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The wood decay fungus Cerrena unicolor adjusts its metabolism to grow on various types of wood and light conditions

Cerrena unicolor is a wood-degrading basidiomycete with ecological and biotechnological importance. Comprehensive Biolog-based analysis was performed to assess the metabolic capabilities and ... arbutin. The obtained picture of C. unicolor metabolism showed that the fungus abilities to decompose woody plant material are influenced by various environmental factors. Introduction Wood degrading

Theoretical integration of user satisfaction and technology acceptance of the nursing process information system

. Objectives The factors influencing the use of the NPS by nurses were analyzed based on user satisfaction and technology acceptance within the 3Q (service quality, information quality, and system quality) model ... involves assessment, diagnosis, planning, intervention, and continual evaluation of the effectiveness of the patient care plan by using information technology. The nursing process is the core of practice


in the surface layers with coarse wood particles or wood fibres in the core layer. A factorial experiment used in a complete block design permitted to carry a suitable statistical analysis of measured ... VERSUS WOOD FIBRES PROPIEDADES FÍSICAS Y MECÁNICAS DE PANELES A BASE DE PARTÍCULAS DE CORTEZA EXTERNA DE ABETO BLANCO: MEZCLA DE PANELES CON PARTÍCULAS DE MADERA VERSUS FIBRA DE MADERA Roger Pedieu1

Ryegrass straw and wood shavings as bulking agents on swine slurry co-composting: a case study in Southern Brazil

PurposeAdoption of co-composting to treat swine slurry can reduce risks of pollution and produce organic fertilizer. Wood shavings and sawdust are the usual bulking agents used in such treatments ... . Methods A study was conducted to evaluate the effect of increasing shares of ryegrass straw in the bulking agent of swine slurry co-composting, as follow: wood shaving (W), ryegrass straw (S) and blends (W

Wood density and carbon concentration of coarse woody debris in native forests, Brazil

BackgroundWith the objective of increasing knowledge on biomass and carbon stocks, and thus improving the accuracy of published estimates, the present study explored wood density and carbon ... to determine density. These cylinders were milled and analyzed using a LECO-C632 to determine carbon concentration as percentage of mass. Results In both areas, wood density decreased as the decay

Construction of Design Science Research Questions

Posing research questions represents a fundamental step to guide and direct how researchers develop knowledge in research. In design science research (DSR), researchers need to pose research ... app for residential electricity 44 conservation. In Proceedings of the International Conference on Design Science Research in Information System and Technology (LNCS vol. 10243, pp. 348-363) . Cham

Discrimination of native wood charcoal by infrared spectroscopy

is based on its anatomical characteristics and therefore demands specialists in wood anatomy, who are becoming increasingly rare. Recently, studies involving antracology have been undertaken to ... identify the origin of charcoal.5 In such studies the botanical determination of charcoal is based on the anatomical structure of wood, using reference collections of wood cuttings and of carbonized wood


Heat treatment of wood is an effective method to improve the dimensional stability and durability against biodegradation. Optimisation of a two-stage heat treatment process at relatively mild ... torrified wood. Wood Science and Technology 22:143-155        [ Links ] Burmester, A. 1973. Einfluss einer Wärme-Druck-Behandlung haldtrockenen Holzes auf seine Formbeständigkeit. Holz als Roh- und Werkstoff

Perspectives in European cooperation in biological oceanography

installations for international projects. The further integration of European marine science will presumably lead to the establishment of technology centres, and possibly to European research vessels. The new ... : Why cooperation in biological o c e a n o g r a p h y ? The q u i c k a n s w e r is: It is "in" and it pays. International cooperation in science recently b e c a m e a buzz-word - almost like global

Underreported and unknown student harassment at the Faculty of Science

Reports of sexual harassment at medical faculties throughout the world, including the Radboud University, raised the question how prevalent this is at the Faculty of Science. We performed a survey ... that, based on literature, students in the Faculty of Medicine will report the greatest amount of harassment, more commonly also than those in the Faculties of Science and Technology [ 7

Effect Of Planting Spacing In Production And Permeability Of Heartwood And Sapwood Of Eucalyptus Wood

alburno de Eucalyptus camaldulensis. Brazilian Journal of Wood Science 2017; 8(1): 10-20. [ Links ] DeBell JD, Lachenbruch B. Heartwood/sapwood variation of western redcedar as influenced by cultural ... JC, Pereira H. Within-tree variation of heartwood, extractives and wood density in the eucalypt hybrid urograndis (Eucalyptus grandis x E. urophylla). Wood and Fiber Science 2001; 33(1): 3-8. [ Links

Teaching introductory Science and Technology Studies through open learning

In 1994 the Science and Technology Studies Program [STS] won a three year contract with the Monash led Open learning Australia consortium [OLA] to provide two first year subjects in the area of ... analogues, respectively, of STS 100 Introduction To Science and Technology Studies and STS 112 The Scientific Revolution-History, Philosophy and Politics of Science. That is, both were modelled exactly on

Effect of methyltrimethoxysilane impregnation on the cell wall porosity and water vapour sorption of archaeological waterlogged oak

This paper presents the water vapour sorption behaviour of degraded archaeological oak (Quercus robur L.) and the influence of methyltrimethoxysilane treatment on hygroscopicity. Wood samples ... :// CrossRefGoogle Scholar Kollmann F, Cote WA (1968) Principles of wood science and technology. I solid wood. Springer, New YorkCrossRefGoogle Scholar Ljungdahl J, Berglund LA (2007

Runoff characteristics in forest plots before and after wood ash fertilization

Spreading wood ash on forest and agricultural lands has been used for years to correct pH in acid soils and as a source of plant nutrients. However, it is necessary to enhance the knowledge of ... , A.G. 1990. Recycling and disposing of wood ash. Tappi Journal 73: 141-146.         [ Links ] Clapham, W.M.; Zibilske, L.M. 1992. Wood ash as a liming amendment. Communications in Soil Science and


Heat treatment of wood is an effective method to improve the dimensional stability and durability against biodegradation. Optimisation of a two-stage heat treatment process at relatively mild ... . Maderas. Ciencia y tecnología. 8(3):192-207        [ Links ] Bourgois, J.; Guyonnet, R. 1988. Characterization and analysis of torrified wood. Wood Science and Technology 22:143-155.        [ Links

Disruptive Technology: CRISPR/Cas-Based Tools and Approaches

repeats (CRISPR)/CRISPR-associated protein (Cas) technology. Prokaryotic RNA-guided nucleases of CRISPR/Cas type, since first being adopted as editing tools in eukaryotic cells, have experienced rapid ... overview of current CRISPR/Cas tools, applications, concerns and trends. Marina Kleanthous and Carsten W. Lederer have contributed equally to this manuscript. Key Points CRISPR/Cas technology is

Blockchain technology: development and prospects

It has been more than 10 years since Satoshi Nakamoto published his famous paper entitled ‘Bitcoin: a peer-to-peer electronic cash system’, which set the foundation of blockchain technology ... of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science, Peking University, China Guohua Gan Vice President of Beijing Tai Cloud Technology Corp., China Xiaoyun Wang Professor of Institute of Advanced

Evaluation of mechanical characteristics of wood by means of impulse excitation

acoustic technique to assess wood decay in laboratory soil-bed tests”, Wood Science and Technology, v. 34, n. 6, pp. 467-472, Feb. 2001. [ Links ] [19] ARIJIT SINHA, MORRELL, J.J., CLAUSON, M. “Use of ... Academy of Wood Science, v. 10, n. 1, pp. 48-54, Jun. 2013. [ Links ] [22] YANG, Z., JIANG, Z., HSE, C.Y. “Assessing the impact of wood decay fungi on the modulus of elasticity of slash pine (Pinus

Particleboard Panels Produced with Different Radial Positions of Pinus oocarpa Wood

. [ Links ] Tsoumis G. Science and technology of wood: structure, properties, utilization. New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold; 1991. [ Links ... 2Department of Forestry Sciences, Universidade Federal de Lavras – UFLA, Lavras/MG, Brazil ABSTRACT The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of different radial regions of Pinus oocarpa wood

The decline of girls

An empirical analysis of the deterioration of the science related attitudes across students' age and sex is presented. The attitudinal factors embrace a group of variables on the image of science ... as outcomes for school science education. In: JANIUK, R. M.; SAMONEK-MICIUK, E. (Ed.). Science and technology education for a diverse world: dilemmas, needs and partnerships. Lublin (Polonia): Maria