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The prevalence of primary headache disorders and their associated factors among nursing staff in North China

Background Epidemiological data on the prevalence of headache in nursing staff in Mainland China are lacking. We therefore performed a study to assess the prevalence of headache, and factors associated with headaches, in nursing staff in three hospitals in North China. Methods Stratified random cluster sampling was used to select 1102 nurses from various departments in three...

Association of Intron Loss with High Mutation Rate in Arabidopsis: Implications for Genome Size Evolution

Yu-Fei Yang 0 Tao Zhu 0 Deng-Ke Niu 0 0 MOE Key Laboratory for Biodiversity Science and Ecological Engineering, and Beijing Key Laboratory of Gene Resource and Molecular Development, College of Life

Imprecise intron losses are less frequent than precise intron losses but are not rare in plants

In this study, we identified 19 intron losses, including 11 precise intron losses (PILs), six imprecise intron losses (IILs), one de-exonization, and one exon deletion in tomato and potato, and 17 IILs in Arabidopsis thaliana. Comparative analysis of related genomes confirmed that all of the IILs have been fixed during evolution. Consistent with previous studies, our results...

The Endogenous Nitric Oxide Mediates Selenium-Induced Phytotoxicity by Promoting ROS Generation in Brassica rapa

Selenium (Se) is suggested as an emerging pollutant in agricultural environment because of the increasing anthropogenic release of Se, which in turn results in phytotoxicity. The most common consequence of Se-induced toxicity in plants is oxidative injury, but how Se induces reactive oxygen species (ROS) burst remains unclear. In this work, histofluorescent staining was applied...

miR-181b functions as an oncomiR in colorectal cancer by targeting PDCD4

Liang, Rongjie Cheng, Fei Yang, Yeting Hong, Chihao Zhao, Minghui Liu, Mengchao Yu, Xinyan Zhou, Kai Yin, Jiangning Chen, Junfeng Zhang, Chenyu Zhang, Feng Zhi and Xi Chen declare that they have no

Microcystin-Degrading Activity of an Indigenous Bacterial Strain Stenotrophomonas acidaminiphila MC-LTH2 Isolated from Lake Taihu

Microcystin-LR (MC-LR) and microcystin-RR (MC-RR) produced by harmful cyanobacterial blooms (HCBs) pose substantial threats to the ecosystem and public health due to their potential hepatotoxicity. Degradation of microcystins (MCs) by indigenous bacteria represents a promising method for removing MCs from fresh water without harming the aquatic environment, but only a few...

A Challenge for the Seed Mixture Refuge Strategy in Bt Maize: Impact of Cross-Pollination on an Ear-Feeding Pest, Corn Earworm

To counter the threat of insect resistance, Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) maize growers in the U.S. are required to plant structured non-Bt maize refuges. Concerns with refuge compliance led to the introduction of seed mixtures, also called RIB (refuge-in-the-bag), as an alternative approach for implementing refuge for Bt maize products in the U.S. Maize Belt. A major concern in...

Factors associated with endoscopic full-thickness resection of gastric submucosal tumors

Foundation. Disclosures Drs. Fei Yang, Sheng Wang, Siyu Sun, Xiang Liu, Nan Ge, Guoxin Wang, Jintao Guo, Wen Liu, Linlin and Feng, Wenzhuang Ma have no competing interests or financial ties to disclose. Open

Image Restoration Based on the Hybrid Total-Variation-Type Model

We propose a hybrid total-variation-type model for the image restoration problem based on combining advantages of the ROF model with the LLT model. Since two -norm terms in the proposed model make it difficultly solved by using some classically numerical methods directly, we first employ the alternating direction method of multipliers (ADMM) to solve a general form of the...

Positive solutions for nonlocal fourth-order boundary value problems with all order derivatives

In this article, by the fixed point theorem in a cone and the nonlocal fourth-order BVP's Green function, the existence of at least one positive solution for the nonlocal fourth-order boundary value problem with all order derivatives u ( 4 ) ( t ) + A u ″ ( t ) = λ f ( t , u ( t ) , u ′ ( t ) , u ″ ( t ) , u ‴ ( t ) ) , 0 < t < 1 , u ( 0 ) = u ( 1 ) = ∫ 0 1 p ( s ) u ( s ) d s...

L∞ estimates of solutions for the quasilinear parabolic equation with nonlinear gradient term and L1 data

In this article, we study the quasilinear parabolic problem u t - div ( ∇ u m ∇ u ) + u u β - 2 ∇ u q = u u α - 2 ∇ u p + g ( u ) , x ∈ Ω , t > 0 , u ( x , 0 ) = u 0 ( x ) , x ∈ Ω ; u ( x , t ) = 0 , x ∈ ∂ Ω , t ≥ 0 , where Ω is a bounded domain in ℝN, m > 0 and g(u) satisfies |g(u)| ≤ K1|u|1+ν with 0 ≤ ν < m. By the Moser's technique, we prove that if α, β > 1, 0 ≤ p < q, 1 ≤ q...

Comprehensive annotation of microRNA expression profiles

Background MicroRNAs (miRNAs) regulate many biological processes by post-translational gene silencing. Analysis of miRNA expression profiles is a reliable method for investigating particular biological processes due to the stability of miRNA and the development of advanced sequencing methods. However, this approach is limited by the broad specificity of miRNAs, which may target...

Application of functionalized nanofluid in thermosyphon

Xue-Fei Yang 0 Zhen-Hua Liu 0 0 School of Mechanical Engineering, Shanghai Jiaotong University , Shanghai 200240, People's Republic of China A water-based functionalized nanofluid was made by

Correction: Phthalates Induce Neurotoxicity Affecting Locomotor and Thermotactic Behaviors and AFD Neurons through Oxidative Stress in Caenorhabditis elegans

Tseng Ying-Fei Yang Chan-Wei Yu Wen-Hsuan Li Vivian Hsiu-Chuan Liao overlap in text with that from our previous publication [1] (reference 43 in the original article) and fragments in the text that

The embodiment of emotion: language use during the feeling of social emotions predicts cortical somatosensory activity

Complex social emotions involve both abstract cognitions and bodily sensations, and individuals may differ on their relative reliance on these. We hypothesized that individuals’ descriptions of their feelings during a semi-structured emotion induction interview would reveal two distinct psychological styles—a more abstract, cognitive style and a more body-based, affective style...

A Hypomagnetic Field Aggravates Bone Loss Induced by Hindlimb Unloading in Rat Femurs

A hypomagnetic field is an extremely weak magnetic field—it is considerably weaker than the geomagnetic field. In deep-space exploration missions, such as those involving extended stays on the moon and interplanetary travel, astronauts will experience abnormal space environments involving hypomagnetic fields and microgravity. It is known that microgravity in space causes bone...

Torsion and Antero-Posterior Bending in the In Vivo Human Tibia Loading Regimes during Walking and Running

language editing assistance. Peng-Fei Yang acknowledges Helmholtz Space Life Sciences Research School (SpaceLife) and his scholarship by the China Scholarship Council (CSC No.: 2009629013). Last but not

Why eukaryotic cells use introns to enhance gene expression: Splicing reduces transcription-associated mutagenesis by inhibiting topoisomerase I cutting activity

-Fei Yang 0 0 Ministry of Education Key Laboratory for Biodiversity Science and Ecological Engineering, College of Life Sciences, Beijing Normal University , Beijing 100875 , China Background: The costs

Mature Archean continental crust in the Yangtze craton: Evidence from petrology, geochronology and geochemistry

Previous studies have shown that the Archean basement is widely distributed throughout the Yangtze craton. To date, however, Archean basement terrains have not been found, except for a few Kongling high-grade metamorphic terrains in the Huangling dome that have been confirmed to be of Archean age. To further understand the basement component and crustal evolution of the Yangtze...

Phthalates Induce Neurotoxicity Affecting Locomotor and Thermotactic Behaviors and AFD Neurons through Oxidative Stress in Caenorhabditis elegans

Background Phthalate esters are ubiquitous environmental contaminants and numerous organisms are thus exposed to various levels of phthalates in their natural habitat. Considering the critical, but limited, research on human neurobehavioral outcomes in association with phthalates exposure, we used the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans as an in vivo model to evaluate phthalates...