"Decret d'amnistie de Ptolémée Evergète II et lettre aux forces armées de Chypre", M. Th. Lenger, "Bull. de Corresp. Hell.", LXXX, 1956 : [recenzja]

The Journal of Juristic Papyrology, Apr 2018

Rafał Taubenschlag, Marie Thérèse Lenger (aut. dzieła rec.)

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"Decret d'amnistie de Ptolémée Evergète II et lettre aux forces armées de Chypre", M. Th. Lenger, "Bull. de Corresp. Hell.", LXXX, 1956 : [recenzja]

- See JJP 9—10 (1956) 586—7. H. M u s u r i l l o S. J., Early Christian of P. Amherst 3 (a) = Wilcken, XXXI, No. 61 [1956] 124—134). A re-examination of P. Amh. 3(a) suggests certain economic ties between Christian communities during the comparatively peaceful period when Maximus was bishop of Alexandria (264-282 A.D.). Though it is difficult to determine the exact relationship between the unnamed writer of the letter (who is undoubtedly an Arsinoite writing from Rome), and the Alexandrian chancery, it is perhaps the soundest view to understand that the Bishop and his assistant were acting merely as depositaries for the sums of money being disposed of by the writer. Apart from the question of possible profit to the parties concerned, the arrangement of turning the money into goods with subsequent resale is perhaps simply for safety and convenience without further significance. E. L e v y , Zur quellengeschichtlichen Bedeutung der Leidener PaulusSentenzen (Pauli Sententiarum Fragmentům Leidense [Cod. Leid. B.P.L. 2589] ediderunt et commentariis instruxerunt G. G. A r c h i — M. D a v i d — Ε. L e v y — R. M a r i c h a l — H. L. W. N e l s o n , in: Studia Gaiana, ed. M. David & J . C. van O v e n , vol. IV [Leiden 1956] p. 62—78) . This remarkable work deals with the following matters: 1. The question of connection with the Sentences of Paulus, 2. their relationship to the later tradition, 3. Real increase of our knowledge, 4. The law of repetundae, 5. The physiognomy of the author of the sentences, 6. The quality of the discovery. M. Th. Len g er, Decret d'amnistie de Ptolémée aux forces armées de Chypre (Bull, de Corresp. I. 437—451). R. TAUBENSCHLAG The inscription which is the subject of this study is not unknown. Its discoverer T. B. M i t f o r d submitted it to the attention of the members of the Vth International Congress of Papyrology at Oxford in 1937 and published the next year in the Congress Acts. The study of Miss Len g er consists first of all of the réédition of the inscription with a commentary, composed of two parts: of a general introduction in which the author examines the questions concerning history, law and diplomacy, connected with the whole document and of a detailed commentary in which she discusses minutely the text and analyzes the contents of its dispositions. Generally, the author tries to establish the most probable sense of the inscription, and its importance for our knowledge of the Ptolemaic legislation. The first of these booklets is a report on the VIII International Congress of Papyrology with regard to the collection of papyri in Giessen. The second gives information on this collection, with bibliographical notes. The third — contains the author's observations concerning the catalogue of the Papyri Bibliothecae Universitatis Gissensis. The new volume of the BL., after the death of P r e i s i g k e and B i l a b e l being continued by the three above mentioned editors, de erves the same appreciation as that of their predecessors. The work is absolutely necessary for every papyrologist. It is desirable that the 2nd part of the Π Ι volume should appear as soon as possible. Economy : A Reconsideration Chrest . 126 ( Chron. d'Egypte Evergète II et lettre Hell. L X X X [1956] H. G. G u n d e l , Bibliothek der Justus Liebig-Hochschule (vormals Universitätsbibliothek) Giessen: Kurzberichte aus den Papyrussammlungen 1-3 ( 1956 ).

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Rafał Taubenschlag, Marie Thérèse Lenger (aut. dzieła rec.). "Decret d'amnistie de Ptolémée Evergète II et lettre aux forces armées de Chypre", M. Th. Lenger, "Bull. de Corresp. Hell.", LXXX, 1956 : [recenzja], The Journal of Juristic Papyrology, 297-298,