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Economic Notes: ALR 57

) Solving this problem produced important effects at both the econom ic and political levels. Tracing the form o f this ‘solution’ over the years is one way to produce a history o f Australian capitalism ... . Australian rural export industries were so profitable by world standards for most o f the period that there was enough to go round. A political alliance was formed that allowed rural interests

Australian Left Review No.78 December 1981

' grass-roots organisation can shift the power balance in the factory. A Rinascita interview with a former "Red Army Faction" activist on some of the pitfalls o f political terrorism has been summarised by ... materials and specialisation that are so much a part of the new technology, limit the application of established skills, and they have had massive effects on the political consciousness of the workers. T

Comment: ALR 21

certa in ly m ean new term s of po litical action, since it w ou ld subject to a new test th e philosophy a n d practice of refo rm ism — a test th a t is new b o th since it is 20 years since L a b o r ... relatio n s betw een n ation s, w hich is m o ra l as well as political, practical as well as th e o retical; th e c o n tin u in g effects of th e o ccu p a­ tio n of Czechoslovakia u p o n the in te rn a

Australian Left Review No. 57 March 1977

political organiser, currently a law studentat Macquarie University in Sydney, discusses the class nature of state emergency powers. A film review and our regular items C om m ent and Economic Notes com ... the line on productivity and living standards which is currently being heavily pushed by business and political leaders. In his own words, as quoted by Hughes: There m ay be room for increased

Australian Left Review No. 87 Autumn 1984

this, Medicare is a fa r fro m id e a l h e a lth M edicare U n der Siege Health issues have oecome a political battlefield over the past decade One of the major developments in that p e rio d has been ... . This is a base on which a national preventive health strategy can oe built, and it would be one that w on't w ither away at the first change of political climate. What is needed is a consciously planned

Comment: ALR 11

” school, law, m em bers of the M el­ bo urne Club, safe m en for the E stablishm ent, conform ist in p h ilo ­ sophy and policies, even though th eir in tellectu al abilities and political talents varied. T ... t exclusive schools a n d clubs, by in term arriage and other forms of social intercourse. A nd the M elbo urn e m onopoly g ro u p ’s d o m ination , the basic cause for M elbourne's political d o m

Comment: ALR 9

ith all its im agined advantages in investment, trade an d a special political relationship and m ilitary protection. - AUSTRALIA N LEFT REVIEW creased only 45% in six years—war consum ption is ... budget projects a whole range of economic, social, political and m oral issues for explanation and action. N o m atter what levels of action, on w hatever issue, all will be related to the V ietnam war

Interview with Jack Mundey

parkland in N orth Carlton are some examples. But in general A ustralian union history is one of concentration on economic issues and a relative neglect of political and social issues. Many unions ... assembled. No wonder young workers are not attracted to such gatherings. Again, the glaring need for more education of the workers on basic political issues was the apartheid protest against the Springboks


substantiate a proposition that there is a growing number o f strikes associated with political and social issues and questions o f managerial policy. The official statistics do not distinguish disputes ar­ ... ising out o f political and social issues so there is no way o f telling how many took place on those issues. The statistics do however distinguish disputes arising out of managerial policy. The trends in

Comment: ALR 12

placed in a dreadful dilemma. Victory is im ­ possible, ultim ate defeat is probable, b u t political “face” makes w ithdraw al a b itter draught almost inconceivable to swallow, all the harder since the ... strength of the U nited States has a lim it. It cannot be brought into full play due to US political weaknesses, the terra in conditions and our people's war com bat m ethods. Moreover, the enem y’s u'eak

Comment: ALR 50

to suppress or discredit ‘dangerous’ political opposition. More clearly than fo r a long time, the claims of the system are being contradicted by its practice. It is therefore useful to examine some of ... right to vote for more than one party, ‘freedom of the press’ and freedom of dissent, and political association. These are all very im portant freedoms and rights, which should be vigorously maintained

Australian Left Review No. 3 October-November, 1966

, trad e unionism history, philosophy, science a n d art, for th e p ro m o tio n o f socialist ideas. C o n trib u tio n s a n d letters are welcome a n d sh o u ld be sen t to B ox A247, Sydney S outh ... tariff and im port controls, and foreign aid of a non-exploitative character (i.e., from the socialist countries). T hese policies depend for their in­ troduction on the victory of pro­ gressive political

International Notes: ALR 50

, a socialism with many parties and with political alternatives.’’ From the statement of the CP of Spain and the CP of Greece (Interior), Mundo Obrero, December 9, 1975. “There can be no common line ... society such as ours: respect for and extension of personal, political and cultural freedoms, pluralism, no State ideology." “ .... there must be excluded from the preparation of a document for the

Comment: ALR 16

society” and are superseded by new m oral issues and problem s of contem porary capitalism . A whole new concept of social, industrial an d political conflicts has emerged, w ith conservative and radical ... class— the owners and controllers of the economy and th eir political an d industrial auxiliaries—has worked ou t a coherent and well-planned economic strategy. T h is aims at n othing less than the intro

Books: ALR 9

this work (especially in the chapters on “Spon­ taneity” and on “National Conscious­ ness”) to establish political models for the life of the newly free countries. His observations on the means by which ... contemporary political literature. Although Fanon pays scant attention to the socialist countries as such, he is keenly aware of the importance of their existence in the international arena to the forward

Australian Left Review No. 52 1976

Political Economy. Further reviews and comments will be welcome. In order to print the Roberts article, we have omitted our regular features 'Comment' and ‘Economic Notes’ from this issue. A U S T R A L I ... a copy o r 20 cents per copy in bundles o f 50. Arena’s address is Box 36, P.O. Greensborough, Victoria 3088. 1. The Political Im portance of N uclear Power Modern capitalism has turned

Australian Left Review No. 20 August-September 1969

by force of arm s o r by a repressive state a p p a ra tu s b u t because the m ajo rity of th e p eo ple believe th a t it is th e n a tu ra l form of socio-political organisation a n d th a t it ... ru le is exercised by o r o n b eh alf of th e cap italist class — in this sense a dictatorship irrespective o f the degree o f electoral democracy which m ay prevail. D espite w hatever political dem

Australian Left Review No.44 August 1974

, how they might occur in a particular society, how and in w hat conditions ruling classes are overthrown. 2. A political th e o ry : a conception and view o f politics which guides the day-to-day ... political practice of a party, its cadres and members. 3. An analysis of the specific society: for a revolutionary, both elements of this analysis - the present situat­ ion and the likely future course of

Australian Left Review No.64 May 1978

first political party to propose of program for Aboriginal Advancement in Australia was the Communist Party. Its earliest published programs were presented in T. Wright’s pamphlet “ New Deal for ... Cape, for an initial royalty of five cents a ton of bauxite and land rent of £2 ($4) a square mile to be paid into consolidated revenue.( 16 ) It took a lot o f political pressure to get even an area

Australian Left Review No.64 May 1978

first political party to propose of program for Aboriginal Advancement in Australia was the Communist Party. Its earliest published programs were presented in T. Wright’s pamphlet “ New Deal for ... Cape, for an initial royalty of five cents a ton of bauxite and land rent of £2 ($4) a square mile to be paid into consolidated revenue.( 16 ) It took a lot o f political pressure to get even an area