"Papyrus grecs de la Bibliothèque nationale et universitaire de Strasbourg", J . Schwartz & others, "Bull. de la Fac. des Lettres de Strasbourg", 35, 1957, no 4, 7 ; 36, 1958, no 4 : [recenzja]

The Journal of Juristic Papyrology, Apr 2018

Rafał Taubenschlag, Jacques Schwartz (aut. dzieła rec.)

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"Papyrus grecs de la Bibliothèque nationale et universitaire de Strasbourg", J . Schwartz & others, "Bull. de la Fac. des Lettres de Strasbourg", 35, 1957, no 4, 7 ; 36, 1958, no 4 : [recenzja]

- In an annex the author assembles bilingual papyri: I concerning proceedings before courts: No. 1 = Ross. — Georg. V, 18 (213 A.D.) cf. my Law2 520s; No. 2 = Ryl. I V 653 (321 A.D.) cf. my Law2 612, 61944; No. 3 = P. Thead 13 (322—323 A.D.); No. 4 = P. Bouriant 20 (after 350 A.D.) cf. Law2 1785 and passim; No. 5 = P. Lips. 33 (368 A.D.) cf. Law2 31107; No. 6 = P. Lips. 35 (375 A.D.) cf. my Law2 7434; No. 7 = P. Lips. 38 (390 A.D.) cf. my Law2 5079; No. 8 = P. Berl. Zill. 4 (IV cent. A.D.) cf. my Law2 50443· No. 9 = P. Ryl. IV 654 (IV cent. A.D.) cf. my Law2 60423; No. 10 = P. Lips. 40 (IV—V cent. A.D.) cf. my Law2 6910; Nos. 11—14 = O x y . 1876—1879 (434—483 A.D.) cf. my Law2 5 0443; No. 15 = SB 5357 (V cent. A.D.) cf. my Law2 50444; No. 16 = W e s s e l y , Schrifttafeln No. 26 (V cent. A.D.); No. No. 17 = PSI XIII 1309 (V—VI cent. A.D.) cf. my art. JJP 3 (1949) 176 ff.; No. 18 = Cair.-Masp. 329 (529—530 A.D.); No. 19 = Cair.-Masp. 131 (VI cent. A.D.) cf. my Law2 1785; No. 20 = P. Mich. VIII 463 (VI cent. A.D.). II different subjects: Nos. 21—22 = P. Thead. 54—55 (299 A.D.) land apographs·, No. 23 = P. Cair. Boak 12 (309 A.D.) land apographs, No. 24 = R y l . I V 656 (300 A.D.) land apographé, cf. my Law2 61122; No. 25 = P. Strasb. 42 (310 A.D.) census apographé; No. 26 = P. Fay. 38 (III—IV cent. A.D.); No. 27 = P. Gen. 62 (IV cent. A.D.) a letter; No. 2 8 = P. Leid. Z (425—450 A.D.) a request for help. The edition ends with addenda p. 438 ff., corrigenda p. 440 and a bibliography p. 440. The latter is, as far as law is concerned, not complete. J . S c h w a r t z & others, Papyrus grecs de la Bibliothèque nationale et universitaire de Strasbourg (Bull, de la Fac. des Lettres de Strasbourg. 35 année, No. 4 [Janvier 1957] 193—204). No. 238 (177 or 178 A.D.) is an act of emancipation of a slave (cf. my Law2 96 ff.) in Antinoë, in conformity with the law of this autonomous city (cf. my Law2 578). No. 239 (end of Π cent. A.D.) is an administrative document concerning αναχώρησες. It contains instructions on the collection of taxes in connection with αναχώρησες (on αναχώρησες see now H. H e n n e , Akten d. VIII Intern. Papyrologen-Kongresses in Wien p. 59 ff., and on the publication of a list (γραφή) of absentees cf. my art. JJP V [1951 ] 155—160). No. 240 (147 A.D.) is a declaration of cattle (απογραφή) (cf. my R. TAUBENSCHLAG Law2 610). No. 241 (II cent. A.D.) is a complaint of a woman to the strategus (χήρα το παρόν μή έχουσα κύριον, cf. on similar cases my Law2 171) concerning πληγαί and disturbance of the right of είσοδος and έξοδος -(cf. my Law2 259). No. 242 (1st half of the II cent. A.D.) is a fragment of a claim. No. 243 (371 A.D.) is a deed of surety. No. 244 (107—116 A.D.) is a lease of land (about the Πέρσοα της έπιγονης cf. my Law2 11 ff.). No. 245 (216 A.D.) is an official notification of a strategus. The form applied here is to be found in BGU 7 Col. 1 (297 A.D.). It concerns the preparations for Caracalla's return to Egypt, which, however were of no use as Caracalla changed his mind. No. 7 (Avril 1957) 359—371. This Bull, contains the papyri from the Strasbourg collection Nos. 246—249 edited by J. S c h w a r t z . No. 246 (380 A.D.) is a fragment of sale on delivery (cf. my Law2 336). No. 247 (551 A.D.) is a lease of a house (v. 6 ff.) έφ' δσον βούλεσθε χρόνον, from the lessor. No. 248 (560 A.D.) is a lease of a hypothecated house given in antichresis by the debtor, to the creditor, from the latter (i.e. from the creditor by the debtor), see on this document K u p i s z e w s k i . Labeo 3(1957) 3 p. 344 ff. No. 249 — are certificates of labour on the dykes. No. 250 — nine receipts concerning Bacchias, Soknopaiou Nesus and Philadelphia (cf. W a l l a c e , Taxation in Egypt p. 268 ff. and 462 ff.; P. Princeton 51). 36 année, No. 4 (Janvier 1958) 239—248. No. 251 (69—79 A.D.) is a sale of a female ass and her young ones (cf. my Law2 334); No. 252 (185 A.D.) is a locatio-conductio operis with payment in advance (cf. my Law2 3791); No. 253 (III cent. A.D.) is a letter concerning different administrative affairs. In v. 4 an allusion to a translation from Latin is made. No. 254 (200 A.D.) contains in v. 1—3 a fragment of an imperial decision concerning the responsibility of an official or liturgy (υπεύθυνος). The following v. 3—-20 are probably a part of a record of administrative proceedings before a high official. No. 255 (397 or 403 A.D.) refer to a declaration under oath, directed in an administrative affair to a high official with the epithet λαμπρότατος (perhaps the praeses provinciae). No. 256 (132 A.D.) is a loan of money (cf. my Law2 341); it is remarkable that the loan is given for 12 days. Inv. 2431 (p. 92) is a pillar from VII century A.D. concerning an anachorite and confirming the existence of a cloister at Tôd. Inv. 2438 is a fragment of a Latin dedication from the time of the reign of Marcus Aurelius. This dedication ought to be imputed to the soldiers. PAPYRI FROM THE ROMAN PERIOD The new volume of the Oxyrhynchus papyri contains only literary texts (Hesiod, Alcaeus, Bacchylides, Sophocles, Callimachos etc.) edited, with great scholarship, by L o b e l (No. 2354—2382, with 11 plates). From the two papyri published by Baadeis the first, P. Yale Inv. 501 (6—5 B.C.) in a loan, the primary interest of which lies in the person of the lender Gaius Julius Carus, the earliest veteran to appear in Egypt; the second, P. Yale Inv. 555 (middle II cent. A.D.) is a Greek letter with a Latin subscription. In this letter the exegetes is concerned in the ownership of "certain crops", presumably newly harvested grain. Much interest is attached to the part of the Boman centurion Domitius Iulianus. It is clear that the centurion was engaged in making a διάκρισις and he demands the evidence as to the ownership of the καρποί. The last lines allude to λεία, that means to a delict of which the agents of the exegetes accuse the correspondent (cf. my Law2 454 ff.). J. S c h w a r t z , Inscriptions et objets de Vêpoque romaine et byzantine trouvés à Tod (repr . from Bull, de VInst. Français d'Archéologie Orient . 50 , 1951 ). E. L o b el, The Oxyrhynchus Papyri X X I I I (Egypt Exploration Society 1956 ). E. C. B a a d e , Two Yale Papyri Dealing with the Roman Army in Egypt (Akten des VIII. intern . Kongresses f. Papyrologie . Mitteil. aus der Papyrussammlung der österreichischen Nationalbibliothek [P.E.R.] V. Folge , Wien 1956 , 23 - 27 ).

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Rafał Taubenschlag, Jacques Schwartz (aut. dzieła rec.). "Papyrus grecs de la Bibliothèque nationale et universitaire de Strasbourg", J . Schwartz & others, "Bull. de la Fac. des Lettres de Strasbourg", 35, 1957, no 4, 7 ; 36, 1958, no 4 : [recenzja], The Journal of Juristic Papyrology, 365-367,