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The Cinchona Program (1940-1945): science and imperialism in the exploitation of a medicinal plant

(minerals and plants). But during World War II their dependence on US loans, markets, science and technology reached record levels. One example of this can be appreciated through a careful examination of the ... dialogue with works that analyze science and imperialism (a topic on which there is much literature)4, or US imperialism and its relation with science and technology before and after World War II5, the

Wood anatomical traits of the Araucaria Forest, Southern Brazil

The goal of the present study was to find a pattern regarding wood anatomical features for the Araucaria Forest. For that, we studied the wood anatomy of 17 tree species characteristics of this

When disasters strike environmental science: a case–control study of changes in scientific collaboration networks

happens to science when disaster strikes and research practice is disrupted? This study examines structural changes in a scientific collaboration network after serial exposure to major disasters. We analyze ... fundamental feature of science; the growth of knowledge depends on it. Scientific networks can be large or small, they can marshal resources of many institutions or only a few, and their principles of

Generation of an MC3R knock-out pig by CRSPR/Cas9 combined with somatic cell nuclear transfer (SCNT) technology

transfer (SCNT) technology. Four CRSPR/Cas9 target vectors were constructed and then their cleavage efficiency was tested in porcine fetal fibroblasts (PFFs). The pX330-sgRNA1 and pX330-sgRNA4 vectors were ... University of Science and Technology, Qinhuangdao, 066004, China References Cone RD. Studies on the physiological functions of the melanocortin system. Endocr Rev. 2006;27(7):736–49.View ArticleGoogle

Properties of Young Guapuruvu (Schizolobium parahyba) Wood from a Forest Recovery Area

mechanical properties. Wood Science and Technology 2012; 46(6): 1239-1246. [ Links ] Caron BO, Souza VQ, Cantarelli EB, Manfron PA, Behling A, Eloy E. Growth in ...  ] Ruelle J, Beauchêne J, Yamamoto H, Thibaut B. Variations in physical and mechanical properties between tension and opposite wood from three tropical rainforest species. Wood Science and Technology 2011; 45

Phytochemical study of the wood from Guarea macrophylla (Meliaceae)

In the present work, the crude ethanol extract from wood of G. macrophylla was submitted to liquid/liquid partition between hexane, CH2Cl2, EtOAc and n-BuOH. Each phase was individually

Fine stream wood decreases growth of juvenile brown trout (Salmo trutta L.)

In this study, the growth rate, gut fullness, diet composition and spatial distribution of brown trout was compared between artificial channels with and without fine wood (FW). Access to FW resulted ... increase in the amount of diversified habitat structure, e.g. fine stream wood, has the potential to affect stream-living salmonids both by increasing the availability of shelters, and by offering a

Resistance of TiO2-treated Eucalyptus botryoides Wood to the Fungus Ganoderma applanatum

( Shabir Mahr et al., 2013 ). These risks increasingly compromise the use of the material, mainly when it comes to the final destination of the treated-wood residues. Accordingly, the wood technology ... /10.1016/j.ibiod.2015.10.010. [ Links ] Santos PSB, Erdocia X, Gatto DA, Labidi J. Bio-oil from base-catalyzed depolymerization of organosolv lignin as an antifungal agent for wood. Wood Science and

Epistemology in classrooms: science and scientific activity's nature in science teachers

This paper shows outcomes of a research that aimed to identify the different epistemological conceptions incorporated into the professional practice of science teachers. As a result, there are, in ... activity's nature in science teachers' professional practice     Maura Ventura ChinelliI,1; Marcus Vinícius da Silva FerreiraII; Luiz Edmundo Vargas de AguiarIII IBacharel e Licenciada em Química

Developing a Data-Literate Workforce through BLUE: Biodiversity Literacy in Undergraduate Education

fields spanning evolutionary biology, systematics, ecology, geology, and environmental science and possess the quantitative, computational, and data skills to conduct research using large and complex

Correction to: A novel fault-tolerant multiplexer in quantum-dot cellular automata technology

Note Springer Nature remains neutral with regard to jurisdictional claims in published maps and institutional affiliations. Copyright information © Springer Science+Business Media, LLC, part of

Teaching introductory Science and Technology Studies through open learning

In 1994 the Science and Technology Studies Program [STS] won a three year contract with the Monash led Open learning Australia consortium [OLA] to provide two first year subjects in the area of ... analogues, respectively, of STS 100 Introduction To Science and Technology Studies and STS 112 The Scientific Revolution-History, Philosophy and Politics of Science. That is, both were modelled exactly on

Chemical constituents of the wood from Zanthoxylum quinduense Tul. (Rutaceae)

Phytochemical investigation of the wood from Zanthoxylum quinduense Tul. allowed the isolation and identification of norchelerythrine, decarine, 6-acetonyldihydrochelerythrine, syringaresinol ... chemical constituents and biological activities of its wood have never been studied. As a continuation of our studies on this species, the present communication report the isolation and identification of the

Attitudes of Secondary School STEM Teachers towards Supervising Research and Design Activities

Research and design activities are important focus points in international policies for secondary Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education. It is up to school teachers to ... frequently, international) perspective involving mathematics, science, and technology” (Shernoff et al. 2017 p. 2). With integrated STEM, educators try to combine science, technology, engineering, and

Two new species of the ant genus Acanthomyrmex Emery, 1893 (Hymenoptera, Formicidae, Myrmicinae) from Thailand

(Acanthomyrmex malikuli sp. n. and Acanthomyrmex mizunoi sp. n.) are added to this genus. Both species belong to Acanthomyrmex luciolae species group. Acanthomyrmex malikuli was collected from hard dead wood on ... specimens of Acanthomyrmex mizunoi sp. n. The present study was supported by the National Science and Technology Development Agency (Funding contract number P-18-50072). Emery C (1893) Voyage de M.E. Simon

The effect of virtual reality technology on preoperative anxiety in children: a Solomon four-group randomized clinical trial

reality technology on pre-operative anxiety in children. The study utilized Solomon four-group design intervention and a randomized clinical trial. A total of 40 candidates undergoing abdominal surgery were ... questionnaire. The interventional group had a 5-min exposure to the operating room using virtual reality technology, but the control group did not receive virtual reality exposure. The data were analyzed using

Science Comics: Flying Machines: How the Wright Brothers Soared

The Science Comics series is one that takes learning to a whole new level. In this installment of the educational series, readers will learn all about the aviation pioneers, Orville and Wilbur Wright

Using mobile technology to engage sexual and gender minorities in clinical research

app for The PRIDE Study as one of six initial apps released on the platform. Because we did not have in-house software development expertise, we partnered with a technology design firm (THREAD Research ... the UCSF IRB, we engaged with other university offices to ensure compliance and mitigate any future risk. The UCSF Information Technology Security group required a security assessment to evaluate data

Data Donation as a Model for Citizen Science Health Research

able to submit to a shared archive or repository. This paper presents data donation as a model for health-focused citizen science, with special attention to the ethical challenges and opportunities that ... /timeline.htm [Last accessed 15 October 2018].  Contreras, JL. 2011. Bermuda’s legacy: Policy, patents, and the design of the genome commons. Minnesota Journal of Law, Science & Technology, 12(1): 61–125

Reduction of cadmium toxicity in wheat through plasma technology

considerable progress in morphology and total chlorophyll synthesis compared to Cd-treated wheat, suggesting that plasma technology is effective for Cd detoxification. Furthermore, Ar/O2 and Ar/Air plasma ... Talukder 1 Md Alfaz Uddin 1 0 Molecular Plant Physiology Laboratory, Department of Botany, University of Rajshahi, Rajshahi, Bangladesh, 2 Plasma Science and Technology Laboratory, Department of Applied