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Using ALS raster data in forest planning

Raster type of forest inventory data with site and growing stock variables interpreted for small square-shaped grid cells are increasingly available for forest planning. In Finland, there are two sources of this type of lattice data: the multisource national forest inventory and the inventory that is based on airborne laser scanning (ALS). In both cases, stand variables are...

Viele Adnextumoren lassen sich konservativ angehen

Patientinnen mit Raumforderungen an den Adnexen, die sich im Ultraschall als gutartig darstellen, tragen nur ein geringes Krebsrisiko. Konservatives Vorgehen könnte hier durchaus eine Option sein.

Long-term survival after adrenal metastasectomy from colorectal cancer: a report of two cases

BackgroundSolitary adrenal metastasis from colorectal cancer is rare. Adrenal metastasis is usually detected with synchronous multiple metastases in other organs and is, therefore, considered to be unsuitable for surgical resection. The long-term outcomes of patients with solitary adrenal metastasectomy from colorectal cancer have been reported; however, the survival advantage...

Experimental investigation into Fe3O4/SiO2 nanoparticle performance and comparison with other nanofluids in enhanced oil recovery

Nanofluids because of their surface characteristics improve the oil production from reservoirs by enabling different enhanced recovery mechanisms such as wettability alteration, interfacial tension (IFT) reduction, oil viscosity reduction, formation and stabilization of colloidal systems and the decrease in the asphaltene precipitation. To the best of the authors’ knowledge, the...

Integrating quality of life assessments in student clinical learning experience / Intégration d’une évaluation de la qualité de vie dans les situations d’apprentissage clinique des étudiantes

Healthcare organizations and governments increasingly emphasize the importance of viewing patients and families as equal members of the care team, with the right to participate in decisions affecting their care. In order to support the imperatives of person-centred care, Quality of Life (QOL) assessments are utilized more as part of routine clinical care. QOL assessments involve...

Two new species and a new combination of Allacta (Blattodea, Ectobiidae, Pseudophyllodromiinae) from China, with notes on their behavior in nature

Two new species, Allacta bruna sp. n. and Allacta alba sp. n., from China are described and illustrated. Allacta hainanensis (Liu et al., 2017), comb. n. is proposed and re-described; figures including genitalia are provided. A key is provided to all species from China based on males. Notes on the bionomics of this genus in China are provided.

Fit für die digitale Disruption werden

The authors describe how the digital transformation affects products, processes, and whole business models in organizations, how digitalization changes value creation mechanisms and how companies can add value for their customers. Using examples from different industries, they develop seven suggestions for adapting to the coming wave of digitalization and for the renewal of...

Diabetes: Hit hard and early, please!

Im Bereich der Stoffwechselerkrankungen gibt es einen „Legacy effect“: Therapeutische Erfolge in der Frühphase bestimmen auf Jahre hinaus den Gesundheitszustand. Dies gilt v. a. auch für Diabetes.

Spherical regression models with general covariates and anisotropic errors

Existing parametric regression models in the literature for response data on the unit sphere assume that the covariates have particularly simple structure, for example that they are either scalar or are themselves on the unit sphere, and/or that the error distribution is isotropic. In many practical situations, such models are too inflexible. Here, we develop richer parametric...