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Indirect Sovereignty through Property Rights

, one realizes that the classical understanding of sovereignty in political philosophy and in public law needs to be broadened. In particular, the forms of exercising de facto sovereignty are no longer ... SOVEREIGNTY IN POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY ..............................73 A. Bodin..........................................................................................................73 B. Hobbes

Sex and Social Order: The Selective Enforcement of Colonial American Adultery Laws in the English Context

attempts to explain foundational shifts in American political philosophy by delving into the earthy records of sexual crimes in seventeenth-century America. She charts the course of myriad court cases to ... imports two political theorists-Locke and Filmer-from England. Yet, by focusing narrowly on colonial American law enforcement, she ignores the longstanding tension between English reformers of varying

Scientism as an obstacle for an ethical-political understanding of Psychology

comprehension of some human activities which include values, chiefly ethical and political. In this context, “scientism” is the dogmatic and non-thematized acceptance of natural-scientific methods. From this ... this paper is to demonstrate how “scientism” can function as an epistemological and methodological obstacle to an ethical and political understanding of psychology. Thus, at first, through reflections

Martin Luther King, Jr.: Jeffersonian; Champion of Natural Law Philosophy

radicalism prior to his assassination in 1968. Neither view of the man, however, generally acknowledges his deep-rooted political philosophy of Natural Law. This aspect of King, which informed his civic ... Philosophy Commons, Intellectual History Commons, Political History Commons, Political The ory Commons, and the United States History Commons - Article 5 Cover Page Footnote James M. Masnov Thi s article is

The Composition of History: a Critical Point of View of Michel Foucault's Archaeology

apparatuses: how is it possible that the practical-political nature of the philosophy of history discourses has remained effectively silenced in political practice? After elucidating a barely bounded concept of ... turn it also counters the very discourses of political philosophy. The central slogan of all counter-history (Foucault focuses on the cases of England and France) is an inversion of Clausewitz?s famous

A political companion to Frederick Douglass

introduction, efforts to canonize Douglass risk sacrificing ‘the prime content and intellectual impulses’ that motivated his politics and philosophy (p. 3). How do we elevate Douglass as political theorist ... animates A Political Companion to Frederick Douglass, an edited volume that includes Davis’s lectures alongside a variety of new and previously published work. As editor Neil Roberts acknowledges in the

Political Ideology and the Rewriting of History in Fifteenth-Century Flanders

histories that went farther back in time and dealt with the ‘high politics’ of princes and rulers to assert (rebellious) political ideologies of the moment. In this vast topic of research, historians are ... the Research Foundation Flanders (fwo) stationed at Ghent University in Belgium. She studies the medieval political ideologies in the Flandria Generosa chronicle tradition. Her main research interests

Aspects of political theology in the spiritual autobiography of Dag Hammarskjöld

references to aspects of political theology. These aspects represent the subject of our research. After a short presentation of his life and activity and of the influence of his family on his education, we ... so on. Apart from the description of his spiritual life, his relationship with God, or his conception of spiritual issues, the work also contains some interesting references to aspects of political

Leaving Productivism behind: Towards a Holistic and Processual Philosophy of Ecological Management

This article examines parallels between the increasing mental burnout and environmental overshoot in the organisational context. The article argues that there is a particular philosophy of management ... philosophy not only leads to mental ill-health in organisations but also to overshoot in the environment. The article concludes that productivism, which denies the limits in utilisation of humans and other

Philosophy, Abstract Thought, and the Dilemmas of Philosophy

and acquaintance with the fact that his procedure was willfully creative in the matter of the coinage of words. 4 Richard Kraut, Aristotle: Political Philosophy (New York, NY: Oxford University Press ... difficulty of translating abstract language hold in regards to practical matters, outside of the realm of Quine’s experiment of radical translation? Considering philosophy as a study typically involving

Integrative Democracy: Mary Parker Follett’s Integration and Deliberative Democracy

deliberative democracy has yet to be fully appreciated. In her 1918 work The New State Follett articulates a normative political theory that I refer to as Integrative democracy, which can be seen as an ... complementarities . The Journal of Political Philosophy , 18 , 32 - 63 . doi: 10 .1111/j.1467- 9760 . 2009 . 00342 .x Bartels , K. P. R. ( 2015 ). Communicative capacity: Public encounters in participatory theory and

Decolonisation of the African mind and intellectual landscape

This paper deals with the question of what the goal of African philosophy ought to be. It will argue that African philosophy ought to be instrumental in the project of decolonising the African mind ... the mind. It will be argued that African philosophy has the ability to develop concepts with their roots in Africa, and that this is African philosophy's main project if taken from a perspective of

Reliance on Facebook for news and its influence on political engagement

This paper examines the link between reliance on Facebook for news, political knowledge, and political engagement in the Philippines. We tested five hypotheses using data gathered from an online ... higher levels of perceived knowledge about politics than those who rely more on it for news. Controlling for traditional news use, following political officials or institutions on social media is

The Relevance of Analytic Philosophy to Personal, Public, and Democratic Life

Increasingly, philosophy is being viewed by the public as a non-essential part of non-academic, political life. Moreover, the converse, that philosophy is viewing itself as non-essential to life, is ... its existence, philosophy has had a strong tie to pursuit of political ideals (and, n.b., via the thinkers most interested in truth, rigor, clarity, and argumentation). (2) Even if this weren’t the case


substyle gained political dominance over this large region, becoming the largest political entity ever developed within the Moche realm. It is interesting to consider how different the Huacas de Moche ... . Cultural Assignations during the Early Intermediate Period: The Huancaco Case. In New Perspectives on Moche Political Organization, J. Quilter & L. J. Castillo, Eds., pp. 201 – 222. Washington, D. C: Center

Plato's heritage to Western philosophy, European intellectual tradition and some special sciences

Although the statement of Whitehead, asserting that European philosophy may be seen as footnotes to Plato, is exaggerated, it does provide us with a challenge to explain the element of truth in it ... ; special sciences; principle of origin; metaphysics of space; Pythagoras; Parmenides; Heraclitus; philosophy; mathematics; physics; theology     INTRODUCTION A frequently quoted and well-known

Contemporary Contexts of Confucianism

This paper discusses the possibility that Confucianism will be put into political practice in present-day China. Although New Confucians in mainland China often call for the revival of Confucianism ... political skills. To be a successful politician or statesman, in a larger sense, demands mastery of knowledge and skills of various areas. 5 Feng, Youlan, A Short History of Chinese Philosophy. Tianjin

How to Understand the Identity of an Object of Study in Comparative Philosophy

Comparative Philosophy Volume 2151-6014 CONSTRUCTIVE-ENGAGEMENT DIALOGUE (1.1) HOW TO UNDERSTAND THE IDENTITY OF AN OBJECT OF STUDEY IN COMPRATIVE PHILOSOPHY SORAJ HONGLADAROM 0 HONGLADAROM, SORAJ ... : Professor of Philosophy, Chulalongkorn University , Bangkok Bo Mou has presented a list of methodological principles concerning how to maintain adequate methodological guiding principle in doing philosophy

The literary arts in Hume's science of the fancy

Philosophers have long disagreed about whether poetry, drama, and other literary arts are important to philosophy; and among those who believe that they are important, explanations of that importance ... differed greatly. This paper aims to explain and illustrate some of the reasons why Hume found literature to be an important topic for philosophy and philosophers. Philosophy, he holds, can help to explain

Bolivia in the new Latin American political scenario

The economic, social, cultural and political storms Bolivia is experiencing do not begin or end in this country, says the author of this article. Instead, they are the manifestation of region-wide ... changes, which he reviews by looking at the emergence of new political trends, Latin American integration and the issue of energy.     The political storms sweeping the continent converge in Bolivia