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An evaluation of the Monarch chemistry analyser

The Monarch Chemistry system, a centrifugal analyser incorporating sophisticated robotics for analytical rotor transfer and flexible software for workload scheduling, has been evaluated. The optical ... commercial instrument was released in 1978 and since then several instruments have been developed based on this technology [ 2 ]. The recent development of the Monarch chemistry analyser features a number of

Some progress on the chemistry of natural bioactive terpenoids form Chinese medicinal plants

(1) Pseudolaric acids - Novel diterpenes, Pseudolaric acid A, B, C and D were isolated from Pseudolarix kaempferi Gorden (pinaceae). Their structures were assigned by spectroscopic data and chemical correlations. In the contineous studies, the absolute configurations, the conformations in the solutions, the framentation mechanisms of MS and assigments of all NMR spectral signals...

A Closed Form Solution for Nonlinear Oscillators Frequencies Using Amplitude-Frequency Formulation

this nonlinearity, most of the studies on oscillation systems are numerically carried out while an analytical approach with a closed form expression for system response would be very useful in different ... problems arising in classical dynamics. Results are compared with another approximate analytical technique called Energy Balance Method developed by the authors (EBM) and also numerical solutions. Close

Analytical sonochemistry: a review

of Cdrdoba , Cdrdoba , Spain Analytical chemistry is one of the chemical areas where ultrasonic radiation has been only infrequently used (namely in sample pretreatment, separations, automatic ... systems is increased [3]. Organic chemistry has been the discipline which has most often used ultrasound to facilitate, improve and accelerate reactions [4-8]. - Although analytical chemists have shown

Bismuth Basic Nitrate as a Novel Adsorbent for Azo Dye Removal

through different analytical techniques. The potential use of prepared sorbents for organic compounds ... of the BBN sorbent through the use of different analytical techniques. The effect of TiO2 and Ag additions on the surface chemistry of BBN was also investigated. Methyl Orange (MO) and Sunset Yellow

Evaluation of water quality of Thuthapuzha Sub-basin of Bharathapuzha, Kerala, India

-chemical parameters. The suitability of water for drinking and irrigation purposes and the processes controlling the water chemistry were also assessed. The study area experiences a humid tropical climate ... CaHCO3 type, few samples belonged to NaCl, mixed CaMgCl and mixed CaNaHCO3 water type. The groundwater and river water chemistry of the region was influenced by the chemistry of the host rock rather than

Decision criteria for the selection of analytical instruments used in clinical chemistry: VI Techniques for the economic evaluation of automatic analysers

Journal of Automatic Chemistry of analytical instruments used 0 REFERENCES [1] Sandblad, B., Systems analysis and simulation of health care laboratory systems methodology and models. UPTEC 77 13R ... Publishing Corporation ht p:/ International Journal of Photoenergy International Journal of Analytical Chemistry Advances in Physical Chemistry Hindawi Publishing Corporation Hindawi

Consortium on Automated Analytical Laboratory Systems (CAALS)

composed of members from the Center for Analytical Chemistry and other related areas of NIST was established to guide the formation of the consortium. Why a consortium? Cannot each firm solve these ... analysis in the Center for Analytical Chemistry. These areas include broad expertise in chemical analysis; access to experts in associated fields such as robotics, statistical engineering, and artificial

Re-creando simulaciones con la hoja de cálculo

This paper extends the didactic applications of spreadsheet in chemistry teaching. Four activities are presented: (a) searching and critical analysis of simulations, (b) verification of simulations ... education, US: Springer, 2009.         [ Links ] de Levie, R. How to use Excel in analytical chemistry and in general scientific data analysis. Cambridge Univ. Press, 2001.         [ Links ] Diamond, D. y

Implementation of analytical technologies in a pharmaceutical development organization looking into the next millennium

and development of robotics and non-invasive analytical techniques. Pharmaceutical development is an important interface between research and commercial manufacturing. In research, the success of ... developing new analytical techniques in Pharmaceutical Technologies. Trademarks ZymateT M , Zymark TPWIIT M and Zymark MultiDoseT M are registered trademarks of the Zymark Corporation. Medicinal Chemistry

Chemistry for Surgeons

Sir, We read with great interest the article by Raj Kumar et al., regarding the principles of chemistry applicable in surgery [1]. Our body is a vast chemical processing plant and chemistry of body ... chemical and causing more tissue damage. Associated pyloric spasm further adds to its deleterious effects. A novel concept based on chemistry is mass spectroscopy (MS). MS-based tool sprays a microscopic

New researches of State Key Laboratories in Analytical Chemistry

security and health, analytical chemistry has made great progress in both analytical methodologies and detection instruments by integrating multidisciplinary research achievements. Four State Key ... from these State Key Laboratories. State Key Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry for Life Science (Nanjing University) was promoted from the National Key Discipline in Analytical Chemistry and former Key

Selected papers of young analytical chemists

—Chemical Monthly brings a nice selection of papers written by young and beginning analytical chemists. We are pretty aware, that the blossoming of such crucial science as it is analytical chemistry lays in ... chemistry. The topics cover almost all the aspects of modern analytical chemistry encompassing the improvement of calibration methods, development of new analytical methods and techniques, and the application

Fast microwave assisted bioreduction of aromatic aldehydes using Aloe vera: A green chemistry reaction

A green chemistry methodology for fast and simple bioreduction of aromatic aldehydes to their corresponding aromatic alcohols was achieved using an extract of Aloe vera in aqueous suspension. Under ... . This methodology is an alternative preparation for aromatic alcohols that are extensively utilized as industrial and cosmetic reagents. Keywords: aromatic aldehydes, aromatic alcohols, green chemistry

Patterns in clinical chemistry requests

For each patient sample that is presented to the clinical chemistry laboratory a combination of various tests can be requested. This combination or profile will depend on the condition of the patient ... . EUROANALYSIS VII Vienna, Austria August 26-31 1990 Euroanalysis VII will be held at the Technical University, Vienna, Austria in August 1990. The conference will emphasize the role of analytical chemistry for

Desarrollo de Procedimientos Normalizados de Trabajo: una forma Innovadora de realizar las Prácticas en Asignaturas de Ciencias Experimentales

The present work proposes the use of autonomous learning for students through the elaboration of standard operating procedures (SOPs). This experience is carried out within the course Analytical ... Ciencias Experimentales   Development of Standard Operating Protocols: an Innovative way to the Practice of the course Analytical Methods of Quality Control   Valeria Gallo, Rafael Beltrán, Dolores

First trimester combined screening in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus: impact of pre-analytical variables on risk assessment

automated equipment (Delfia Xpress system, PerkinElmer Life and Analytical Sciences, Waltham, USA). The measured concentrations of PAPP-A and free ß-hCG were converted to multiples of the normal median (MoM

Automation in clinical chemistry: developments and recent trends

:/ International Hindawi Publishing Corporation ht p:/ International Journal of Photoenergy International Journal of Analytical Chemistry Advances in Physical Chemistry Hindawi ... Journal of Applied Chemistry Hindawi Publishing Corporation ht p:/ Theoretical Chemistry Chromato graphy Research International Journal of Anderson , N. G. ( 1969 ) Analytical

Analytical determination of the critical impact location for wing leading edge under birdstrike

wing leading edge is selected as a critical location for the birdstrike in most researches. But the rationality of the selection is not given. This paper proposes an analytical method for determining the ... surface of wing leading edge. A birdstrike model is established using Pam-crash and used to validate the analytical prediction. The numerical model proves its effectiveness compared to the birdstrike test