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Risk factors for surgical site infection of pilon fractures

preparation. Liang Ding, *Corresponding author: E-mail: Feng Xue, **Co-corresponding author: E-mail: , No potential conflict of interest was reported. Copyright: © 2015 Clinics  This is an Open

FAT10 is associated with the malignancy and drug resistance of non-small cell lung cancer

FAT10 is associated with the malignancy and drug resistance of non-small cell lung cancer Feng Xue,1,2,* Lin Zhu,3,* Qing-wei Meng,1 Liyan Wang,2 Xue-song Chen,1 Yan-bin Zhao,1 Ying Xing,1 Xiao-yun

Bonding characteristics of the Al2O3-metal composite coating fabricated onto carbon steel by combustion synthesis

The fabrication of an alumina-metal composite coating onto a carbon steel substrate by using a self-propagating high-temperature synthesis technique was demonstrated. The effects of the type and thickness of the pre-coated layer on the binding structure and surface quality of the coating were systematically investigated. The macrostructure, phase composition, and bonding...

Simulation analysis on policy interaction effects between emission trading and renewable energy subsidy

issues related with emission trading. Feng XUE obtained his Ph.D. degree from the University of Bath, UK in 2008. His main research field is power system analysis and control. Xiaofang SONG was born in

Wind speed equalization-based incoming wind classification by aggregating DFIGs

-31 Mar 2010 , p 6 [12] Statistics toolbox user's guide ( 2009 ) The Mathworks Inc , Natick Feng XUE obtained his Ph.D. degree from the University of Bath, UK in 2008 . His main research field is power

Enhanced performance of solar cells via anchoring CuGaS2 quantum dots

Ternary I–III–VI quantum dots (QDs) of chalcopyrite semiconductors exhibit excellent optical properties in solar cells. In this study, ternary chalcopyrite CuGaS2 nanocrystals (2–5 nm) were one-pot anchored on TiO2 nanoparticles (TiO2@CGS) without any long ligand. The solar cell with TiO2@CuGaS2/N719 has a power conversion efficiency of 7.4%, which is 23% higher than that of...

Evaluation of the new Chinese Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation Scoring System in critically ill patients: A multicenter prospective study

9 Yue Han 10 Ying Feng 11 Qiulan Ding 12 Ruibin Huang 13 Xiaohui Zhang 14 Jianming Feng 15 Ming Hou 16 Jun Peng 16 Yan Li 17 Yuhong Zhou 0 Lei Su 1 Linhua Zeping Zhou 3 Feng Xue 4 Jian Gu 5 Tienan Zhu

Corrigendum: Differential developmental requirement and peripheral regulation for dermal Vγ4 and Vγ6T17 cells in health and inflammation

Yihua Cai, Feng Xue, Chris Fleming, Jie Yang, Chuanlin Ding, Yunfeng Ma, Min Liu, Huang-ge Zhang, Jie Zheng, Na Xiong & Jun Yan Nature Communications Corrigendum: Differential developmental

SRSF1 Facilitates Cytosolic DNA-Induced Production of Type I Interferons Recognized by RIG-I

Background Evidence has shown that psoriasis is closely associated with infection; however, the mechanism of this association remains unclear. In mammalian cells, viral or bacterial infection is accompanied by the release of cytosolic DNA, which in turn triggers the production of type-I interferons (IFNs). Type I IFNs and their associated genes are significantly upregulated in...

Myocardial Injury after Surgery Is a Risk Factor for Weaning Failure from Mechanical Ventilation in Critical Patients Undergoing Major Abdominal Surgery

Background Myocardial injury after noncardiac surgery (MINS) is a newly proposed concept that is common among adults undergoing noncardiac surgery and associated with substantial mortality. We analyzed whether MINS was a risk factor for weaning failure in critical patients who underwent major abdominal surgery. Methods This retrospective study was conducted in the Department of...

Analysis of Toxic Amyloid Fibril Interactions at Natively Derived Membranes by Ellipsometry

There is an ongoing debate regarding the culprits of cytotoxicity associated with amyloid disorders. Although small pre-fibrillar amyloid oligomers have been implicated as the primary toxic species, the fibrillar amyloid material itself can also induce cytotoxicity. To investigate membrane disruption and cytotoxic effects associated with intact and fragmented fibrils, the novel...

Comment on Hernigou and Schuind: smoking as a predictor of negative outcome in diaphyseal fracture healing

Liang Ding Zhimin He Haijun Xiao Feng Xue 0 ) Department of Orthopaedics, Shanghai Fengxian Central Hospital, Branch of The Sixth People's Hospital Affiliated to ShanghaiJiao Tong University

The impacts of polyploidy, geographic and ecological isolations on the diversification of Panax (Araliaceae)

Background Panax L. is a medicinally important genus within family Araliaceae, where almost all species are of cultural significance for traditional Chinese medicine. Previous studies suggested two independent origins of the East Asia and North America disjunct distribution of this genus and multiple rounds of whole genome duplications (WGDs) might have occurred during the...

Effect of initial perturbations on the simulation capability of numerical models

The effect of an initial perturbation on simulation is studied in a series of numerical experiments using a one-dimensional nonlinear advection equation model. It is shown that the capability of the model tends to decline with an increase in initial perturbation. The error in the initial perturbation grows in a nonlinear manner, indicating that the simulating results can be...

Baseline traits of patients presenting at a low vision clinic in Shanghai, China

Background Low vision, along with cataract, trachoma, onchocerciasis, childhood blindness and refractive error, is one of the priorities in the global initiative, VISION 2020-The Right to Sight. The purpose of this study was to characterize the traits of patients presenting at a low vision clinic in China. Methods A retrospective study was conducted of the records of 299 patients...

Cardiac troponin I elevation with supraventricular tachycardia: two case reports and review of the literature

Background Although cardiac troponin I gives excellent accuracy in the identification of myocardial necrosis, it can also be elevated in a series of diseases other than acute coronary syndromes. Case presentation We present two cases of Chinese patients with a high serum troponin I level after an acute episode of paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia with normal coronary...

Common Neural Mechanisms Underlying Reversal Learning by Reward and Punishment

Impairments in flexible goal-directed decisions, often examined by reversal learning, are associated with behavioral abnormalities characterized by impulsiveness and disinhibition. Although the lateral orbital frontal cortex (OFC) has been consistently implicated in reversal learning, it is still unclear whether this region is involved in negative feedback processing, behavioral...

BubbleTree: an intuitive visualization to elucidate tumoral aneuploidy and clonality using next generation sequencing data

Tumors are characterized by properties of genetic instability, heterogeneity, and significant oligoclonality. Elucidating this intratumoral heterogeneity is challenging but important. In this study, we propose a framework, BubbleTree, to characterize the tumor clonality using next generation sequencing (NGS) data. BubbleTree simultaneously elucidates the complexity of a tumor...

Preparation, Characterization, and Biotoxicity of Nanosized Doped ZnO Photocatalyst

Metal-doped nanosized ZnO (nZnO) photocatalyst has been widely used for its typical properties and has thus gained considerable attention. In this study, five types of nZnO (nondoped nZnO, iron- (Fe-) doped nZnO, cobalt- (Co-) doped nZnO, nickel- (Ni-) doped nZnO, and manganese- (Mn-) doped nZnO) materials were prepared through a wet chemical method and then exposed to Daphnia...