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, governors, prosecutors, judges, clemency boards, political candidates and others that the public is overwhelmingly in support of capital punishment. The Section aimed to bring together knowledgeable people ... overwhelmingly in support of capital punishment8. 0 In the wake of Governor Dukakis' inept response to the opening question in 1988's crucial third presidential debate, 1 the political community has evidently

Presidential Succession Scenarios in Popular Culture and History and the Need For Reform

ideological opposite. With Walken as Acting President, Bartlet’s supporters fear that he will select a new Vice President who is opposed to the President’s political philosophy.17 As discussed before, the ... because he is from a different party, does not share President Allen’s political philosophy, and has opposed her actions on other matters in the past. Templeton is also planning to run against her in the

The European Convention on Human Rights and Counter-Terrorism

terrorism may therefore assist in the ongoing battle against terrorism. The European Convention reflects in many ways libertarian political and cultural values shared with the United States. Its ... , all too often, political decisions remain based upon short-term considerations. In security matters, when faced with immediate threats, ad hoc decisions which people assume do not create a precedent for

Taking Supremacy Seriously: The Contrariety of Official Immunities

convenient disinclination to consider the distinctive history and political philosophy that underlies the federal government. This Article does not examine the nuances of the official and municipal immunity ... as well. The remaining three parts of this Article elaborate the thesis that neither English legal history, the United States Constitution, nor the political philosophy that underlies it offers any

Reconciling Originalism and the History of the Public Use Clause

and founding era political philosophy, they insist that literal use is the only reading of the Public Use Clause that gives effect to all the words in the text. To construe the words broadly would ... ignore not only Marbury v. Madison’s warning that all words of the Constitution should be considered336 but also the ideals of classical liberalism, a significant political philosophy at the time of the

A Simple Approach to Preventing the Next Housing Crisis-Why We Need ONe, What One Would Look Like, and Why Dodd-Frank Isn't It

framework in Denmark. Lastly, the author addresses the current political economy, which is blamed for making the passage of effective regulation too difficult. ... The financial industry’s enormous clout with both political parties in Congress as well as the White House would make it difficult for even the most courageous, well-intentioned regulators to try to get

Federal Financing of Urban Economic Development

distributing government resources, using targeting criteria invites political and economic issues. However, Green and Hunt conclude by arguing that because infrastructure is the basis of economic development ... past, when it has been proposed that aid be targeted geographically, the proposals have encountered political difficulties. In addition, the federal government (or perhaps state and local governments

Casting a Cold Eye on the Origins and Development of an All-Island Charter of Rights

into the shaping of the political settlement. The dynamic talks process that led to the signing of the Agreement resulted in an extensive range of obligations in regard to human rights on the part of the ... political parties, reflecting and endorsing agreed measures for the protection of the fundamental rights of everyone living in the island of Ireland. But, despite the implications of such a potentially

Protecting Endangered Communities

essential resources necessary to oppose sitings of potentially hazardous facilities: money, organization, and political voice. Land in these communities is usually inexpensive and, therefore, is a logical ... . There is little or no political resistance to such sitings since most of these communities are perceived as powerless. In fact, the siting of new facilities, even hazardous industries, brings the promise

Let Them Rent Cake: George Pataki, Market Ideology, and the Attempt to Dismantle Rent Regulation in New York

This article examines the ideological and political struggle over rent regulation that was waged by rent regulation opponents in the Spring of 1997. Part I traces the debate as it unfolded in 1997 ... low profile, allowing Senator Bruno to take political flack for urging the end of rent regulation, and then belatedly come forward with a plan to end rent regulation more gradually. The Governor would

Against Mushy Balancing Tests in Blight Condemnation Jurisprudence

a matter of policy, Professor Somin’s proposal is unlikely to be adopted by any judge influenced by the same political process that lead to the condemnations that Professor Somin attacks. ... tendencies to over-use eminent domain. One can hypothesize a political economy to explain such over-use where majorities of voters ignore the social costs of eminent domain because they affect only a small

Life Cycles of American Legal History Through Bob Dylan's Eyes

during the twentieth century. This article concludes by examining current domestic issues in the third cycle of revolution-- specifically, how corporations exert significant domination over the political ... factors that necessitated the federal government’s enactment of the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850.22 Dylan was fascinated by one of the key political figures willing to speak out in opposition to slavery

Keynote Address

his main contributions to legal theory through his political philosophy, because legal theory is a department of political philosophy and Rawls wrote abstractly about the whole discipline. In these ... to religion? Or does it follow as only one case from some more general principle of political morality? What about arguments of moral philosophy, for example? May a judge properly appeal in his

Tort, The Division of Responsibility and the Law of Tort

words, "a device of representation."4 It does a serious disservice to Rawls's many contributions to political philosophy to imagine that he means to be offering anything resembling an algorithm for ... : A Restatement, supra note 4, at 138 & nn. property in political philosophy has, together with the related topic of tort liability, fallen into the hands of those whom we might, following Kant

The Empire Strikes Back: The Taking of Joe Doherty

political and diplomatic role the United States has played in mediating that conflict. It then recounts the unsuccessful efforts of the United States and the United Kingdom to extradite Doherty, and the two ... offenses to be part of the ongoing British-Irish conflict in Northern Ireland and, thus, "political" and non-extraditable. Although Doherty was never charged with or convicted of any offenses in the United

The International Legal Right to Individual Compensation in Nepal and the Transitional Justice Context

Part I of this Note provides a brief political history of Nepal since the mid-eighteenth century; defines the concept of transitional justice; and explores the international law of remedy ... modern political history of Nepal from the mid-eighteenth century to the present, including the internal conflict that lasted from 1996 to 2006. Part I.B outlines the concept of transitional justice

The Dichotomy between Judicial Economy and Equality of Arms within International and Internationalized Criminal Trials: A Defense Perspective

two notions must be interpreted in light of two cardinal parameters: first, the protection of the interests of the defense, and second, the principle of independence and non-political use of the notion ... common law, as well as political theories of Age of Enlightenment). See generally Antonin Scalia & Stephen Breyer, Assoc. Justices, U.S. Supreme Court, Discussion at the American University Washington

The Urban Crisis And The Federal Government's Retreat: Catalyzing Public Policy Choices To Save Our Cities

job market, and political decision-making as they have to do with individual life-histories and personal misfortune. Bleak outcomes are not inevitable and can be reversed by understanding why faulty ... nonprofit social agencies and other community service organizations to help move the political agenda. KEYWORDS: public policy, urban policy, community services, urban poverty, poverty, economy, urban decline

The Treaty Establishing A Constitution for Europe

primarily concerned with the extent to which the Treaty is a constitution, and its merits and demerits as such. It does not go in any depth into the political desirability of some of the changes made by the ... of the EU will depend as much on the political initiatives and changes agreed to by the governments of the Member States as on the wording of the Treaty itself, the answers to those questions - and

Tort, Rawlsian Fairness and Regime Choice in the Law of Accidents

political philosophy of John Rawls is pregnant with implications for the tort theory. Our law of intentional and accidental physical injury is rich with the rhetoric of reasonableness and fairness, and these ... ideals lie at the heart of Rawls's political philosophy. The figure of the reasonable person is central both to the law of negligence-where it serves as the master criterion of justified risk imposition