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The relevance of continental philosophy of religion for theology in contemporary South Africa

South African society. Keywords: Theology; Philosophy of religion; Continental philosophy; Metaphysics; Transcendence; Ontotheology Trefwoorde: Teologie; Godsdiensfilosofie; Kontinentale filosofie ... through the gospel, letting the metaphysical chips fall where they may. In the process, however, they make a heap. They amount to something. They add up to something like a Christian philosophy. It won't be

The Leibholz-Schmitt connection's formative influence on Bonhoeffer's 1932-33 entry into public theology

academic work. Their original political leanings towards authoritarianism, Volk, and Vitalism were revised by Bonhoeffer and Leibholz in November 1932 through stepping out into a coordinated public ... and Political Philosophy. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.         [ Links ] Moltmann, Jürgen2013. "Political theology in ecumenical contexts". In Political theology: contemporary challenges and

Hybrid democracy: electoral rules and political competition in Afghanistan

in Afghanistan as a hybridization process. As a result, to understand the durability of corruption, fragile political parties, and non-democratic practices in the country, one should look more closely ... candidates and voters, are normal during election time ( Coburn and Larson 2014 ). Furthermore, clientelism and patronage networks 1 are important political tools in the parliament: during his two terms

Probing popular and political discourse on antimicrobial resistance in China

global power, there is a clear need to understand how this issue is discussed and framed in both Chinese popular discourse, as reflected by news media articles, and political discourse, as reflected in ... excluded any news articles that reported only basic science discoveries; we did include records that discussed AMR in a societal context, such as those that emphasize the political or economic implications

The use of hebel in Ecclesiastes: A political and economic reading

hebel (vanity, meaningless, worthless, not beneficial, absurd and enigma)? This article proposes a political and economic reading of Ecclesiastes, holding that the author, from personal observation, saw ... by every means to their benefit. It suggests that a political and economic reading of Ecclesiastes locates another perspective on Qoheleth's purposes for the use of hebel. As such, it argues that the

La reapropiación ideológica de la idea de "raza

discourse's concepts in order to place their own discourse on the political stage. In this Mexican context of ideological struggles peasants had recourse to ethnic (racial) concept to defend their rights to the ... endow it with different signification: the Indian race as legitimate owners of the lands. So, Guy Thomson may refer to it as "political bilinguism" when he analyses peasant demands. The study of popular

Fabricated Truths and the Pathos of Proximity: What Would be a Nietzschean Philosophy of Contemporary Technoscience?

methodological and conceptual ingredients of Nietzsche’s philosophy of science, focussing on core issues such as “genealogy”, “interpretation”, “enhancement” and “truth”. Next, I will elucidate Nietzsche’s ... . KeywordsFriedrich Nietzsche Philosophy of science Nietzsche and science Continental philosophy Nietzsche studies  1 Introduction Nietzsche’s views on science (more precisely: on natural science) attracted a

Staged: Show trials, political theater, and the aesthetics of judgment

of several points of contact between Arendt and Brecht, proposing that ‘each of them responded to Fascism by linking philosophy with theatre’ (p. 27). In Arendt’s case, the chief purpose of theatre ... exemplary action. Arjomand’s argument here is that Arendt’s view of theatre as a political institution is so powerful because it remains thoroughly anti-didactic: ‘Theatre is essential not because it is a

De convergencias necesarias: teoría política normativa e investigación empírica

The aim of this paper is to advocate a more open and active dialogue between political theory and the empirical study of politics. I will argue that activities that are common in political theory ... Elster. "The Market and the Forum: Three Varieties of Political Theory". Thomas Christiano (ed.). Philosophy and Democracy. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2003 (1986), pp. 138 -158.         [ Links

De-globalization: Theories, predictions, and opportunities for international business research

theories of (de-)globalization from political science, liberalism and realism. Both predict de-globalization under current conditions but lead to different expectations about the future world economy ... imply outcomes such as an open economy, nor will it refer to a political philosophy of individual freedom and rights or an ideology concerning social welfare policies. Both liberalism and realism have

Untying the knots of thinking: Wittgenstein and the role of philosophy in Christian faith

This article deals with Ludwig Wittgenstein's philosophy and how it can be properly applied in Christian theology. It provides useful tools for methodology in Christian thinking. According to ...     Aleksandar S. SantracI, II, III IYale Divinity School Visiting Fellow in Ethics, New Haven, United States IIAdjunct Professor of Philosophy, Paier College of Art, Hamden, CT, United States IIINorth-West

Respect and political disagreement: Can intergroup respect reduce the biased evaluation of outgroup arguments?

Past research indicates that in political debates the same arguments are judged very differently depending on the perceiver’s own position on the issue, because positions on controversial issues are ... was no longer significant when intergroup respect was experimentally induced (Study 2). Results support the notion that disagreements over political issues are intergroup conflicts, in which different

Inserção da questão filosófica na história

Philosophy, especially in a critical phase such as the present one, poses itself as a question. But the current question of philosophy is at the same time the question of the tradition that produced ... , transforma-se, pluraliza-se. Unitermos: A questão da filosofia; tradição filosófica. História da filosofia. Preconceito. Hermenêutica. Totalidade diacrônica. SUMMARY Philosophy, especially in a

The Complicated Cases of Soghomon Tehlirian and Sholem Schwartzbard and Their Influences on Raphaël Lemkin's Thinking About Genocide

The article is an examination of the persons and trials of Soghomon Tehlirian and Sholem Schwartzbard, their political assassinations as acts of vengeance for genocide and pogroms, their trials and ... , approximately thirty miles away. By age seventeen, during his apprenticeship to a watchmaker, he became fascinated with and embraced socialism as a political philosophy. Two years later, 1905, he would spend a

A Critical Evaluation of Alain Badiou's Philosophy of Event

Alain Badiou presents a radical alternative to contemporary philosophy with the Philosophy of Event and the understanding of truth connected with it. The basic assertion of the philosophy of event is ... and subject of classical philosophy and postmodernism. Attempting to build a new style of philosophy, Badiou reformulated the concepts of being, truth, state, event, subject and loyalty according to his

História da filosofia, formação e compromisso

The text intends to examine the question about the relationship between history of philosophy, philosophy and formation as a liberation of conscience. The starting point is an obvious idea, thought

Violence and civility: On the limits of political philosophy

intervention into ongoing debates in political theory. Balibar examines the limits of political theory's various attempts to police the boundaries of the political as a space free from violence by way of careful ... and insightful readings of Hobbes, Hegel, and Marx. These lectures track the antinomies and paradoxes intrinsic to such attempts in order to argue that the boundary separating political power and

On people and variables: the ethnography of a political belief

explore how these vicissitudes on both sides balance out on the basis of a political belief which is at once shared and unstable. ... surrounding Brasília abound in a series of terms that also pervade many of the sociological studies on political and/or electoral phenomena. Thousands of people are very often considered apolitical on the basis

Democratic Education for Hope: Contesting the Neoliberal Common Sense

This paper provides a reinterpretation of Paulo Freire’s philosophy of hope and suggests that this interpretation may function as a fruitful ground for democratic education that aims to contest the ... Freirean notion of humanization, which is the ontological foundation of Freire’s political pedagogy and his philosophy of hope. For Freire, humanization is the ontological vocation of human beings as being

Corruption in Sub-Saharan Africa - An Impediment to Economic Growth

Sub-Saharan Africa is faced with many challenges. It is a region bulging with resources but cursed with incredible political and economic greed. With a vast ethnic diversity and an often misconstrued ... triangular cause - cultural, economic and political; each, together with so many other factors threaten Sub-Saharan Africa's socio-economic development. Economic under-development; Corruption; Sub-Saharan