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Protective immunity is induced in murine colon carcinoma cells by the expression of interleukin-12 or interleukin-18, which activate type 1 helper T cells

We investigated the antitumor effects induced by the production of interleukin-12 (IL-12) or IL-18, which influence the function of T helper type 1 cells, in murine colon carcinoma cells (Colon 26). Retrovirally transduced cells with IL-12 genes that encoded both p35 and p40 (Colon 26/IL-12) lost their tumorigenicity when inoculated subcutaneously or intraperitoneally into...

On the Scaling Deviations of e(µ)-p Deep Inelastic Scattering

The so-called scaling violation of e-p deep inelastic scattering is analysed in detail by the use of the model proposed in a previous short note, where the off-shell effect of partons is taken into consideration. The model is also applied to µ-p scattering. The results of analysis are satisfactory.

Genetic and physical characterization of putP, the proline carrier gene of Escherichia coli K12

Mol Gen Genet Tatsushi Mogi, Hiroshi Yamamoto, Toshifumi Nakao, Ichiro Yamato, and Yasuhiro Anraku 0 In Fig. 2, on line 5; the restriction sites for pTMP1 are "P, H, A, M, V, R, F, H, M, R, M, A, F

Quantum Field Theory of Complex Mass*)

General properties of a complex massed particle are studied. The microcausality is reconsidered briefly and the macrocausality in our sense is defined in a very simple way. It is then examined whether a particle with a complex mass violated the macrocausality, and the demand not to violate the macrocausality gives a condition for the complex mass. The canonical quantization is...

Convergent Field Theory with Complex Masses. II: Quantization and Scattering Matrix

The field which yields the propagator proposed in a previous paper is quantized. Various invariant functions are obtained and discussed briefly. The unitary scattering matrix is defined as a transformation in the physical subspace of the Fock space expanded by the state vectors.

Convergent Field Theory with Complex Masses

Hiroshi YAMAMOTO 0 0 Department of AjJjJlied Physics, Fukui University , Fukui The aim of this paper is to construct a consistent and convergent field theory. For this purpose the propagation

A Vacuum with Double Structure

For the purpose of proving the conservation of norm in the field theory of complex mass proposed by one of the present authors, a new space is introduced where the state vectors have a double structure and the norms are complex numbers in general. The new space contains the Hilbert space as a subspace where the norms are real and positive. It is shown that the S-matrix transforms...

Convergent Field Theory with Non-Linear Non-Local Interaction

Hiroshi YAMAMOTO 0 0 Department of Applied Physics Fukui University , Fukui The Lagrangian formalism of non-linear field theory is criticized, and its weak points are summarized. To improve these

Quantum Field Theory of Complex Mass. II

The main purpose of this paper is to further clarify some unsatisfactory points in our previous paper. First a new conjugation is introduced. The conjugation exists in the case of complex mass and is similar to the hermitian conjugation. Connections between these two conjugations are clarified. The transformation properties of some operators under these conjugations are studied...

Non-Leptonic Weak Interaction in Heisenberg's Non-Linear Field Theory

Using degeneracy of the vacuum, non-leptonic weak interaction is introduced into Heisenberg's non-linear field theory of elementary particles. No new term is added in the fundamental field equation. The theory explains the observed values fairly well. It might be understood that at the time of decay a spurion is exchanged between the particle concerned and the vacuum.

Amelioration of Diabetes Mellitus in Partially Depancreatized Rats by Poly(ADP-ribose) Synthetase Inhibitors: Evidence of Islet B-Cell Regeneration

publication 15 December 1983 1 YUTAKA YONEMURA , TORU TAKASHIMA, KOICHI MIWA, ITSUO MIYAZAKI, HIROSHI YAMAMOTO, AND HIROSHI OKAMOTO SUMMARY Ninety percent depancreatized rats received daily intraperitoneal

A Model of Weak Interaction

Weak interactions are interpreted from the standpoint of composite model like the Nagoya model with two neutrinos (νe and νµ). A new boson called ε′-change is introduced. It has nearly the same properties as the ε-charge (negative charged vector boson), and has no strong interaction with leptons. Assuming a suitable interaction Lagrangian between ε, ε′, νe and νµ, and that...

Field Theoretical Interpretation of “B-Matter”. I

The property of “B-matter” which was introduced in the Nagoya model is studied on the standpoint of the current field theory. First, a reasonable interaction Lagrangian is assumed between the “B-particle” and leptons. Then, the following conditions are required: Through this interaction, the proton P, the neutron N and the lamda particle Λ should be constructed as bound states of...

Bound States in Four-Nucleon Coupling

An interaction Lagrangian of general four-nucleon coupling is assumed and equations for nucleon-antinucleon and two-nucleon systems in three types of chain approximation are derived from the interaction and solved exactly. Then the mathematical structure of the solutions is studied in various cases, and the regions where the value of the coupling constant must lie in order to...

Approximate Solution of the Relativistic Two-Body Equation and its Application to the Nuclear Forces

The approximate but analytical solutions of Bethe-Salpeter equation are given and the relations between binding energy and coupling constant are obtained. With the use these solutions the validity of the non-relativistic approximation (i.e. neglect of retardation and recoil) is investigated.