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The rise of China and the time of Africa: Gauging Afro-Sino relations in the light of Confucian philosophy and African ideals

: 'The influence of morality and values cannot be discounted in international relations or in a state's foreign policy. Hence, Mencius's international political philosophy with its moral idealism still has ... ? For it appears that present-day official thinking is based on the pre-Qin period and its interstate political philosophy, which have been selected as the main source and reference for understanding

Mare nostrum: the political ethics of migration in the Mediterranean

In the political theory debate about open borders and the ethics of immigration control there has been little discussion of trade-offs and a lack of distinctions between admission claims. This paper ... University Press.Google Scholar Frazer, M. (2016). Utopophobia as a vocation: The professional ethics of ideal and nonideal political theory. Social Philosophy and Policy, 33, 175–192.CrossRefGoogle Scholar

Cosmo-nationalism: American, French and German philosophy

author is: if philosophy is universal in scope, how can it account for its national inscription? (p. 2). According to the author, the national in this context plays the role of a ‘schematic affiliation ... ’, or of ‘a vehicle for philosophy’, more specifically, ‘a vehicle to accomplish a given set of cosmopolitical aims’ (p. 5). Following Kant and Derrida, a schema is the ‘third thing’ that ‘participates in

Social media’s contribution to political misperceptions in U.S. Presidential elections

There is considerable concern about the role that social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, play in promoting misperceptions during political campaigns. These technologies are widely used, and ... samples of Americans during both the 2012 and 2016 U.S. Presidential elections to assess whether use of social media for political information promoted endorsement of falsehoods about major party candidates

Laughter as a Form of Social Opposition

considered as a form of social opposition regarding political philosophy. The social and connecting dimension of laughter will be discussed within the framework of Bergson’s views and it will be noted that ... has yet not been sufficiently discussed in terms of philosophy and to analyze the content and context of the funny thing. Views of great philosophers such as Plato, Aristoteles, Bergson and Hegel, about

Egalitarianism and Animals

The moral consideration of nonhuman animals and the critique of speciesism have been defended by appeal to a variety of ethical theories. One of the main approaches in moral and political philosophy ... political philosophy in the last decades (see for instance Berlin 1955–1956; Williams 1973; Nagel 1979; 1991; Rae et al. 1981; Arneson 1989; Sen 1980; 1992; Temkin 1993; Parfit 1995; McKerlie 1996; Roemer

Political dimensions of the consumer's culture

The historical development of a consumer's culture is examined from the viewpoint of its political dimensions, in search of a better understanding of its present conditions. Special attention is

Acerca del método crítico-trascendental y su aplicación en la filosofía kantiana del Derecho

method (used in the Critic of pure Reason to solve important epistemological problems) in the kantian Philosophy of Right. The specific juridical problems developed in the Doctrine of private Right and the ... Kant's writings on political philosophy" (Thompson, 2001, p. 54). 18 Bajo el concepto general de Derecho público no se piensa sólo el Derecho político sino el Derecho de gentes (o Derecho cosmopolita

Cum dignitate otium. Remarks on Cicero's speech in defence of Sestius

was worth paying attention to the thought of philosophy of the state articulated in Pro Sestio as Cicero determines the notion of optimates destined to govern the state by taking an individual approach ... political creed and the most precise definition of the role taken by the optimates in public life.77 The paradigmatic nature of Sestius's case enabled the orator to frame guidelines for the philosophy of

Filosofie op Potchefstroom die afgelope eeu (1917-2017) Deel 4: op die tweesprong?

Three previous articles in this journal reviewed the history of philosophy at Potchefstroom from the beginning of the previous century up to about 2009. In this and the next, contribution the writer ... subtitle suggests, it seems that Christian philosophy at Potchefstroom has arrived at the cross-roads. Different reasons, like the on-going secularisation of the North-West University have contributed to the

Pragmatic Approach or Constructive-Engagement Strategy?—A Methodology in Comparing Chinese and Western Philosophy

Comparative Philosophy Volume 2151-6014 CONSTRUCTIVE-ENGAGEMENT DIALOGUE (1.2) PRAGMATIC APPROACH OR CONSTRUCTIVE-ENGAGEMENT STRATEGY?-A METHODOLOGY IN COMPARING CHINESE AND WESTERN PHILOSOPHY 0 SUN ... WEI: Associate Professor, Institute of Philosophy, Beijing Academy of Social Sciences In the midst of rising interest in cross-cultural comparative philosophy, the methodology of comparisons between

Critica dell’economia politica e critica della filosofia nei Quaderni del carcere

significance of classical political economy and its critique. Against perspectives that argue for an opposition within Marxism between philosophy and the critique of political economy, this text argues that ... italiana di Mattia Antonetti 1 Il testo ? una traduzione della quinta sezione del capitolo 8 del volume The Gramscian Moment: Philosophy Hegemony and Marxism (Brill , 2009 , pp. 347 - 62 ). Con l'eccezione

Mexicans and Colombians at Home and Abroad: A Comparative Study of Political Engagement

Although a large number of democracies have extended political rights to expatriates, relatively little is known about the depths of transnational political engagement. How attentive are expatriates ... that for each nationality group, living abroad is not associated with a drop in political attentiveness, and time abroad does not in and of itself depress attention to politics from a distance. Moreover

Technology and the Evolution of the Human: From Bergson to the Philosophy of Technology

place of technology within ontology, epistemology, and social/political philosophy. I argue technology inhabits an essential place in these fields. The philosophy of Henri Bergson plays a central role in

Remarks on the uniformity of natural law concepts in the history of legal philosophy

law is also invoked to underpin human inequality. A parallel is drawn with natural-law philosophy in the twentieth century. On the one hand, we find that the link between natural law and human equality ... is most often maintained, but on the other hand we also find invocations of natural law to justify societal exclusion. Is this the reason for the intrinsic weakness of natural-law philosophy

Liberty, Justice, and the Rule of Law

task here to discuss the place of political theory or political philosophy in legal scholarship. It is tempting to begin by emphasizing the gulf between justice and law: The job of political philosophers ... theoretically prior to the question of scholarship that is our theme here. Our question-"What ought to be the place of humane or liberal studies, including political philosophy, in legal scholarship?"-cannot be

Integrative Democracy: Mary Parker Follett’s Integration and Deliberative Democracy

deliberative democracy has yet to be fully appreciated. In her 1918 work The New State Follett articulates a normative political theory that I refer to as Integrative democracy, which can be seen as an ... complementarities . The Journal of Political Philosophy , 18 , 32 - 63 . doi: 10 .1111/j.1467- 9760 . 2009 . 00342 .x Bartels , K. P. R. ( 2015 ). Communicative capacity: Public encounters in participatory theory and

Management of Ethno-Cultural Diversity in Turkey: Europeanization of Domestic Politics and New Challenges

become one of the catch words of contemporary political philosophy. Diversity, in its recent forms, whether cultural, political, ethnic, or religious, is a byproduct of globalization. Globalization has ... aftermath of the EU Helsinki Summit of 1999, in compliance with the prevailing discourse of “unity in diversity” within the EU circles. Political Philosophy of Diversity: “Unity-In-Diversity”, “Unity-Over

A Tale of Seven Scientists and a New Philosophy of Science

the work of several researchers linked to the development of the periodic table, tries to build a new philosophy of science. Most of these characters, identified by himself as "intermediaries", are from

Political Ideology and the Rewriting of History in Fifteenth-Century Flanders

histories that went farther back in time and dealt with the ‘high politics’ of princes and rulers to assert (rebellious) political ideologies of the moment. In this vast topic of research, historians are ... the Research Foundation Flanders (fwo) stationed at Ghent University in Belgium. She studies the medieval political ideologies in the Flandria Generosa chronicle tradition. Her main research interests