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Los profesionales de urgencias y emergencias: perfil actual y posibilidades de desarrollo

services themselves. To resolve this dilemma, besides seeking solutions to the work and organisational problems of the different services, the creation of the Speciality of Accident and Emergency Medicine ... and professional sectors. Key words: Accident and emergency medicine. Specialised training. Professional development.   Introducción Desde que en abril de 1986 se promulgó Ley General de

Comparison of Fatal Injuries Resulting from Tractor and High Speed Motorcycle Accidents in Turkey: A Multicenter Study

criterion for major trauma. Materials and Methods. This is a multicenter study conducted in 6 emergency departments in 4 cities over a six month period. All cases over 18 years of age who were admitted to ... all accidents involving death and personal injury in 2015 were related to tractor accidents [5]. The management of an injured patient is one of the mainstays of emergency medicine and emergency teams

Emergency medicine residency fact board: Why our attempt to encourage on-shift learning failed

higher on monthly post-curriculum block exams. We ended up finding that the residents actually prefer a more active approach to learning and that many more people in the emergency department other than the ... had been on an emergency medicine rotation for that block. The fact board contained a mix of 100 facts and questions pertaining to that same system and would change with each block. At the end of the

Are active children and young people at increased risk of injuries resulting in hospital admission or accident and emergency department attendance? Analysis of linked cohort and electronic hospital records in Wales and Scotland

injuries resulting in hospital admissions or accident and emergency department (A&E) attendances, using linked electronic hospital records (EHR) from a nationally representative prospective cohort of CYP in ... million visits each year to Accident and Emergency (A&E) departments alone for unintentional injuries in CYP.[ 8 ] Current research reporting associations between CYP?s PA levels and risk of injuries is

Team-based learning improves knowledge and retention in an emergency medicine clerkship

survey was positive.ConclusionsTBL as part of a blended learning environment facilitated improved knowledge-based performance in an emergency medicine clerkship following end clerkship and medical school ... learning Team-based learning Emergency medicine clerkship Long-term retention Student perceptions  Abbreviations CMHS College of Medicine and Health Sciences ED Emergency department EM Emergency medicine

Regenerative Medicine for Neurological Disorders

The annual meeting of the American Society for Neural Therapy and Repair (ASNTR) has always introduced us to top-notch and up-to-date approaches for regenerative medicine related to neuroscience ... novel methods for drug monitoring or graft tracking, and combination therapy with stem cells and medicine, such as cytokines or trophic factors. Finally, the National Institutes of Health guidelines for

Patterns of road traffic injury and potential consequences among patients visiting Hawassa University Comprehensive Specialized Hospital, Hawassa, Ethiopia

death. This study aimed to assess the probability of road traffic injury occurrence and potential consequences among patient visiting at emergency department of Hawassa University Comprehensive ... further research on road traffic injury and risk factors recommended. KeywordsPrevalence Road traffic accident Emergency department Ethiopia  Introduction Road traffic injury (RTI) is fatal or

Architecture of emergency medical services in Germany

In part I, the emergency medical services (EMS) which is part of the public protection system in Germany that works together with police and fire departments is described. Both the development of the ... emergency physician services in Cologne and Heidelberg in 1957. In addition to the term “accident vehicle,” the term “ambulance” was also used and became the preferred term. Along with the increase in

Medicine—turning on its head!

. All this just go to show that all established dogmas need to be challenged and relooked with an open mind. The ‘art’ and ‘science’ of practice of medicine must undergo continuous evolution, as, is in ... 1 Shares 67 Downloads Three totally unrelated and stand alone publications [1, 2, 3], behove us to try and answer the conundrum—how scientific is science? Let me break it up. How guiding

Impact of short basic emergency medicine training in introducing emergency medicine as a specialty in Sub-Saharan Africa: experience from Tanzania

BackgroundEmergency medicine (EM) is a new specialty in Tanzania. Little is known about how to introduce EM to health care providers (HCPs) in hospitals without EM. We determined the impact of a 2 ... Association of Tanzania EMD Emergency Medicine Department EMS Emergency Medical Services HCP Health care providers KCMC Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre MUHAS Muhimbili University of Health and Allied

A Short History of Clinical Holistic Medicine

Clinical holistic medicine has its roots in the medicine and tradition of Hippocrates. Modern epidemiological research in quality of life, the emerging science of complementary and alternative ... alternative medicine, the tradition of psychodynamic therapy, and the tradition of bodywork are merging into a new scientific way of treating patients. This approach seems able to help every second patient with

Spatial analysis of traffic accidents based on WaveCluster and vehicle communication system data

profound significance for the prevention of traffic accidents. Starting from the space-time angle and based on the traffic accident data, this article firstly carries out the wavelet decomposition of the ... clustering method. And under the formed differentiation pattern, the spatial and temporal laws of the incident are deeply analyzed. Finally, accident causes based on vehicle information system data are

Suicide attempts and substance use in an emergency room sample

OBJECTIVE: Describe suicide attempts assisted in an emergency room (ER) and acute substance consumption or dependence on these individuals. METHODS: Descriptive epidemiologic study was carried out ... %) and 21.2% adolescents. Most suicide attempts were made through medicine ingestion (62.5%). Approximately 21.2% and 7.5% related to have used alcohol and an illicit drug respectively within 6 hours prior

Education and the soul of medicine

Surgeon and writer Sherwin Nuland (2010) published a collection of first-person narratives of various medical specialists entitled The Soul of Medicine. Nuland does not explain the title, but the stories ... combine an objective, disease-centered and a subjective patient-centered dimension. Healing requires a mixture of science and soul. Other authors are more explicit. They argue that modern medicine has lost

Optimising migraine treatment: from drug-drug interactions to personalized medicine

, which may interfere with the pharmacological action of anti-migraine drugs. Personalized medicine has the objective of setting the optimal therapies in the light of the functional biochemical asset and of ... University of RomeRomeItaly7.Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine UnitSant’Andrea HospitalRomeItaly

Outcomes Associated with Treatment of Chronic Pain with Tapentadol Compared with Morphine and Oxycodone: A UK Primary Care Observational Study

. Times to first adverse event (constipation or nausea/vomiting) were compared within a Cox proportional hazards model. Rates of primary care contacts, accident and emergency contacts and, for a subset of ... , primary care contacts [IRR = 0.831 (0.802–0.861)], accident and emergency attendance [0.739 (0.572–0.951)], outpatient contacts [0.917 (0.851–0.989)] and inpatients contacts [0.789 (0.664–0.938)] were

Improving health information systems during an emergency: lessons and recommendations from an Ebola treatment centre in Sierra Leone

emergencies. Improvements should be started now to have rapidly adaptable and deployable HISs ready for the next health emergency. ... emergency, health information systems (HISs) are needed to support patient care and to help coordinate the overall response. Rapidly implemented basic health records that “get the job done” are often

Correlates of hospitalizations in internal medicine divisions among Israeli adults of different ethnic groups with hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases

medicine divisions, which was more common also in patients who consulted any specialist and a specialist in cardiology. Emergency room visits, consulting with an ophthalmologist and performing cancer ... associations were found between influenza vaccination, consulting a specialist and visiting the emergency room department, with hospitalizations in internal medicine divisions (Table 1), but the associations

Discharge Considerations for Adult Asthmatic Patients Treated in Emergency Departments

OBJECTIVE: To review the medical literature on outcome of treatment of acute asthma in the emergency department and issue recommendations regarding patient admission or discharge. ... Can Respir J Discharge considerations for adult asthmatic patients treated in emergency departments ANTON F GRUNFELD FRCPC 0 J MARK FITZGERALD MB FRCPC 0 0 Department of Emergency Medicine and

Integrated cancer tissue engineering models for precision medicine

Tumors are not merely cancerous cells that undergo mindless proliferation. Rather, they are highly organized and interconnected organ systems. Tumor cells reside in complex microenvironments in which ... Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Michigan , Ann Arbor , Michigan, United States of America, 3 Rogel Cancer Center, School of Medicine, University of Michigan , Ann Arbor