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Numerical Analysis of an -Galerkin Mixed Finite Element Method for Time Fractional Telegraph Equation

We discuss and analyze an -Galerkin mixed finite element (-GMFE) method to look for the numerical solution of time fractional telegraph equation. We introduce an auxiliary variable to reduce the original equation into lower-order coupled equations and then formulate an -GMFE scheme with two important variables. We discretize the Caputo time fractional derivatives using the finite...

A Contractive Sliding- mode MPC Algorithm for Nonlinear Discrete- time Systems

Meng Zhao 0 Bao-Cang Ding 0 0 College of Automation, Chongqing University , Chongqing 400044, China This paper investigates a sliding-mode model predictive control (MPC) algorithm with auxiliary

Comparison of Electroacupuncture and Moxibustion for Relieving Visceral Hypersensitivity in Rats with Constipation-Predominant Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Acupuncture-Moxibustion and Meridian, Shanghai 200030, China Received 1 April 2016; Accepted 11 August 2016 Academic Editor: Hyunsu Bae Copyright © 2016 Ji-Meng Zhao et al. This is an open access article

Hypoxia-induced sensitisation of TRPA1 in painful dysesthesia evoked by transient hindlimb ischemia/reperfusion in mice

, Meng Zhao, Takahito Miyake, Haruka Hiyama, Hisashi Shirakawa & Shuji KanekoDepartment of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Kyoto University Hospital, 54 Shogoin-Kawahara-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606 ... for Meng Zhao in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google ScholarSearch for Takahito Miyake in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google ScholarSearch for Haruka Hiyama in:Nature Research journals

Analysis of Novel Variable Reluctance Resolver with Asymmetric Teeth on the Stator

The variable reluctance (VR) resolver is usually used to measure the shaft angle of motor. A novel VR resolver with asymmetric teeth on the stator is proposed to achieve the minimal number of active teeth and eliminate the amplitude imbalance of the output voltages of SIN and COS coils by bringing the fifth compensating tooth. The structure and the total output voltages of signal...

Identification of a nanobody specific to human pulmonary surfactant protein A

People’s Hospital of Nantong, Suzhou University, School of Medicine, SuZhou, China Xian He, Shan-Mei Wang, Zhao Fang Yin and Meng-Meng Zhao contributed equally to this work. AffiliationsDepartment of ... Medicine, Shanghai, ChinaShan-Mei Wang, Meng-Meng Zhao, Nan Li, Liu-Sheng Wang, Yang Hu, Yu-Kui Du, Shan-Shan Du, Yan Li, Ya-Ru Wei, Dong Weng & Hui-Ping LiShanghai Institute of Applied Physics, Chinese

Synthesis and Characterization of Hollow Magnetic Alloy (GdNi2, Co5Gd) Nanospheres Coated with Gd2O3

Uniform magnetic hollow nanospheres (GdNi2, Co5Gd) coated with Gd2O3 have been successfully prepared on a large scale via a urea-based homogeneous precipitation method using silica (SiO2) spheres as sacrificed templates, followed by subsequent heat treatment. Nitrogen sorption measurements and scanning electron microscope reveal that these hollow-structured magnetic nanospheres...

Synthesis and Characterization of Hollow Magnetic Alloy (GdNi2, Co5Gd) Nanospheres Coated with Gd2O3

Jun Wang 0 Guo-meng Zhao 1 Ajay Soni 0 Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, Ningbo University , Ningbo , China 1 Department of Physics and Astronomy, California State University at Los Angeles

Thyroxine therapy ameliorates serum levels of eicosanoids in Chinese subclinical hypothyroidism patients

and 81471006). Author contribution Jia-jun ZHAO designed this study; Jin XU, Meng ZHAO and Zhe WANG collected samples from patients; Yan ZHANG, Bing-chang ZHANG, Yong-feng SONG and Hai-qing ZHANG

Enantioselective Hydrolysis of Amino Acid Esters Promoted by Bis(β-cyclodextrin) Copper Complexes

-Shan Xue, Meng Zhao, Zhuo-Feng Ke, Bei-Chen Cheng, Hua Su, Qian Cao, Zhen-Kun Cao, Jun Wang, Liang-Nian Ji & Zong-Wan Mao AuthorsSearch for Shan-Shan Xue in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google ... ScholarSearch for Meng Zhao in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google ScholarSearch for Zhuo-Feng Ke in:Nature Research journals • PubMed • Google ScholarSearch for Bei-Chen Cheng in:Nature Research journals

Therapeutic effects of tyroservatide on metastasis of lung cancer and its mechanism affecting integrin–focal adhesion kinase signal transduction

Therapeutic effects of tyroservatide on metastasis of lung cancer and its mechanism affecting integrin–focal adhesion kinase signal transduction Yu-ting Huang,1,* Lan Zhao,1,* Zheng Fu,1 Meng Zhao,1

Identification and characterization of phosphodiesterases that specifically degrade 3′3′-cyclic GMP-AMP

Cyclic dinucleotides act as intracellular second messengers, modulating a variety of cellular activities including innate immune activation. Although phosphodiesterases (PDEs) hydrolyzing c-di-GMP and c-di-AMP have been identified, no PDEs for cGAMPs have been reported. Here we identified the first three cGAMP-specific PDEs in V. cholerae (herein designated as V-cGAP1/2/3). V...

Phylogenetic assessment of Chaetomium indicum and allied species, with the introduction of three new species and epitypification of C. funicola and C. indicum

Xue-Wei Wang Xiao-Liang Wang Fu-Jiang Liu Xiao-Meng Zhao Jing Li Lei Cai Historically, the Chaetomium indicum group contained six species with similar ascus and ascospore morphology. Large

RA-XII inhibits tumour growth and metastasis in breast tumour-bearing mice via reducing cell adhesion and invasion and promoting matrix degradation

information Author notesHoi-Wing Leung & Si-Meng Zhao These authors contributed equally to this work. AffiliationsInstitute of Chinese MedicineHoi-Wing Leung, Grace Gar-Lee Yue, Julia Kin-Ming Lee, Kwok-Pui ... Resources in West China, Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Kunming 650201, Yunnan, ChinaSi-Meng Zhao & Ning-Hua TanUniversity of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100049, ChinaSi

Regulation of OsmiR156h through Alternative Polyadenylation Improves Grain Yield in Rice

Substantial increases in grain yield of cereal crops are required to feed a growing human population. Here we show that a natural variant of SEMIDWARF AND HIGH-TILLERING (SDT) increases harvest index and grain productivity in rice. Gain-of-function sdt mutation has a shortened polyadenylation tail on the OsmiR156h microRNA precursor, which cause the up-regulation of OsmiR156h...

Base-resolution methylation patterns accurately predict transcription factor bindings in vivo

Detecting in vivo transcription factor (TF) binding is important for understanding gene regulatory circuitries. ChIP-seq is a powerful technique to empirically define TF binding in vivo. However, the multitude of distinct TFs makes genome-wide profiling for them all labor-intensive and costly. Algorithms for in silico prediction of TF binding have been developed, based mostly on...

Computational Prediction of Conformational B-Cell Epitopes from Antigen Primary Structures by Ensemble Learning

Motivation The conformational B-cell epitopes are the specific sites on the antigens that have immune functions. The identification of conformational B-cell epitopes is of great importance to immunologists for facilitating the design of peptide-based vaccines. As an attempt to narrow the search for experimental validation, various computational models have been developed for the...

A semantic proteomics dashboard (SemPoD) for data management in translational research

Background One of the primary challenges in translational research data management is breaking down the barriers between the multiple data silos and the integration of 'omics data with clinical information to complete the cycle from the bench to the bedside. The role of contextual metadata, also called provenance information, is a key factor ineffective data integration...

LlSR28 Is Involved in Pollen Germination by Affecting Filamentous Actin Dynamics

Alternative splicing plays important roles in gene regulation and contributes to protein complexity. Previous studies suggest that alternative splicing exists in members of the villin/gelsolin/fragmin superfamily. In this study, a serine/argine-rich (SR) protein cDNA with 28kDa protein (LlSR28) was isolated from a lily (Lilium longiflorum) expression library. Protein domain...