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History of Use and Trade of Agarwood

in several consumer countries. This paper reviews the uses and trade of agarwood and its social, political, and economic significance in human history. ... ) . Also around this time, the Pythagorean brotherhood, a secret, religious, political, and educational society, burned incense in their offerings to the gods (Classen et al. 1994) . The Greeks also used

“Don’t Mind the Gap!” Reflections on Improvement Science as a Paradigm

imperative to “mind the gap”. Drawing on insights from anthropology, history, and philosophy, the article reflects on the origins and implications of this metaphoric imperative, and suggests some ways in which

Values as Predictors of Religious Experience in the Lives of Seminary Students of Philosophy and Students of Physics

the relationship between the two variables in the groups of seminary students of philosophy and students of physics. The following methods were applied in the study: Rokeach Value Survey and Głaz’s ... proves that seminary students of philosophy have a higher level of religious experience: God's presence and God's absence than students of physics. Seminary students of philosophy most preferred terminal

The political use of knowledge in the policy process

The role of knowledge in the policy process remains a central theoretical puzzle in policy analysis and political science. This article argues that an important yet missing piece of this puzzle is ... exploration of the political use of policy knowledge. While much of the recent debate has focused on the question of how the substantive use of knowledge can improve the quality of policy choices, our

Quantum Reality, Perspectivalism and Covariance

Academic Publishers, Dordrecht (1998)CrossRefzbMATHGoogle Scholar 11. Lombardi, O., Dieks, D.: Modal interpretations of quantum mechanics. In: Zalta E.N. (ed.) The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy ... mechanics. Found. Phys. 39, 760–775 (2009)ADSMathSciNetCrossRefzbMATHGoogle Scholar 26. Laudisa, F., Rovelli, C.: Relational quantum mechanics. In: Zalta, E.N. (ed.), The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Trade and investment: Introduction to the special issue

This special issue focuses on a variety of political-economy questions on trade and investment and is guided by a shared understanding that trade and investment processes can no longer be studied in ... the political-economy of trade and investment was also following distinct pathways as scholars specialized either in trade or investment. Only recently, efforts were undertaken to engage more across

Writing Visual Global Politics: in Defence of a Pluralist Approach—a Response to Gabi Schlag, “Thinking and Writing Visual Global Politics”

relations but also fields such as journalism, communications, geography, cultural studies, sociology and art history. All of them deal with the links between the visual and the political. But all of them also ... specialized and often narrow academic debates. The idea of Visual Global Politics, in short, is to engage political phenomena directly and to open up debates as widely as possible. In this sense, the book is

The empty intersection: why so little public choice in political science?

science and surveys the field—international relations, comparative politics, political theory or philosophy, and American government. The common course across all departments is the Introduction to American ... Hill, Logan, UT 84322-3565 , USA 1 Randy T. Simmons 2 & Ryan M. Yonk Public choice sits at the intersection of economics and political science. It ought to be easily integrated into introductory courses

‘Multi-cropping’, Intercropping and Adaptation to Variable Environments in Indus South Asia

exploration of socio-economic and political themes. This paper endeavours to unpack the concept of ‘multi-cropping’ by considering diversity and variation in the cropping practices of the populations of South ... face of changing social, political, economic and environmental climates. Cropping strategies; 'Multi-cropping'; Environmental diversity; Resilience; Indus Civilisation; South Asia; Adaptation

International demands for austerity: Examining the impact of the IMF on the public sector

wage bill in the short-term, these cuts do not persist in the longer-term. Borrowers backslide on internationally mandated spending cuts in response to domestic political pressures. ... political pressures. What effects do International Monetary Fund (IMF) loans have on borrowing countries? Even after decades of research, no consensus exists on this topic. Scholars IMF; Public sector

Using Kantian Ethics in Medical Ethics Education

is in fact more nuanced and helpful for the ethical development of physicians. By focusing on intentionality as opposed to outcomes, Kant’s philosophy also is applicable to the “blame and shame ... . Kant’s philosophy is generally placed under the category of deontological ethics. Deontology describes a philosophic approach where right and wrong is determined by the adherence to certain obligations or

A Field of Contention: Evidence from Housing Struggles in Bucharest and Budapest

, including housing financialization. It demonstrates that to understand how structural and political factors interact in a complex field of contention, attention to processes beyond short-term local movements ... economic and political conditions shape opportunities and/or constraints for protest, movement-building and alliances. In this social landscape, there are examples of emerging multiclass alliances between

‘Refugees Not Welcome Here’: State, Church and Civil Society Responses to the Refugee Crisis in Poland

—responded to the looming perspective of welcoming refugees to Poland. The paper argues that the Polish response to the so-called refugee crisis should be analysed as subtext to a broader political change in ... not see the possibility for migrants to come to Poland at this time.? (Beata Szyd?o, Prime Minister, 2016 ) 2015 was a significant year in Poland. The election of the right-wing political party Prawo

Enablers and Barriers to Community Engagement in Public Health Emergency Preparedness: A Literature Review

Public health emergency preparedness (PHEP) all too often focusses only on institutional capabilities, including their technical expertise and political influence, while overlooking community ... , environmental and political range of communities, there are no set practices that will be effective for all communities. The most effective way of engaging communities in emergency preparedness is context

On Reciprocal Causation in the Evolutionary Process

and Marxist philosophy in evolutionary theory. I discuss some promising empirical and analytical tools to study reciprocal causation and the implications for the EES. Finally, I briefly discuss how ... Marxist philosophy in evolutionary theory. I Vol.:(011233456789) Coevolution; Dialectics; Eco-evolutionary dynamics; Frequency-dependence; Niche construction - discuss some promising empirical and

The nature of science as a foundation for fostering a better understanding of evolution

conservative religious influences and dubious political motivations (e.g. Mazur 2004; Ranney 2012; Rissler et al. 2014; Wiles 2014) but find that trying to deal with those issues directly rather than framing ... resistance, administrative pressures, or questions from parents or local political leaders. I sought… advice from experienced biology teachers in my own school on how to more appropriately handle the

Conflicting energy policy priorities in EU energy governance

have been triggered by weakened economic conditions linked to the last international economic crisis (2008), but in some others, they respond to national political preferences that have been given ... EU energy policy governance; insofar, it will change the actors participating in the process and the composition of the institutions. The following section will summarise the current political

What is Qualitative in Qualitative Research

evaluation of qualitative research. KeywordsQualitative research Methods Epistemology Philosophy of science Phenomenology  If we assume that there is something called qualitative research, what exactly is ... a political move to claim scientific status (Denzin and Lincoln 2005). In the US the World War II seem to have sparked a critique of sociological work, including “qualitative work,” that did not

Putting measures of individual well-being to use for ex-ante policy evaluation

political level, that focusing purely on income provides a limited picture of social progress. We illustrate how ex-ante policy evaluation can be performed in terms of richer concepts of individual well-being ... . Until now most applications have considered the effect of potential reforms on the income distribution only. Yet it has become increasingly recognized, both at the academic and political level, that such

Planning for cycling in the dispersed city: establishing a hierarchy of effectiveness of municipal cycling policies

political and public support is also suggested to be critical success factor. ... of the importance of the formulation and crucially the implementation of policies, with references frequently being made to the political nature of road space re-allocations in particular. It was