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Dairy science and health in the tropics: challenges and opportunities for the next decades

also concerns the major trends in reproduction and production systems and health issues as well as environmental concerns, particularly those related to greenhouse gas emissions. Tropical Animal Health ... Environmental Science, 4, 38.CrossRefGoogle Scholar Devendra, C., 1985. Comparative nitrogen utilization in Malaysian water Buffalos and Kedah-Kelanton cattle. In Proceedings of the 3rd AAAP Animal Science

Epistemology in classrooms: science and scientific activity's nature in science teachers

This paper shows outcomes of a research that aimed to identify the different epistemological conceptions incorporated into the professional practice of science teachers. As a result, there are, in ... activity's nature in science teachers' professional practice     Maura Ventura ChinelliI,1; Marcus Vinícius da Silva FerreiraII; Luiz Edmundo Vargas de AguiarIII IBacharel e Licenciada em Química

Power to Change: Math as a Social-Emotional Language in a Classroom of 4 and 5 Year Olds

Faculty, Gretchen Vice, this essay outlines the guiding questions by which teachers at The Advent School in Boston, MA connect mathematics to overarching themes and social-emotional learning. “Power to

Integration of Environmental Friendly Perovskites for High-efficiency White Light-emitting Diodes

Perovskite quantum dots (QDs) have been widely used in white light-emitting diodes (WLEDs), due to their high quantum yield (QY), tunable bandgap, and simple preparation. However, the red-emitting ... white light-emitting devices. ACS Appl Mater Inter 10:16768–16775CrossRefGoogle Scholar 19. Zhou Q, Bai Z, Lu WG et al (2016) In situ fabrication of halide perovskite nanocrystal-embedded polymer

Relationship among school socioeconomic status, teacher-student relationship, and middle school students’ academic achievement in China: Using the multilevel mediation model

their teacher-student relationships. Achievements in math and Chinese were assessed using standardized tests. Multilevel mediation analyses revealed that school SES was positively related to students ... indicated that both school and class SES have positive effects on students? academic achievement in areas such as language, math, and science, with little difference in effect among the three subjects [5

Girls Explore Math Careers by Making 3D-Constructions of Diverse Women Mathematicians’ Lives

Few women and minorities work in STEM areas, making urgent appropriate role models, cultural barrier education, and growth mindset development. This study focused on a diverse group of 24 fifth grade ... girls? and women?s achievement in math and science, including the lack of gender differences in performance in most areas. ? Eliminate stereotypes by providing diverse, inclusive, female role models

European Federation of Animal Science

EAAP is the International Federation of Animal Science for Europe and the Mediterranean area. Join EAAP and become member of the most exciting international animal science network and then ... Flemish Government. The conference will take place in the International Convention Centre (ICC) in Ghent. The ICC is one of the largest and most polyvalent congress centres in Belgium lying in a quiet oasis

The Impact of Grade Level Flexible Grouping on Math Achievement Scores

of the Criterion-Referenced Competency Test (CRCT). The aggregate scores of students in grades 1 to 4 in a school in a county in Georgia were compared for periods before and after the implementation of ... County,? 2012). Teachers have faced the challenge of applying appropriate teaching techniques to improve students? grades in mathematics and other science-related subjects. One common and preferred method

Spirit-Wise Math: Two Examples from a Collection of Mathaphors

This article consists of two examples of loosely spiritual insights drawn from mathematics, both of which are from a work-in-progress -- a collection of mathematical metaphors. ... midwestern college) to begin a second career, one in ministry. I decided to take math with me into this new venture. As a result, I?ve spent much time and energy trying to understand the relationship between

Math Online: Student’s Perspective Based on Survey

online math courses and technology. In our previous research, we discussed the benefits and challenges of online education from the point of view of teaching methods. Now we want to gauge and analyze what ... hard and sometimes impossible to attribute learning to any one element, due to many confounding factors. In our paper, we discuss results of a student's survey related to online math courses and

Environmental sustainability in Higher Education Institutions, a bibliometric study on national publications

 ] León-Fernández, Y., & Domínguez-Vilches, E. (2015). Environmental management and sustainability in higher education: the case of Spanish universities. International Journal of Sustainability in Higher ... relação às práticas sustentáveis nas IES, analisou-se ainda, com destaque, o International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education (IJHE), por ser esta a primeira publicação internacional que destaca

Environmental performance of crop cultivation at different sites and nitrogen rates in Sweden

in assessments of the environmental impact of crop cultivation. By assessing outputs of crop rotations using a life cycle approach, this study explored how greenhouse gas emissions and marine ... in relation to yield often emerges as one of the most influential variables for the magnitude of environmental impact of cropping systems (Van Stappen et al. 2017; Aoun et al. 2014; Charles et al. 2006

Phenotypic variations in persistence and infectivity between and within environmentally transmitted pathogen populations impact population-level epidemic dynamics

Human pathogens transmitted through environmental pathways are subject to stress and pressures outside of the host. These pressures may cause pathogen pathovars to diverge in their environmental ... trade-off [3], have also been examined. Short-term environmental stressors (e.g., related to temperature, salinity, pH, nutrient load), on the other hand, can also lead to different dynamics in different

Correction To: Desertification Risk Assessment of Sand Dunes in Middle Egypt: A Geotechnical Environmental Study

-018-3343-7. 1 Correction to: Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering (2019) 44:357–375 In the original publication the grant number is incorrectly

Indonesian mega-science agency in the balance as election begins

organized and funded. The main opposition candidate has been silent on science so far. Widodo first ran against former military general and nationalist Prabowo Subianto in 2014. In this year’s rematch on 17 ... debate that it was “unnecessary bureaucracy”. If elected, Uno says, the pair’s government will boost applied science through financial or other incentives to companies that invest in research. Widodo and

Algorithmic Data Science

The area of algorithmic data science provides new opportunities for researchers in the algorithmic community. In this paper we will see examples that demonstrate that algorithm engineering is the ... algorithmic data science. But there are also many open interesting questions for purely theoretically interested computer scientists. In my opinion, these opportunities should be taken because this will be

Crash! Boom! A Math Tale

A young elephant attempts to build a tower of blocks that can stand as tall as he is. His first attempt is wobbly and falls after just a few moments, but he is not deterred. He continues to try and his second attempt is successful, but tumbles after he accidentally bumps into it. He laughs and makes another successful attempt, learning more about how to build sturdy towers that...

Biospecimen Science of Blood for cfDNA Genetic Analyses

quantity and subsequently undermines the utility of this analyte. In this review, we summarize critical pre-analytical factors to be addressed, to avoid irreproducible results.Recent FindingscfDNA quantity ... of the Topical Collection on Biospecimens Science and Evidence-Based Standards for Precision Medicine Fitness-for-Purpose of cfDNA for Genetic Analyses Described for the first time in 1948 [1

The importance of animal studies in Exercise Science

well as in new researches showed in scientific conference meetings in numerous areas of science. Keywords animal studies; exercise science; physical education; sport; knowledge evolution ... . Introduction For some time now in Brazil, researchers have been discussing the validity and relevance of using animal models in studies focusing on Exercise Science. It should be noted that most of the

Evolution and Creation Science in Your School: "The Monkey Business Continues . . ."

Creationism or Creation Science as Interference with the Academic Freedom Rights of Teachers and Students … 2. The Theory of Evolution as a Religious Belief System, Causing Its Teaching to Be a Violation of the