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CALL FOR PAPERS 1st International Graduate Students Nursi Studies Conference in India

social background of the Risale-i Nur Theology and society Ethics, morality and spirituality Faith and religiousity in contemporary societies Political economy and society Philosophy of education ... that are relevant to the conference's central aim, which is the development of Risale-i Nur and Nursi Studies. Social and political thought Logic and methodology in the Risale-i Nur The historical and

Comparing Turkey and Iran in Political Science and Historical Sociology: A Critical Review

much more effective than democratic practices in sustaining political and economic development.2 Since then, these two countries have offered productive grounds for comparing and testing various ... political science and sociology have benefited much from the analysis of the above mentioned comparative topics. The aim of this essay is to locate and review the comparative works that have been conducted

Impact of internal migration on political participation in Turkey

ᅟ The Impact of population mobility on provincial turnout rates in the 2011 Turkish parliamentary election is studied, controlling for the effects of other socio-economic, demographic, political and ... adverse effect is less in areas with high migrant concentrations, and that in Turkey, political participation is highest among the youngest voters are the novel findings of the study. The latter finding may

Can Social Networks Create Public Sphere? Gezi Park Protests and Intersections with the Media

it. Based on Hall?s classification of consumer?s assumption, a position and decoding relayed messages, the reaction on social media to major political events, as in the example of Gezi Protests ... assumed the dominant meaning of a transgression on certain socio-political expectations and beliefs held by the community spreading it. Namely, those of the government?s protection of its people. As this

Comparison of Turkish Elementary School Science Curriculum: 2005-2013-2017

investigating in terms of basic philosophy of the curriculum, the general aims of the curriculum, key competences in the curriculum, and the approaches during the teaching situations, the evaluation process, the ... vision / basic philosophy, general objectives, teaching-learning and evaluation process, basic approaches to student and teacher role, subject areas and units, subjects and achievements, course hours. The

Şüphecilik Temelinde Hoşgörünün Bir Savunusu: Michel de Montaigne Örneği

Say? A DEFENSE OF TOLERATION ON THE BASIS OF SKEPTICISM: THE CASE OF MICHEL DE MONTAIGNE Bican ?AH?N 0 2 0 Dr., Hacettepe University, Department of Political Science and Public Administration ... tolerant means accepting differences that really matter to us. The differences in religious beliefs and practices, sexual preferences, and political ideologies are examples of the differences that can


government, significant progresses were made in the country, but subsequent economic, political and social turmoil and tensions led the country to disorder and instability. The harsh measures imposed by the

Review: "Negotiating International Water Rights: Resource Conflict in Turkey, Syria and Iraq" by Müşerref Yetim

Economics Commons, and the Political Science Commons Recommended Citation - Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License. Review: Negotiating International ... . The study evaluates property rights as understood by contending political philosophies ranging from Hobbes to contemporary liberalism based on their applicability to a vexing problem, namely how a free

Devletin Hacmini Belirleyen Faktörler: Ampirik bir Analiz

devletin nihai tüketim harcamalarının gayri safi yurt içi hasılaya oranı ölçüm birimi olarak kullanılmıştır. Başlıca bulgularımız şunlardır. Politik kutuplaşma (political polarizaiton), gelir eşitsizliği ... of the study is to identify various political, economic and demographic factors that will set out the differences in the size of government across countries. In this study, the effect of political

Türkiye’de Siyasi Partilerin Seçim Beyannamelerinde Turizmin Yeri – Haziran 2015 Genel Seçimleri Örneği - Tourism In Election Declarations Of Turkish Political Partıes– June 2015 General Elections Case

, Onuncu Kalk?nma Plan? - 1 toplum want to take advantage of the benefits of the sector to produce new policies and use these policies efficiently. Political parties submit a declaration to voters before ... elections about their works, activities and policies in case they are selected for government. In other words political parties direct the various political opinions in the community By raising awareness

Political parties, elections and democracy: A close-up on the political history of Turkey

 close‑up on the political history of Turkey Introduction It is very common that Turkish political history is categorized into periods determined by party systems and the constitutions functional in ... those time intervals.1 The classic periodization of Turkish political history is the Single Party Period, the Multi‑Party Period and the post‑1980 Period. Having utilized the classic approach, this


philosopher Thomas Hobbes (Mill, 1994, p.285) , but rational public policy ideas in today’s context have been considerably influenced by Max Weber’s 20th century rationalist philosophy (Parsons, 1995, p.272 ... ) . Rationality as an essential method in economics was originally practiced in political science by rational scientists in the early 1980s. In the 1990s, political science and Rational Theory were envisaged as an


policy could be found in Turkish domestic political developments. In the second tenure of the government, Turkey’s national capacity increased, and so, the government sought to convert it into influence in ... domestic political situation hampered to implement an active foreign policy in the region. While ?zal faced opposition from the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) and the Parliament, the Coalition government was in

Trajectories of emigrant quasi-citizenship: a comparative study of Mexico and Turkey

Turkey, the higher political relevance of expatriates, who could have the host country citizenship, reinforced the external dimension of the ethno-cultural conception of citizenship. ... comparison for explaining the relationship between political systems, citizenship regimes and immigration and integration policies of the receiving states, as well as the rights possessed and socio-economic

Effects of intellectual capital on qualitative and quantitative performance: Evidence from Turkey

, intellectual property, management philosophy and process factors were evaluated. In terms of human capital, technical knowledge and skills, the motivation of employees working in an innovative atmosphere and ... ; Seetharaman, Low & Saravanan, 2004). SC is the encoded and institutionalised form of organisational culture, organisational philosophy, business processes, intellectual properties, R&D and the innovativeness

Macbeth’s conscience and moralizing imagination

moral and political values which underpin the social fabric. The aim of this paper is to explore the ways in which Macbeth falls afoul of the commonly accepted ethical and political norms in the discourse ... II: Political philosophy (pp. 69 - 87 ). (N. Webb, Trans.) . Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Ribner , I. ( 2005 ). The English history play in the age of Shakespeare . London: Routledge Library


which have been most affected economical and political issues since the very existence of human beings. Nearly 7 million Syrians, affected by the civil war conditions and political turmoil in their


concerned with a number of issues which have arisen from health care services, both civil, political, cultural economic and social rights. Thus, health law shares conceptual terrain with the fields of health

Hegel’s Interpretation of Kant's Epistemology

Kant and previous philosophers in the modern philosophy have inquired into the limit of human knowledge, so the limitation of knowledge is the result of a basic view of the Critical philosophy ... science can know and what it cannot know, and (3) that philosophy deals with synthetic a priori propositions that are indubitably true. Therefore, his purpose is to inquire into the original, certainty


towards harmonization and current stalemate of relations depends on approach of the EU to Turkish membership, as well as the political preferences of Turkish ruling elite. ... requirements of the common market. Turkey was expected to do so and join the Community in 22 years according to the agreement (MFA, 1963). However, due to domestic economic and political instability and changing