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Pliocene Nothofagus Wood from the Transantarctic Mountains

Subfossil wood fragments up to 10 cm long and 2 cm in diameter recovered from a locality thought on the basis of diatom deposits to be upper Pliocene-lower Pleistocene (Oliver Bluffs, Sirius ... ALISO Transantarctic Mountains Pliocene Nothofagus Wood from the Sherwin Carlquist Pomona College Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden Follow this and additional works at; http; //scholarship; claremont

Wood and Bark Anatomy of Scalesia (Asteraceae)

presents a group appropriate for study with respect to wood anatomy. The earlier account of S. pedunculata wood (Carlquist 1958) was based on a branch approximately 2 cm in diameter. Eliasson (1974 ... materials he studied was not significant. The basis for his study was twigs of limited diameter. I wished to restudy wood anatomy in the genus, using wood samples of more nearly optimal size . This was

Editor’s Note: Special Issue on Robotics: Science and Systems

collections:Special Issue on Robotics: Science and SystemsSpecial Issue on Robotics: Science and Systems Download to read the full article text Notes Publisher's Note Springer Nature remains neutral with regard ... to jurisdictional claims in published maps and institutional affiliations. Copyright information © Springer Science+Business Media, LLC, part of Springer Nature 2019

Quakers and Science- Myths, Realities and the Science- Religion Dialogue

:// Part of the Christianity Commons QUAKERS AND SCIENCE—MYTHS, REALITIES AND THE SCIENCERELIGION DIALOGUE PAUL ANDERSON Amodern era. In fact, it is no exaggeration to say that the authorgreat ... . Science has often been pitted against religion, and vice versa, but these conflicts are more often than not overblown.1 Where scientific discovery is self-evident, religion tends to go along; and, where

Synergies in critical reflective practice and science: Science as reflection and reflection as science

defined science as “an intellectual activity carried out by humans to understand the structure and functions of the world in which they live” (Gottlieb 1997). While science and critical reflective practice

Editorial: Replication and Reliability in Behavior Science and Behavior Analysis: A Call for a Conversation

scale replication failures in these disciplines appeared (Bohannon, 2015; Camerer et al., 2016; Coyne, 2016; "Estimating the reproducibility of psychological science," 2015; Francis, 2012; Schmidt & Oh ... , 2016). This "replication crisis” in psychology cut deep and led to federal (USA) convened working groups to address the crisis such as NSF (National Science Foundation, 2015) and the Defense Advanced

Wood Anatomy of Myoporaceae: Ecological and Systematic Considerations

. Wood of all Myoporaceae represents variation on a basic plan: woods diffuse porous or semi-ringporous; vessels with simple perforation plates; lateral wall pits of vessels alternate and circular, with ... ALISO Wood Anatomy of Myoporaceae: Ecological and Sherwin Carlquist Pomona College Rancho Santa Ana Pomona College David A. Hoekman Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden Recommended Citation Follow this

A Poet's Science.

interest and life-long delight in the problems of natural science ? Chemistry and astronomy were the only two sciences at all known to Shelley. In 1820, when he wrote that most charming of poetic epistles ... , the "Letter to Maria Gisborne", he expressed his passing interest in the workshop of her son, Henry Reveley, the engineer, with his - "Forms of unimaginable wood, .... Great screws, and cones, and

Culture Parallels Science

and plates from costume and other art portfolios are displayed in glass-en­ closed cases in the main lobby. The murals designed by Grant Wood on the walls of the library feature sub­ jects taught at the

Jay Sigmund and Grant Wood

course Grant Wood. Grant and Jay were both regionalists. Jay Sigmund, who always was an advocate of regionalism, encouraged Grant Wood in this direction. It was in 1928 at Waubeek that Jay convinced Grant ... different art forms, the paintings of Grant Wood and the poetry of Jay Sigmund. I The painting entitled Stone City, presently in the Joslyn Art Museum in Omaha, is an excellent example of Grant W ood’s

Fungi, Drugs, and Money: New Issues, Old Problems

Nature leads this week with a story about a modern potato famine - this time in Russia. Science explores the continuing skirmishes over drug-patent profits.

Scientific Evidence: The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission Explores New Blood and Tissue Identification Techniques for Game Law Enforcement

… A. General Propositions of Science … B. Specific Propositions Obtained by Scientific Techniques … C. Laying a Proper Foundation IV. Conclusion ... and Tissue Identification Techniques For Game Law Enforcement I. INTRODUCTION In recent years, tremendous advances have been made in the area of scientific technology. It is not surprising that as

The Bar on Science

JASANOFF t SCIENCE AT THE BAR: LAW, SCIENCE, AND TECHNOLOGY IN AMERICA (Harvard University Press, 1995) The final cause of law is the welfare ofsociety.! Law and social science have benefited from an ... wish to thank Anthony Caldwell, J.D., Southern University Law Center 1997, for his assistance with this project. t Professor and Chair, Department of Science and Technology Studies, Cornell University

Re-visioning Science Education

Science education is crucial for shaping the culture of science and its practitioners. Boundaries currently limit ties between natural and social science education structures, exposing the public to ... attempt to draw natural scientists to the courses where they will be encouraged to think about social and cultural issues in relation to science. Entire programs, such as Science and Technology Studies (STS

A Billion-Year Facelift and Cleaner Air

Science leads the first (or is it second?) year of the millennium with a story about a facelift for Jupiter’s moon, Ganymede. Nature leads with a story about new regulations on diesel-powered

Wood Anatomy of Berberidaceae: Ecological and Phylogenetic Considerations

wood. Woods of Berberis and other Berberidaceae are remarkably xeromorphic. The wide, tall rays of Berbendaceae, other than Jeffersonia, resemble rays of Clematis (Ranunculaceae) and other ... Aliso Phylogenetic Considerations Wood Anatomy of Berberidaceae: Ecological and Sherwin Carlquist Santa Barbara Botanic Garden Part of the Botany Commons Follow this and additional works at: http

Wood Anatomy of Darwiniothamnus, Lecocarpus, and Macraea (Asteraceae)

ALISO and Macraea (Asteraceae) Wood Anatomy of Dar winiothamnus, Lecocarpus, Sherwin Carlquist Vincent M. Eckhart Recommended Citation Follow this and additional works at: http ... :// - WOOD ANATOMY OF DARWINIOTHAMNUS, LECOCARPUS, AND MACRAEA (ASTERACEAE) Sherwin Carlquist and Vincent M. Eckhart Introduction The genera Darwiniothamnus Harling, Lecocarpus Decaisne

New hominin species, asteroid explosion and Sydney Brenner dies

The week in science: 5–11 April 2019. ... translate cutting-edge climate science into practical information to help communities and businesses plan for rising seas, increasingly frequent wildfires and other effects of climate change. Many of the

Anti-personnel Landmine Detection for Humanitarian Demining: The Current Situation and Future Direction for Japanese Research and Development

March 2008, the Japan Science and Technology Agency, which is under Japan’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, funded a comprehensive program to jump-start research and ... developing technology for humanitarian demining has grown in Japan ever since the country became a signatory to the Ottawa Convention on 3 December 1997. In fact, from October 2002 to March 2008, the Japan