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Mapping student understanding in chemistry: The perspectives of chemists

In prior work, we have been developing a conceptual framework, called the Perspectives of Chemists, that attempts to capture a view of how student understanding progresses in chemistry. The framework ... , thinking, and reasoning with chemistry that relates basic concepts (ideas, facts, and models) to analytical methods (reasoning). Simply stated, the aim of the organization framework is to capture how

Analysis for petroleum products in marine environments

of oxygenated products, some of which are potentially toxic to marine life and to the consumer of fishery products. State-of-the-art analytical methods, as employed in our laboratories, utilize glass ... trace levels of petroleum hydrocarbons in marine sediments using a solvent/sluny extraction procedure . In: Trace organic analysis: A new frontier in analytical chemistry . Ed. by S. N. Chesler & H. S

Decision criteria for the selection of analytical instruments used in clinical chemistry: III Non–monetary criteria

International Journal of of analytical instruments used III Non-monetary 0 0 H. Biittner Institute for Clinical Chemistry, Medical School , Hannover , West Germany THE selection of analytical ... instruments used in clinical chemistry |V External and internal evaluation of analytical instruments in clinical laboratory sciences M. Hjelm and T.D.Geary Department of Clinical Chemistry, University

Mass spectrometry nomenclature in portuguese language

In commemoration of the International Year of Chemistry this article presents the normalization and standardization of key terms used in mass spectrometry in Portuguese Language. ... humanidade, com o lema Chemistry - our life, our future. Além da esperada reflexão sobre o estado da arte na Química, as sociedades científicas estão atuando na organização de eventos de grande porte com

Microscopic Estimation of Road Impedance by Decomposing Traffic Delay into Individual Road Segments: An Analytical Approach

Urban road dynamic impedance calculation is the important basis of dynamic traffic assignment and real-time traffic management and control scheme. The current impedance calculation is mostly based on BPR function, and the BPR function is derived from macroscopic statistical laws, in which the microscopic characteristics of traffic flow are insufficiently described. In order to...

Theoretical Frameworks for Research in Chemistry / Science Education

.)   * Facultad de Química, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.   George Bodner es el "Arthur E. Kelly Distinguished Professor of Chemistry, Education, and Engineering" de la Universidad de Purdue, en West

Guidelines (1987) for classification, calculation and validation of conversion rates in clinical chemistry – International Federation of Clinical Chemistry, Scientific Committee, Analytical Section: Expert Panel on Analytical Systems, Expert Panel on Enzymes; IFCC Document Stage 2, Draft 4

of Clinical Chemistry Scientific Committee Analytical Section: Exp rt Panel on Analytical Systems rt Panel on Enzym IFCC Document Stage Prepared for publication by G. Bechtler R. Haeckel M. Hrder H ... . D. and CROUCH , S. R. , Theoretical and experimental factors influencing the accuracy of analytical rate measurements . Analytical Chemistry , 43 ( 1971 ), 697 - 701 . 8. TRAYSER , K. A. and SELmSO

Decision criteria for the selection of analytical instruments used in clinical chemistry: I Introduction

International Journal of of analytical instruments used R. Haeckel 0 0 Institute for Clinical Chemistry, Medical School , Hannover, W. Germany ASSOCIATE Members of the Expert Panel on ... (Singapore, October 1979). The selection of analytical instruments is a very complex problem for a clinical chemistry laboratory. The reason lies in the fact that medical, methodological, instrumental and

Analytical Solution of Deformations for Two-Layer Timoshenko Beams Glued by a Viscoelastic Interlayer

An analytical solution of stresses and deformations for two-layer Timoshenko beams glued by a viscoelastic interlayer under uniform transverse load is presented. The standard linear solid model is ... viscoelastic property of concrete beams reinforced by fiber reinforced polymers and gave the analytical solutions by the use of the numerical Laplace transformation method. Lei [14] studied the dynamic

Teaching Chemistry Based on the Stimulus Equivalence Model

obtained at least 80% of hits. The efficiency of teaching procedure for chemistry learning at the high school level has been verified. Keywords: high school; chemistry; programmed instruction; behavior ... programada; análisis del comportamiento; equivalencia de estímulos Chemistry, part of the Natural Sciences, is present in culture and social life; with research of materials and substances, develops

The Boreskov Institute of Catalysis and the 14th International Conference on Fundamental and Applied Aspects of Physical Chemistry

Chemistry AuthorsAuthors and affiliations Gábor Lente Editorial First Online: 03 May 2019 33 Downloads The first 17 articles in the present journal issue are devoted to one or both of two

Validation of an analytical method for the determination of total mercury in urine samples using cold vapor atomic absorption spectrometry (CV-AAS): case study

of this metal in the urine of exposed subjects by the cold vapor atomic absorption technique. The present work features the validation as an essential tool to confirm the suitability of the analytical ... União, 02/06/2003.         [ Links ] 15. EURACHEM/CITAC Guide; The Fitness for Purpose of Analytical Methods, EURACEM Working Group, December, 1998.         [ Links ] 16. Instituto Nacional de

Assessing Analytical and Functional Similarity of Proposed Amgen Biosimilar ABP 980 to Trastuzumab

BackgroundABP 980 has been developed as a biosimilar to Herceptin® (trastuzumab). Comprehensive analytical characterization incorporating orthogonal analytical techniques was used to compare ABP 980 ... analytical similarity assessment, ABP 980 is analytically highly similar to the reference product, trastuzumab. Key Points ABP 980 was found to be highly similar to trastuzumab for all functional

Computer-Aided Chemistry at Surrey — the way ahead

This article describes the objectives and rationale of the degree course in Computer-Aided Chemistry at the University of Surrey. The course, which is the first of its kind, represents a sharp break ... enormous impact of microprocessors in the field of analytical chemistry. This has meant that for the analytical chemist, there is an immediate requirement to become conversant with computer programming

Reconstruction of undergraduate analytical chemistry laboratory course

function of analytical chemistry and chemists is very important in decision making, concerning, e.g., medical, production, environmental, forensic, and foodstuff issues that are based on chemical analyses ... , they should still be included in basic analytical chemistry education as they are fundamental and absolute analytical methods [7]. Also, classic analytical techniques are indispensable in providing


Milestones of historical evolution of the Chemistry Department of the Lomonosov Moscow State University, which was formally separated from the physical-mathematical faculty of the University in 1929 ... , organic, analytical chemistry, and biochemistry) to the present seventeen (general, inorganic, organic, analytical, colloid, physical chemistry, electrochemistry, petroleum chemistry and organic synthesis

Synthesis of Some New Benzimidazole Derivatives of Pharmaceutical Interest

). The structures of the hitherto unknown compounds have been confirmed from analytical and spectral data. The newly synthesized compounds were screened for antibacterial and antifungal activity. ... Hindawi Publishing Corporation ht p:/ International Journal of Photoenergy International Journal of Analytical Chemistry Advances in Physical Chemistry Hindawi Publishing Corporation

Transition Metal Chemistry; past, present and future

93 Downloads This year of 2019 marks the thirtieth anniversary of my involvement with Transition Metal Chemistry (TMC). In 1989, I started work at the Nitrogen Fixation Laboratory, a ... chemistry faculty was a middle class or even faintly aristocratic white man, just as the mechanical and glassblowing workshops were generally staffed by working-class men, and the departmental secretaries

Analytical Strain-softening Solutions of a spherical cavity

the post-failure region as a Multi-step Brittle-Plastic model (MBPM), analytical solutions of the spherical cavity are derived with the consideration of the deterioration of elastic parameters ... ; Analytical solution 1. Introduction Displacements and stresses distributions are two of the most important information for underground engineering, for that it can provide a theoretical foundation