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Quantifying Common Criticisms of Evolutionary Psychology

conceptual concerns, concerns over political implications, concerns over sampling, concerns about the validity of findings, and religious concerns. Evolutionary psychology suffered the worst selective ... intense criticisms toward evolutionary psychology, but these associations were weak and differed across three measures of political personality (i.e., Right-Wing Authoritarianism, social dominance

The ‘Alice in Wonderland’ mechanics of the rejection of (climate) science: simulating coherence by conspiracism

level, namely that “something must be wrong” with the scientific evidence in order to justify a political position against climate change mitigation. This high-level coherence accompanied by contradictory ... /Interviews/Climate-Change- without-Catastrophe-Interview-with-Anthony-Watt s .html. Sunstein , C. R. , & Vermeule , A. ( 2009 ). Conspiracy theories: Causes and cures . Journal of Political Philosophy , 17

The Principle of Subsidiarity as a Social and Political Principle in Catholic Social Teaching

dignity of the person, solidarity, and the common good will be highlighted. The second part of this paper discusses the political applications of the principle, including its ability to inform scholarship ... reference to Catholic social teachings. II. Subsidiarity as a Political Philosophy 1. Subsidiarity, Decentralization and Federalism The principle of subsidiarity recognises that individuals must be

The (Zen) Buddhist Heart of I ♥ Huckabees

contemporary culture, I argue that Russell is engaging us in religious and ethico-political reflection. ... engage us in ethico-political reflection. Zen, Indra's net, and ‘interconnectivity.' Russell has admitted that Huckabees is predominantly influenced by Zen. He first encountered Buddhist philosophy at

Editorial: Relaunching Cultural Science

translating the German Kulturwissenschaft, associated with philosophy (Simmel, Cassirer), history and anthropology (Dilthey), sociology (Weber) and art history (Warburg, Gombrich). Thus, for Williams, the first ... or destruction of groups and their knowledge. Cultural science conjectures that culture is a primary causal force in socioeconomic and political change over the longue durée. If so, then the

Living Well in NSW Multipurpose Services - not a hospital, but home

large scale change across rural NSW. The short PDSA cycles have generated a wellness philosophy and solidarity not previously widespread and expansion of successful strategies to other MPS is panned to

The Paediatric Optometry Alignment Program - Integrated care between hospital based paediatric ophthalmology and community based optometry

tracking indicators.Challenges:  Variability in clinical management philosophy was identified within the interested optometry applicants. Determination of common ground in diagnosis and management of the

Continuity of Care in Tertiary Paediatric Rehabilitation: Implications for Social Work Practice

intervention have functional impairment.  Interdisciplinary therapy programs aim to be developmentally appropriate, goal oriented, family-centred and time limited with an overall philosophy to optimise health

A Philosophical Perspective on Evolutionary Systems Biology

issues feed back into philosophy too, because ESB provides excellent examples of scientific practice for the development of philosophy of science and philosophy of biology. ... Systems Biology, New York University , New York, NY , USA 1 O. S. Soyer School of Life Sciences, University of Warwick , Coventry , UK 2 M. A. O'Malley (&) Department of Philosophy, University of Sydney

Correction to: The possibilities and practicalities of professional learning in support of Indigenous student experiences in schooling: A systematic review

-Political Sciences at the University of Melbourne. The focus of her research is Indigenous public policy and the sociology of education, with a specific interest in relationality, networks, and identity

To Your Good Health! Going to the Pub With Friends, Nursing Dying Patients, And ‘ER’ Receptionists: the Ubiquitous Rise of Risk Management and Maybe A ‘Prudential’ Bioethics?

of Bioethical Inquiry 16(1): Shaw, D. 2019. Pub philosophy. Journal of Bioethical Inquiry 16(1): Walker, M.J

Predictors and Extent of Institutional Trust in Government, Banks, the Media and Religious Organisations: Evidence from Cross-Sectional Surveys in Six Asia-Pacific Countries

), followed by newspapers and TV (59% and 58%) and then political leaders (43%). The range of levels of higher trust between countries differed from 43% for banks (range 49% in Australia to 92% in Thailand) to ... least amount of trust in TV/ media (24%) and press/newspapers (28%). South Korea put the least trust in their political leaders (25%), their legal system (43%) and religious organisations (45%). The key

Understanding the determinants of maternal mortality: An observational study using the Indonesian Population Census

from Krishna Hort and Alison Morgan from the Nossal Institute for Global Health at the University of Melbourne and Rachael Diprose from the School of Social and Political Sciences at the University of ... . Population Health Metrics. 2008 Dec; 6 ( 1 ): 4 . 25. Shiffman J . Generating political will for safe motherhood in Indonesia . Social Science & Medicine. 2003 Mar 1 ; 56 ( 6 ): 1197 - 207 . 26. National

The Bond Phenomenon: Theorising a Popular Hero – A Retrospective

” – Fleming’s novels, the Bond films, interviews – at different moments in the political career of Bond as a popular hero. Keywords: James Bond; Ian Fleming; intertextuality; popular hero; mythologies; spy ... Social Sciences in the UK. His main books include Formalism and Marxism (1979), Bond and Beyond: The Political Career of a Popular Hero (1987, with Janet Woolacott), Outside Literature (1991), The Birth of

The LEGATO cross-disciplinary integrated ecosystem service research framework: an example of integrating research results from the analysis of global change impacts and the social, cultural and economic system dynamics of irrigated rice production

ecosystem services (ESS) the integrated system provides. In the collaboration of a large team including geo- and bioscientists, economists, political and cultural scientists, the mutual influences of the ... stakeholders within a coherent joint framework. Economics and political science must analyse the processes leading to certain management decisions, human and cultural sciences explain not only if, or why not

Analysis of Alcohol Industry Submissions against Marketing Regulation

A growing body of literature points to the role of vested interests as a barrier to the implementation of effective public health policies. Corporate political activity by the alcohol industry is ... Australian alcohol industry, based on a system previously developed in relation to tobacco industry corporate political activity. The results show that submissions were a direct lobbying tactic, making claims

Listen to the Sound of the Quiet American: John Williams's Stoner

interiority functions as a political symbolic filter to challenge commonly-held impressions of heroism understood as a garrulous, action-based cultural code of behavior in the practice of everyday life. ... , Saul Bellow and John Updike to name but a few. The Sleep of Reason, a fifth novel, remained unfinished at the time of his death. The echo of Graham Greene’s controversial and overtly political The Quiet

Governing evolution: A socioecological comparison of resistance management for insecticidal transgenic Bt crops among four countries

inter-agency coordination on IRM policy Revenue from collection of Bt resistance taxes or noncompliance fees Political capital from popular IRM stewardship policies Increased resources for ... successful IRM regime in Australia, although strong political will derived from past resistance crises to insecticides in H. armigera played a critical role (Wilson et al. 2018). In South Africa where a single

Hard to Believe

political and public pressure to stop these practices that are thought to be motivated by financial and political gain. Narrated by journalist and author Ethan Gutmann, the documentary pricks at the

Does National Culture Impact Capital Budgeting Systems?

Australia. Consistent with the contingency theory, we found that economic, political, legal and social uncertainty impact on the use of capital budgeting systems. The levels of uncertainty were higher in ... CBS. These uncertainties can arise from economic, political, legal and social dimensions. The remainder of the paper is ordered as follows. Section two provides a literature review. Section three