessment Committee: E&A will soon send out a survey to vendors regarding their experience attending the NASIG conference. • Program Planning Committee: PPC is in the process of selecting vision speakers for the 2018 conference. Web-Based Infrastructure Task Force: The task force has finished the report and is waiting on the feedback from the committee chairs. The feedback is due by the end of August. There was also a discussion about the weekly UKSG eNews that is sent to NASIG members. NASIG currently pays UKSG an annual fee to distribute the newsletter. The Board is revisiting the UKSG eNews to see whether NASIG members want to continue receiving the newsletter. Adjourn (Oberg) The meeting was adjourned at 1:02 pm Central. Minutes submitted by: Kelli Getz Secretary, NASIG Executive Board Registrar: Karen Davidson will continue on as Registrar for the 2018 conference in Atlanta. Mary Ann Jones will be the Registrar-in-Training in Atlanta, and she’ll take over as Registrar for the 2019 conference in Pittsburgh. Newsletter: Moore will be sending out a call for the Editor-in-Chief. The Newsletter members are working on the next issue.

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