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A Critical Evaluation of Alain Badiou's Philosophy of Event

Alain Badiou presents a radical alternative to contemporary philosophy with the Philosophy of Event and the understanding of truth connected with it. The basic assertion of the philosophy of event is ... and subject of classical philosophy and postmodernism. Attempting to build a new style of philosophy, Badiou reformulated the concepts of being, truth, state, event, subject and loyalty according to his

Respect and political disagreement: Can intergroup respect reduce the biased evaluation of outgroup arguments?

Past research indicates that in political debates the same arguments are judged very differently depending on the perceiver’s own position on the issue, because positions on controversial issues are ... was no longer significant when intergroup respect was experimentally induced (Study 2). Results support the notion that disagreements over political issues are intergroup conflicts, in which different

História da filosofia, formação e compromisso

The text intends to examine the question about the relationship between history of philosophy, philosophy and formation as a liberation of conscience. The starting point is an obvious idea, thought

The Complicated Cases of Soghomon Tehlirian and Sholem Schwartzbard and Their Influences on Raphaël Lemkin's Thinking About Genocide

The article is an examination of the persons and trials of Soghomon Tehlirian and Sholem Schwartzbard, their political assassinations as acts of vengeance for genocide and pogroms, their trials and ... , approximately thirty miles away. By age seventeen, during his apprenticeship to a watchmaker, he became fascinated with and embraced socialism as a political philosophy. Two years later, 1905, he would spend a

On people and variables: the ethnography of a political belief

explore how these vicissitudes on both sides balance out on the basis of a political belief which is at once shared and unstable. ... surrounding Brasília abound in a series of terms that also pervade many of the sociological studies on political and/or electoral phenomena. Thousands of people are very often considered apolitical on the basis


Mercati, who was born in San Miniato on 1541. He was educated at the University of Pisa, where he took degrees in Medicine and Philosophy. In a short time he became famous as 'simplicist', that meant expert

Democratic Education for Hope: Contesting the Neoliberal Common Sense

This paper provides a reinterpretation of Paulo Freire’s philosophy of hope and suggests that this interpretation may function as a fruitful ground for democratic education that aims to contest the ... Freirean notion of humanization, which is the ontological foundation of Freire’s political pedagogy and his philosophy of hope. For Freire, humanization is the ontological vocation of human beings as being

Gacaca: Origin et Philosophy

Philosophy , by Brig. Gen. Frank K. Rusagara, Comdt, RMA Nyakinama Current Features of Transition in the GLR !Country jFrom tTo IBurunc!I DR Congo Rwanda Uganda rrhe Legacy ot !Socia l Identity Based on


Philosophy Jen Welsh Follow this and additional works at: Part of the Poetry Commons Recommended Citation Thi s Poetry is brought to you for free and open

The Eventualization of Political Thinking: From the Arab Revolutions to the Trump Era

In his article, "The Eventualization of Political Thinking: From the Arab Revolutions to the Trump Era", Óscar Barroso maps out some of the most important contemporary philosophies of the Event ... available through Purdue e-Pubs, a service of the Purdue University Libraries. Please contact 2 Part of the Comparative Literature Commons, Continental Philosophy Commons, Ethics and Political Philosophy

The Philosophy of Ordinary Language Is a Naturalistic Philosophy

that the basic goal of the philosophy of mind is to produce an account that is robustly naturalistic (in the sense of being consistent with current science). Typically, it is assumed that the second of

The Philosophy of Law

or system was adopted, although on page 3 we are told, "It is believed that the proper field of the philosophy of law is the explanation of the operation of the external factors of political power and

Fundamentals of Holmes Juristic Philosophy

Supreme Court 13. Id. at 214. 14. Pound, loc. cit. supra note 2, at 452. 15. Wu, loc. cit. supra note 10, at 531. 16. C.L.P. 310; Laski, The Political Philosophy of Mr. Justice Holmes (1931) 40 YALE L. J ... . 683. The following excerpt from Laski is a good summary of Holmes' attitude toward absolutist ideas, and of his general philosophy of law: "The keynote of Mr. Justice Holmes' political outlook is a

Book Review- Climate Leviathan A Political Theory of our Planetary Future

management organised on the basis of new forms of political sovereignty. It is argued that Climate Leviathan’s ambition to project sovereignty globally and on the basis of existing social relations will face ... in the context of recent ‘catastrophe’ literature, such as the writings of Susan Buck-Morss and Enzo Traverso, in which political philosophy and critical theory are the dominant modes of analysis

Peter J. King and the transformation of the philosophical canon: An Africanist appreciation

what is regarded as standard-bearers of what passes as philosophy, Peter King's One hundred philosophers: The life and work of the world's greatest thinkers (2004) is instructive. He creatively breaks ... . "The epistemic decolonial turn: Beyond political-economy paradigms." Cultural Studies 21(2): 211-223.         [ Links ] Hallen, B. 2009. A short history of African philosophy, 2nd edition. Indiana

Rethinking Political Power in Judicial Review

For decades, scholars have argued that the proper judicial response when democratically enacted laws burden politically powerless minority groups is more aggressive judicial review. This political

Corruption in Sub-Saharan Africa - An Impediment to Economic Growth

Sub-Saharan Africa is faced with many challenges. It is a region bulging with resources but cursed with incredible political and economic greed. With a vast ethnic diversity and an often misconstrued ... triangular cause - cultural, economic and political; each, together with so many other factors threaten Sub-Saharan Africa's socio-economic development. Economic under-development; Corruption; Sub-Saharan

Behavioristic Philosophy in Law

, 1927. First Principles John Adams: "The fundamental article of my political creed is that despotism or unlimited sovereignty or absolute power is the same in a majority of a popular assembly, an

For Foucault: Against normative political theory

Kelly, M.G.E. (2009) The Political Philosophy of Michel Foucault. London: Routledge.Google Scholar Kelly, M.G.E. (2013) Foucault’s History of Sexuality Volume I, the Will to Knowledge. Edinburgh ... alternative to normative political theory, in every sense of that term: he is anti-normative, atheoretical and non-political (meaning that he refuses to offer political programmes or policies). After a short

Critical reflections on H.G. Stoker's (1899-1993) approach towards the elaboration of a Christian philosophy

In this article it is argued that the Calvinist philosopher, Hendrik Gerhardus Stoker (1899-1993), adopted a qualified theology-based approach for the elaboration of his Christian philosophy. Being ... establishing pseudo congruency. In Stoker's case, it is an attempt to reconcile his commitment to an integral Christian philosophy with his antecedent allegiance to reformed theology in its orthodox scholastic