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A Christian Response to the Impact of Nietzschean Philosophy on Richard Strauss's Also sprach Zarathustra

the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche as it is displayed in his book Thus Spake Zarathustra. Secondly, this article explains the way Nietzsche’s worldview and writings influenced Richard Strauss’s ... :// Part of the Christianity Commons, Esthetics Commons, Musicology Commons, New Religious Movements Commons, Other Philosophy Commons, and the Religious Thou ght, The ology and

Classical Liberalism

Classical Liberalism is a political philosophy that has stood the test of time. Developed by the English philosopher John Locke, classical liberalism is rooted in the ideals of individual rights and ... influenced future thinkers with ideas such as the famous “tabula rasa” (blank slate) perception of the mind, his most important contributions may be those in the area of political philosophy. It is here where

Education and Non-domination: Reflections from the Radical Tradition

the practical educational experiments associated with this tradition, I suggest that it can add a valuable dimension to recent critical work in philosophy of education that draws on the republican idea ... agree with Michael Sandel that doing philosophy means “reflecting critically on the way things are. That includes reflecting critically on social and political and economic arrangements. It always

The moral and political philosophy of immigration: Liberty, security, and equality

this context, the publication of Jose´ Jorge Mendoza's The Moral and Political Philosophy of Immigration offers a timely and important contribution to politico-philosophical debates concerning the issue ... author traces this conflict from early modern Western political philosophy to contemporary debates around immigration to arrive at a position he terms the 'minimalist defence of immigrant rights' (p. xiii

Strangers in our midst: The political philosophy of immigration

well-being and identities of masses of people. David Miller's political philosophy of immigration provides an accessible, informed, and thoroughgoing defence of immigration control by liberal democratic ... identities. Absent from Miller’s otherwise highly informed political philosophy of immigration is a critical focus on these dynamics of the international order that appear generative of so many contentious

Democratic Self-Determination and the Intentional Building of Consensus

consensus in this integrity-building role is essential if citizens need to act as decision-makers; it ensures that the decisions that issue from the exercise of their political rights are meaningful, and that ... consensus rationality . The Journal of Political Philosophy , 22 , 342 - 65 . doi: 10 .1111/jopp.12013 Besson , S. ( 2005 ). The morality of conflict . Oxford, UK: Hart Publishing. Black , D. ( 1958 ). The

The Political and Social Philosophy of Auguste Comte.

THE POLITICAL AND SOCIAL PHILOSOPHY OF AUGUSTE COMTE. . 0 68 L. T. Hobhouse, "Comte's Three Stages," in Sociological Review , 1908 In the period of fetichism, or what would now be called animism ... some organ of the directing power of society.^^* Duties, rather than rights, were the central feature of Comte's political philosophy. In fact, the individual, as such, was practically ignored and all

Philosophy and national drama in Argentine

A critical commentary of the most recent book by the well-known Argentine essayist Horacio Gonzales, Restos pampeanos, which deals with Argentine thought and culture in the 20th century.

After the crisis: global capitalism and the critique of political economy

Since the global financial crisis of 2008-9, neoliberalism has proved to be remarkably resilient. Alternatives in economic policy and political philosophy alike have found little resonance, despite ... critiques of the political and social order, notably over the question of class. Marxist analyses of class have thus far failed to reconcile the traditional view of a two-class society with the complex social

Underlying socio-political processes behind the 2016 US election

Recently we have witnessed a number of rapid shifts toward populism in the rhetoric and policies of major political parties, as exemplified in the 2016 Brexit Referendum, 2016 US Election, and 2017 ... Kingdom , 2 The London College of Political Technologists , Newspeak House, London , United Kingdom , 3 MRC/CSO Social and Public Health Sciences Unit, University of Glasgow , Glasgow , United Kingdom 1

Civic Virtue in the Deliberative System

The normative stability of a deliberative and democratic political order and the creativity and quality of the decisions its produces depend on citizens developing civic orientations and capacities ... . , Neblo , M. , Steenbergen , M. R. , & Steiner , J. ( 2010 ). Disentangling diversity in deliberative democracy: Competing theories, their blind spots and complementarities . Journal of Political Philosophy

Political Economy in Empire / Empire in Political Economy New Insights from Intellectual and Imperial History

, political economy – the tool of commerce – was often considered the natural counterpart of warfare – the tool of empire. In many regards political economy was – and still is – considered an appealing ... & Co.’s colonial and overseas trade and finance between ca. 1726 and 1770, in connection to their political and colonial-administrative networks in the Dutch Republic during that period. Subsequently, he

Judicial Independence and Accountability: Withstanding Political Stress in Poland

PiS came back to power in 2015, their leaders understood that bringing the judicial system under political control was crucial to the success of their other policy aims.22 PiS?s philosophy and policy ... philosophy and both, to some degree, included a broad spectrum of political interests from right, left, labor, and so on.60 In 2005, the PiS party candidates received a quarter of the vote, sufficient for a

Foucault and the Recommencement of Philosophy

Javier de la Higuera discusses in his “Foucault and the Recommencement of Philosophy” the idea of a recommencement of philosophy that Michel Foucault has posited on several occasions, although with ... Literature Commons, Continental Philosophy Commons , Ethics and Political Philosophy Commons, and the Metaphysics Commons Dedicated to the dissemination of scholarly and professional information, Purdue

Biopolítica y Filosofía: (Entrevistado por Vanessa Lemm y Miguel Vatter)

This interview addresses the question of biopolitics and its situation with respect to the traditions of modem philosophy. It discusses the relation between political ideologies of the 20th century ...  ] Esposito, Roberto. 2008. Tercera persona. Política de la vida y filosofía del impersonal. Buenos Aires: Amorrortu Editores.        [ Links ] Lemm, Vanessa. 2009. Nietzsche's Animal Philosophy: Culture

Judith Shklar and the Pleasures of American Political Thought

American political thought was then largely disdained in political science, as empiricists focused on behavior while theorists regularly declared that worthwhile American political philosophy had begun and ... , Judith Shklar began teaching an undergraduate course entitled "American Political Thought" at Harvard. I was the second "grader" she chose for it. (The first was William Kristol, later Vice President Dan

Liberdade, lei natural e direito natural em Hobbes: limiar do direito e da política na modernidade

Liberty and power are two subjects correlated along the history of the political modern philosophy. In the texts of Hobbes, the idea of liberty as absence of impediments to the actions helps us to ... the representative structure of the political covenant. Keywords: Hobbes, liberty, natural law, natural right, political philosophy, right, sovereign power.     Em conferência proferida em

The Political Economy of Meat

This paper discusses variegated scholarly approaches to what is here typified as a political economy of meat. Identified as a multifaceted, transdisciplinary and most dynamic field of research

Becoming political: Spinoza’s vital republicanism and the democratic power of judgement

Skeaff’s Becoming Political aspires simultaneously to offer a new interpretation of Spinoza’s political philosophy, and to engage with contemporary political theory. Substantively, the book articulates and ... of Spinoza’s political philosophy is fruitful. Skeaff appeals to Spinoza’s idea of immanent normativity, whereby political life has a non-arbitrary normative grain, which nonetheless cannot be subsumed