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MadGraph 5: going beyond

MadGraph 5 is the new version of the MadGraph matrix element generator, written in the Python programming language. It implements a number of new, efficient algorithms that provide improved performance and functionality in all aspects of the program. It features a new user interface, several new output formats including C++ process libraries for Pythia 8, and full compatibility...

aMC@NLO predictions for Wjj production at the Tevatron

We use aMC@NLO to predict the ℓν + 2-jet cross section at the NLO accuracy in QCD matched to parton shower simulations. We find that the perturbative expansion is well behaved for all the observables we study, and in particular for those relevant to the experimental analyses. We therefore conclude that NLO corrections to this process cannot be responsible for the excess of events...

Four-lepton production at hadron colliders: aMC@NLO predictions with theoretical uncertainties

We use aMC@NLO to study the production of four charged leptons at the LHC, performing parton showers with both HERWIG and Pythia6. Our underlying matrix element calculation features the full next-to-leading order \( \mathcal{O}\left( {{\alpha_s}} \right) \) result and the \( \mathcal{O}\left( {\alpha_s^2} \right) \) contribution of the gg channel, and it includes all off-shell...