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conducting an international strategy in an unstable economic and political situation requires either the good knowledge of international competitive rules in an industry and its segments with a high

Mao's "On Contradiction," Mao-Hegel/Mao-Deleuze

conclude that a new conception of "antagonism" is needed, and revise Mao's position with the aid of the philosophy of Deleuze and Guattari. ... landmark contribution to Marxist philosophy, though it is more often praised than analyzed. Mao, like Lenin and Marx before him, was interested in the logic(s) of change, and for all three ?dialectical

Unpacking Japanese Culture in Children’s Picture Books: Culturally Authentic Representation and Historical Events/Political Issues

This study investigated culturally authentic representations and perspectives on historical events and political issues presented in children’s picture books on Japanese culture. Our analysis of the ... different cultures showed conflicts, confusion, or identity issues in young Japanese protagonists who were often immigrant or biracial. Stories showing Japanese historical events/political issues as

Locating Philosophy in the Mahābhārata

guiding rulers generally in the recently unified political landscape of post-Mauryan India.3 Angelika Malinar’s keynote contribution then offered a multifaceted review of how philosophy that is found in the ... Scharf, and Fred Smith. Dr. Elizabeth Cecil and Professor Amy Langenberg were participant observers The nine papers presented here were contributions to a small conference on “Philosophy in the Epic

Postscript: Visions of Love in Urban Schooling, or A Love Letter from the Editors

this issue question what knowledges about love have to do with urban schooling pedagogically, historically, and in the current socio-political climate while surfacing visions—that is, theories and ... question what knowledges about love have to do with urban schooling pedagogically, historically, and in the current socio-political climate. This special issue has surfaced visions—that is, theories and

Yeke Caaji, the Mongol-Oyirod Great Code of 1640: Innovation in Eurasian State Formation

Mongolian. Historically it marked one of the last political strategies of two divisions of the Mongol Empire, established by Chinggis Khaan in 1206, to remain free of external political authority. The ... his dismissal of the Great Code as important in any meaningful way. One year later, in 2006, a group of papers in Imperial Statecraft explored political forms and governance techniques in Inner Asia

A Century of Identity-Based Resistance: The Evolution of Islamism as a Political Movement

This research analyzes the evolution of Islamism, or political Islam, from its roots as a backlash to Western imperialism in the Middle East to its manifestation as Arab Nationalism up to 1967 to its

State-level factors in Metropolitan Climate Activism

-political factors play influencing metropolitan climate activism. This research underscores the significance of political partisanship, both in terms of state environmental politics and statewide Democratic ... Introduction Despite the growing scientific, political, and public recognition of global climate change (Ury 2011; IPCC Summary 2013), an increasingly partisan debate in US politics threatens to undermine the

Better or Different? How Political Ideology Shapes Preferences for Differentiation in the Social Hierarchy

As consumers’ political opinions become more divided and more central to their identities, it is important to understand how political ideology shapes consumers’ attempts to differentiate from others


The election of Ollanta Humala in May 2011 made some observers speculate that this year could signal substantial changes in Peruvian politics. Even ifPeru did witness some political changes that did ... that make the Peruvian case interesting from a comparative perspective are highlighted throughout. Key words: Peru, democracy, social conflicts, elections, political parties.   1. INTRODUCCIÓN

The Political Offense Exception: Is the United States-United Kingdom Supplementary Extraditon Treaty the Beginning of the End?

International Law Review by an authorized administrator of Digital Commons @ American University Washington College of Law. For more information , please contact , USA 1 Kinneally, III, James J. "The Political ... prosecute terrorists is that extradition treaties explicitly excuse individuals accused of political offenses.5 The majority of terrorist attacks are committed in order to attain a political goal

Cangleska Wakan: The ecology of the sacred circle and the role of tribal colleges and universities

Indigenous education and philosophy are rooted in the concept of relationality – the relatedness of all things – within the framework of place-based experiences and knowledge. This article focuses on ... – relationality as experienced prior to contact with settler colonisers It can be argued that Indigenous cultures have relationality as a basis of their philosophy and belief systems. Relationality embodies our

On the formation of Dodd-Frank Act derivatives regulations

preferences and political pressures, we find evidence that the government implements rules strategically to extend the regulatory boundary by first pursuing procedural rules that establish how economic ... the political environment [ 14 ]. With few recent exceptions [ 15?17 ], previous empirical analyses of the public comment rule-making process utilized surveys, interviews of comment writers and/ or

King Philip II of Spain as a symbol of ‘Tyranny’ in Spinoza’s Political Writings

devious adviser of the monarch figuring in his political philosophy as the supreme symbol of monarchical oppression, intolerance, bigotry, deceitfulness, unconstitutionality, criminality and tyranny. The ... Jonathan Israel *   * Professor Emeritus, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, New Jersey, United States. Abstract The highly abstract style of Spinoza’s philosophy has encouraged

The Generation to Come: Lutheran Education in the United States

After a brief look at the historical origin of Lutheran education, this article provides an overview of contemporary Lutheran schools, educational philosophy, and future trends. The history

The Situatedness of Mathematics in Motherhood and Academia

The authors, a mathematician and a political scientist, examine mathematics, motherhood, and academia, and argue that feminist epistemology is necessary to explain the intersection. Relying on the ... on July 27 , 2018 . [8] Flax , Jane, “ Political philosophy and the patriarchal unconscious: A psychoanalytic perspective on epistemology and metaphysics,” in Feminism & Philosophy: Essential Readings

Typhoid Mario: Video Game Piracy as Viral Vector and National Security Threat

proposes that we adopt a harm reduction philosophy that both dissuades piracy and decreases the malware risk attendant to ongoing piracy. ... tense political climate, cyber security is paramount. Yet, little has been done to address a significant fifth column?malware infected gaming computers. The United States has neglected this critical

Computational Philosophy: On Fairness in Automated Decision Making

As more and more of our lives are taken over by automated decision making systems (whether it be for hiring, college admissions, criminal justice or loans), we have begun to ask whether these systems are making decisions that humans would consider fair, or non-discriminatory. The problem is that notions of fairness, discrimination, transparency and accountability are concepts in...

The agro-enabled urban revolution, pesticides, politics, and popular culture: a case study of land use, birds, and insecticides in the USA

Urbanization is an inevitable process in human civilization. When populations expand, socio-economic and political dynamics typically shift from agricultural predominance to one of industry and