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Bohemian Rhapsody

opposition could fulfil such high expectations. So, as the quasi-govemmental party, CF has been blamed for the many problems that persist. At the same time, CF is a very broad political movement which ... encompasses a spectrum wider than any traditional political party. This is both a weakness and a strength. Some people argue that it is too all-encompassing and not specific enough. Yet it unites within the

Australian Left Review No. 58 April 1977

fright at the long-run prospects of the ‘free trade’ philosophy of the government, and it is looking for political allies such as the trade unions. As the longrun aspects begin to dom inate, the ... society. Ultimately this may be the situation, but this conception omits so much o f the detail that it can become a misleading caricature of reality and a self-defeating political philosophy. If we are

Australian Left Review No.104 April/May 1988

streets, but the beguiling aroma of power lingers. If Cohn-Bendit's anarchist political philosophy has gone, his temperament retains its anarchic edge; like Norman Mailer he remains a high-profile ... diverse and more prone to direct intervention in the political and business interests of its proprietors. But all this will take time to work itself through. More immediately, an almost unpreced­ ented

Review: 1. Male Bonding Hollywood Style 2. The Poetry of Dialogue

women, Aboriginal people, other cul­ tu res and o th e r se x u a litie s. It is profoundly political. And, similarly, disability is profoundly political. If Rainman could go some way to making this point ... room for a refurbished social democratic vision". Because Altman sees the Labor Party as the prime political focus, however, so­ cial movements (and presumably trade unionism which he hardly mentions

Briefings: Science, Politics, Religion and Halley; Aguino and the Left; Getting Together Better than Ever; National Agenda for Women; Australia's Pacific Connections

a unifying philosophy and world view. The earliest days of hum an life saw not only a struggle to survive and eat, but also to understand. When lightning and thunder were beyond the understanding of ... ; Philippines political machinery. Even * Laurel's (Prim e M inister) Unido thechurch, which backed the upsurge, Party, very much a p art of the ruljng could not have known that it was elite and fluctuating on

Australian Left Review No.38 December 1972

. Easton and K.H. Guddat (ed s.) “ Writings o f the Young Marx on Philosophy and S ociety” (Doubleday Anchor, New York, 19 6 7 ) p. 213. 3. “ The German Id eology,” ibid., p. 415. The negativity and its ... the means of intellectual prod­ uction, so that it also controls, generally speaking, the ideas of those who lack the means of intellectual production.” ( 7 ) Similarly, science and philosophy were

Australian Left Review No.145 November 1992

reflec­ tion on the practice and art of government, on how to govern, as a political philosophy or doctrine. In contrast, socialism has tended to develop a political philosophy but not an independent ... fatally flawed. 12 A LIBERAL DOSE: Mitchell Dean argues that liberalism now forms the bedrock of contemporary political debate. BARRIER PROTECTION: Why save the environment? Denise Russell ponders. THE

Briefings: 1. The IRA Regrets... 2. Romanian Holiday 3. Turning Turtle

the least adequately represented people in Europe. They elect 17 MPs to the Westminster parliament, none of whom belong to mainland political parties, and who therefore have little input into ... religious divides than any political or military campaigns. The effects of these external influen­ ces will be long-term and gradual. Yet they represent the possibility of changing the terms of the debate on

The New Right is New

sophisticated public relations machine, the New Right poses an increasing threat to the left by dominating political debate in this country. A ustralian L eft Review - he new right is real. Expensive, glossy ... imagery and "concubinage will be called concubinage". philosophy of Santamaria still lingers, but its pre-modern For the schools to be reformed, Santamaria looks to the tone and its lack of realistic

Greens in the Post

-defined style ofarchitecture, philosophy and video clip decor add up to something as fearful as all that? The Left nowadays loves the green movement; but isn't - What does green politics have to do with ... everything from soap to disposable packaging Is now, by some miraculous perversion of the language, 'environmentally friendly'. Just as in the 60s, every image and slogan which is charged with political

Consuming Passions: City of Bookshops

662.1396). It is a general bookshop, but has a touch of quality to its selec­ tion of contemporary literature, and carries a good range of books on history, politics, philosophy, and much more. Located near ... . Current political and social issues, both Australian and over­ seas, are covered and there is a small but lively selection of fiction. Further along the street is the Grub S treet B o o k s h o p (317

The Nation - Be In It

the issues which they address are not inextricably and for all time part of the repertoire of an official or dominant culture. A political strategy based on the presumption that the past two hundred ... promtses. In effect. this stance can produce no political strategy but only an ethical position: the ethics of guilt This 1s a col)trovers1al potnt to which I will return below. It may also be that, despite

The Right Stuff

.) You were either part of the mob who got to carve up all the spoils of office, or you were nothing. Not surprisingly, political feeling went deep. What may seem bitter barneys to the death today would ... , this preoccupation caused no little frustration to com­ munist union officials who often had a shrewder assess­ ment of political survival. The ALP has a rich, colourful and largely positive history. It

Economic Notes : The rise of 'The New Conservatism

also have heard it alleged that we are witnessing, in Australia and in other English-speaking countries at least, an emergence of the “new right” or a libertarian social and political philosophy. The ... aterialist interests). This sort of freedom to choose (or ?economic freedom", in F riedm an?s words) " an essential requisite for political freedom. By enabling people to co-operate with one another w

Australian Left Review No. 116 April 1990

and jointly cut military expenditures. The pacts alone, however, cannot deter the threat of political instability as austerity courses take full effect. The people of Central and Eastern Europe have ... political alternative. The hardship ahead for Eastern Europe is now only a question of magnitude. P a u lH o ck en o s - a freela n ce jo u r n a list liv in g in B u d ap est. U N O ’s Double Trouble Penny

Ferment in the Laager

rapid fall o f yet another one-party state. hen a single party state approaches its death throes, conventional political analysis offers few clues to the eventual outcome. Last year's convulsions - in ... the formal and informal political groupings can as easily go astray as those who confidently predicted in 1989 that East G erm any and C zechoslovakia would stand fast as Poland and Hungary transformed

Briefings: 1. The Wages of Sin 2. Farrow Fallout 3. A Convenient Marriage 4. Pondering the Abyss

political cycle of the trade union movement. The resources boom round of collective bargaining followed half a decade of tightly con­ trolled 'partial' or 'plateau' wage in­ dexation in the 1970s which ... political battlegrounds in Australia through at least the first half of the 1990s. Despite the mid-1980s New Right challenge in disputes such as Mudginberri, Robe River and Dol­ lar Sweets, the ACTU remains

Science or Pseudo-Science-Althusser & Marxism

philosophy to bear so that we have both Althusser's restatement of classical marxism together with insights and theories of his own. Althusser has made one major contribution (although it is not a completely ... ,’ Allen Lane, 1966 (henceforth FM, p. ~) and ‘Lenin on Philosophy,’ NLB, 1971 (LP), as well as four major articles o f critici­ sm: L. Kolakowski ‘ Althusser’s Marx’ (AM ) in The Socia­ list Register 1971

Australian Left Review No.95 Autumn 1986

large and when it begins to set the political agenda. This has been so in the case of the nuclear d is a rm a m e n t m ovem en t and, significantly, this is one of the few issues on which Hawke has been ... of the working class grow. Stilt less can the political and social attitudes be deduced from someone s status as a worker. The New Right has probed a number of weak points of the left, for example

Australian Left Review No.25 June-July 1970

h erit an earth at least as rich an d b eau tifu l as th at w hich we in h erited from o u r fathers. N ev erth e­ less. this is the only possible basis for a political philosophy relevant to the ... , analysis an d discussion on economics, politics, trad e unionism , history, philosophy, science and art, lor th e p rom otion of socialist ideas. Published two m onthly. Single copies, 40c; Yearly