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A stilbene synthase allele from a Chinese wild grapevine confers resistance to powdery mildew by recruiting salicylic acid signalling for efficient defence

Stilbenes are central phytoalexins in Vitis, and induction of the key enzyme stilbene synthase (STS) is pivotal for disease resistance. Here, we address the potential for breeding resistance using an STS allele isolated from Chinese wild grapevine Vitis pseudoreticulata (VpSTS) by comparison with its homologue from Vitis vinifera cv. ‘Carigane’ (VvSTS). Although the coding...

The Oberhäutchen principle—growth and integrity

Peter Nick 0 ) Botanical Institute, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology , Karlsruhe, Germany Growth as central task for life is, at the same time, a challenge for integrity: A growing cell has to

Chicken or egg—Weismann revisited

Peter Nick - Multicellularity allows for division of labour. This requires that individual cells adopt different developmental fates. This developmental dichotomy could arise from interactions

Sniff and run—the chemistry of attraction

Peter Nick 0 ) Botanical Institute, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology , Karlsruhe, Germany Fitness represents the gold standard of evolution. This scintillating term generally describes the

Suppression of tubulin detyrosination by parthenolide recruits the plant-specific kinesin KCH to cortical microtubules

Detyrosination of α-tubulin seems to be conserved in all eukaryotes. However, its biological function in plants has remained obscure. A conserved C-terminal tyrosine is removed by a still unidentified tubulin–tyrosine carboxypeptidase (TTC) and can be religated by a tubulin–tyrosine ligase (TTL). To obtain insight into the still elusive biological function of this detyrosination...

Methusalem’s mystery

Peter Nick Handling Editor: Peter Nick 0 ) Botanical Institute, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) , Karlsruhe, Germany - Life is limitedat least for multicellular animals. The separation

An ancestral allele of grapevine transcription factor MYB14 promotes plant defence

Peter Nick 2 Qiao Zhao, Tsinghua University 0 Institute of Molecular Genetics, Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz , J.-J.-Becherweg 32, D-55128 Mainz , Germany 1 College of Life Sciences, Northwest

Actin as Deathly Switch? How Auxin Can Suppress Cell-Death Related Defence

Plant innate immunity is composed of two layers – a basal immunity, and a specific effector-triggered immunity, which is often accompanied by hypersensitive cell death. Initiation of cell death depends on a complex network of signalling pathways. The phytohormone auxin as central regulator of plant growth and development represents an important component for the modulation of...

You need to see what you want to understand—ultrastructure helps to uncover the mysteries of early life

Peter Nick 0 ) Karlsruhe, Germany - The early evolution of eukaryotes has remained a realm of mystery and surprise. The qualitative leap from the prokaryotes to cells, that bear complex and

Significant signals—versatile interpreters

Peter Nick 0 ) Karlsruhe, Germany - Signals do not convey information a manner that is absolute; their information depends on the context. Many biological signals are simple molecules or simple

Green signals for life and death

Peter Nick 0 ) University of Karlsruhe , Karlsruhe, Germany - Multicellularity allows to assign different functions to individual cells which is advantageous for the entire population of cells

Increased tolerance to salt stress in OPDA-deficient rice ALLENE OXIDE CYCLASE mutants is linked to an increased ROS-scavenging activity

Salinity stress represents a global constraint for rice, the most important staple food worldwide. Therefore the role of the central stress signal jasmonate for the salt response was analysed in rice comparing the responses to salt stress for two jasmonic acid (JA) biosynthesis rice mutants (cpm2 and hebiba) impaired in the function of ALLENE OXIDE CYCLASE (AOC) and their wild...

Life and death under salt stress: same players, different timing?

Salinity does not only stress plants but also challenges human life and the economy by posing severe constraints upon agriculture. To understand salt adaptation strategies of plants, it is central to extend agricultural production to salt-affected soils. Despite high impact and intensive research, it has been difficult to dissect the plant responses to salt stress and to define...