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Power, Piety, and Rebellion in Al-Andalus: The Reception and Influence of Al-Ghazali's Political Philosophy in Islamic Iberia

environment of injustice and iniquity. Thus, the need for a pious rulership has been at the heart of Islamic political sensibility, if not from its very foundation, then at least from its first division. Rebels

Pax Gandhiana: The political philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi

York, 2016, xii , USA 1 220 pp. , ISBN: 978-0190491451 2 John Randolph LeBlanc University of Texas at Tyler , Tyler, TX 75799 , USA If Gandhi's political philosophy were realized, argues noted Gandhi ... . Gandhi's political philosophy integrates the ethical, the moral, the aesthetic, and the spiritual into a political way of being that is not only best suited for India's transition from colony to independent

Exploring the Nature of Anti-Federalist Thought: Republicanism and Liberalism in the Political Thought of Cato

Scholarship of the American founding remains divided as to the nature of Anti-Federalist political philosophy. One school of thought contends that the Anti-Federalists were the heirs of the ... , while cholarship of the American founding remains divided as to the nature of Anti-Federalist political philosophy. One school of thought contends the other maintains that the Anti-Federalists operated

Understanding the psychological nature and mechanisms of political trust

Political trust is a perennially important concern and the events of the last few years have, in many ways, heightened this importance. The relevant scholarship has done much to meet this challenge ... of America, 3 Department of Political Science, Michigan State University , East Lansing, Michigan , United States of America, 4 Poole College of Management, North Carolina State University , Raleigh

Christian philosophy

philosophy Book Cover: Author: B.J. van der Walt ISBN: 978-86822-652-8 Publisher: Institute for Contemporary Christianity in Africa, Potchefstroom, 2014, ZAR* *Book price unknown at time of review ... I understand and truly appreciate B.J. van der Walt's stated desire in this book to help keep reformational philosophy alive and relevant by acquainting the younger generation(s) with a tradition that

Constitution Notwithstanding: The Political Illegitimacy of the Death Penalty in American Democracy

This Comment argues that the death penalty is inconsistent with underlying principles of American democracy and is thus illegitimate as a matter of political philosophy, despite its conceded ... concludes that the death penalty ought to be rejected as a matter of political philosophy and that permanent abolition cannot be achieved through the traditional courtroom attacks. Lasting repeal of the death

Sino-African Philosophy: A Re-“Constructive Engagement”

“Constructive-Engagement” is a meta-philosophical and meta-methodological “strategy” suggested by Chinese and comparative philosophy scholar Bo Mou for analyzing and enriching philosophical exchange ... REFLECTIVE STUDIES TO SINO-AFRICAN PHILOSOPHY The relations between the African continent and China have shown unprecedented economic, political and social growth over the past three decades. Yet as the study

Fundamentals of comparative and intercultural philosophy

AuthorsAuthors and affiliations Tim Connolly Review First Online: 08 March 2019 133 Downloads Comparative philosophy is philosophy, as Wilhelm Halbfass once wrote, to the extent that it aims at ... preconditions of intercultural philosophy, a concern that, though often included under the title of ‘methodology,’ is more fundamental than the particular methods we use to study culturally distinct philosophical

Polanyi: Classical Moral Economist or Pioneer Cultural Political Economist?

This article evaluates Polanyi’s work from two complementary theoretical perspectives: moral economy and cultural political economy. Polanyi’s comparative historical analyses of substantive economies ... approach of cultural political economy, which combines critical semiotic analysis and the critique of political economy. More importantly, cultural political economy provides new theoretical and

Political order and subject of right in the debate about human rights

The theoretical debate about human rights during the nineties is analyzed according to two axis: the political order that grants those rights and the relation between the subject and the rule of law ... ; political order.     Neste artigo apresentamos uma análise do debate sobre os direitos humanos dos anos noventa, em que se combinaram mudanças políticas na sociedade internacional e importantes


political connections between territorial boundaries and the delimitations of the physical bodies that inhabit them? These questions inform the present article in which we analyze three homicides by pursuing ... be on the margin of the State work? Which theoretical and methodological clues can we follow from the marks left by State agents on the bodies of those regarded as peripheral? What are the political

Michael Oakeshott’s Views on Emerging of 'Individual

One of the most complicated problems of political philosophy is the emerging of the individual. Questions such as when, where or in what way “individual” or “mass man” emerged; what type of character ... which political philosophy tries to find answers. The objective of this paper is to reveal how Michael Oakeshott who asserts that the emerge of ?individual? is the most important event in Modern European

Acerca de la polémica Neurath-Horkheimer: ciencia y política

conceptions of philosophy, science and reason, but not from the lack of political interests in Neurath and the Vienna Circle. ... different positions assumed by the Circle's members. Our intention is to show that much of this debate stems from their political differences and the contenders' diverse conceptions of philosophy, science and

Party political chaplaincy? - Methodist ministry to political parties

The debate on church and party politics is far from being exhausted in South Africa. Although the Methodist Church of Southern Africa discourages the participation of clergy persons in political ... , University of South Africa, South Africa IISchool of Religion, Philosophy and Classics, University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa Correspondence     ABSTRACT The debate on church and party

Contingency in Political Philosophy

The paper examines John Horton’s realist political theory, in particular his critique of John Rawls’s “high” or “liberal moralism”, and seeks to determine the extent to which, together with Horton ... ) Introduction to the first series of Philosophy, Politics and Society, Peter Laslett delivered the funeral oration for political philosophy. 'For the moment, anyway' he declared 'political philosophy is dead

Pub Philosophy

Journal of Bioethical Inquiry pp 1–6 | Cite as Pub Philosophy AuthorsAuthors and affiliations D. Shaw Editorial First Online: 24 January 2019 1 Shares 384 Downloads ... KeywordsPubs Philosophy Ethics Public health Risk Alcohol  Introduction Last night I had planned to go into town with my friends for a drink. Yesterday morning one of them warned that he had a cold so

Reinventing the third mission of higher education in Germany: political frameworks and universities’ reactions

. 2015; Hachmeister et al. 2016). In the political realm, different new funding schemes with a focus on third mission have been launched, the largest one called “Innovative HE”, sometimes described as the ... . In what follows we will therefore address two research questions conceptually as well as empirically: 1. What political concepts shape the framework for the third mission of universities in Germany

Labor Political Action and the Taft-Hartley Act

With organized labor's growth in numerical strength and ascendancy in economic power came increased participation and effectiveness in political action. Efforts to advance the welfare of its members ... politics because they exist in a legal and political system which has been generally critical of union activities.-Reynolds, Labor Economics and Labor Relations 111 (1949). With organized labor's growth in

The Impossible in Political and Legal Philosophy

Arnold Breckt* I ON POLITICAL AND LEGAL PHILOSOPHY pOLITICAL PHILOSOPHY and philosophy of law have of late been treated as though they were two distinct fields of thought. But they cannot be so separated

Volcanoes on borders: a scientific and (geo)political challenge

complex or when political agendas become involved. Given that over 700 volcanoes lie within 100 km of an international border, and over 1300 are within 250 km, the potential for cross-border eruption ... approaches to the management of associated risks. This paper uses a complex vision of scale: scale is not purely geographical or spatial but political and constructed (Brenner 2001; Marston 2000). Thus, while