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Analysis of automotive liftgate seals using finite element analysis

Finite Element Analysis using the MSC Marc MentatTM was conducted and compared with experimental tests. The results showed an increase of effort proportional to bulb thickness. The proportional increase of ... . Keywords: Door seals, EPDM rubber, finite element analysis, stress, polymer science.     Introduction Rubber products have wide application in the automotive industries. The application of rubber

The role of respiration audio in multimodal analysis of movement qualities

In this paper, we explore how the audio respiration signal can contribute to multimodal analysis of movement qualities. Within this aim, we propose two novel techniques which use the audio ... role in rehabilitation (e.g., Parkinson disease and chronic pain [49]), therapy (e.g., autism [39]), and entertainment (e.g., video-games [6]). Several computational models and analysis techniques for

Thermodynamic analysis of modified teleparallel gravity involving higher-order torsion derivative terms

, 12] and modified gravitational theories [13, 14, 15]. On the basis of their applications to various cosmological issues, a detailed analysis of these candidates favors the modified gravitational ... (s-2j-5q-3)\}. \end{aligned}$$ (31) In this case, for the graphical analysis, we consider the present values of these cosmographic quantities as suggested in literature [91] and are given by \(H_0

Statistical analysis of bitcoin during explosive behavior periods

focused analysis of the periods of explosive behavior. Regarding the presence of heavy tail behavior, some authors have studied the stylized facts of the BTC and other cryptocurrencies. As an outstanding ... NIG; 5) in the data analysis, the daily series for the two major currencies in which the asset is traded are divided according to the bubble presence criteria, providing a stress test for particularly

IMACEL: A cloud-based bioimage analysis platform for morphological analysis and image classification

Automated quantitative image analysis is essential for all fields of life science research. Although several software programs and algorithms have been developed for bioimage processing, an advanced ... required to use them. Hence, we developed a cloud-based image analysis platform called IMACEL, which comprises morphological analysis and machine learning-based image classification. The unique click-based

The implication of spatial temporal changes on facial micro-expression analysis

micro-expressions (henceforth micro-expressions) analysis, and the ones that do exist vary in standards, especially with the frame rates and resolution chosen for capturing the videos. Early datasets were ... , 27 ], the most recent work [22] in this field still use a low frame rate. The question that arises here is that are these high quality datasets needed to improve micro-expressions analysis, and among

Multiperspective analysis of erosion tolerance

    A multiperspective analysis of soil erosion: basic ideas Soil erosion, resulting mainly from agricultural land use, is associated to environmental impacts (Clark II et al., 1985) and crop ... closer analysis of this matter will show that threshold values may not be indicated for soil loss tolerance definitions, and that only tools that contemplate the multiperspective nature of this issue may

Cost-Benefit Analysis and Human Rights

Enforcing Legal Rights, 4 E. EUR. CONST. REV. 71?73 (1995). Studies on the costs of human rights This Article considers whether cost-benefit analysis can provide the human rights movement with the answers it ... their defense.7 I. THE CALCULUS OF COST-BENEFIT ANALYSIS Cost-benefit analysis is a commonly used decision-making methodology that facilitates the allocation of state resources and the selection of

Landmark analysis: A primer

188 Downloads In the survival analysis setting, landmark analysis refers to the practice of designating a time point occurring during the follow-up period (known as the landmark time) and ... analyzing only those subjects who have survived until the landmark time.1 A comprehensive overview of the landmark analysis method and its use has been provided by Dafni.2 To understand why landmark analysis

Analysis of psychometric properties of the cube test to evaluate visuospatial reasoning

Cube Test. More specifically, psychometric properties of the items were analyzed through the Item Response Theory (IRT) and the test structure was analyzed using Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA). The ... : Reasoning; visual processing; confirmatory factor analysis; item response theory; psychological test RESUMO O objetivo da pesquisa foi contribuir com novas informações acerca das evidências de

Driving towards a greener future: an application of cognitive work analysis to promote fuel-efficient driving

documents the development of a complete cognitive work analysis (CWA) to support environmentally conscious driving. The paper proposes that the use of the CWA approach-enabled examination of the fuel ... forward to allow for the development of novel in-vehicle interfaces to support fuel-efficient driving. KeywordsCognitive work analysis Eco-driving Pervasive technology Fuel-efficient driving  Electronic

Algebraic Analysis of Demodalised Analytic Implication

and institutional affiliations. References 1. Bonzio, S., Gil Férez, J., Paoli, F., Peruzzi, L. (2017). On paraconsistent weak Kleene logic: axiomatisation and algebraic analysis. Studia Logica, 105

Using game and statistical analysis to confirm Goldratt's logical analysis of poor delivery in a multi-project environment

The objective of this study is to confirm Goldratt's logical analysis of poor delivery in a multi-project environment. Two hundred and ten experienced managers were invited to participate in a multi ... management game that simulates reality. A statistical analysis of the experimental data of this study indicates that the mode of project planning and execution (unrealistic project planning, a lack of clear

Microbiological analysis of water used in hydrotherapy

June 2002 before the beginning and after the end of activities in the units. For analysis, routine techniques were used, which showed the presence of Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas

Seroepidemiological analysis of toxoplasmosis in college students

planet. Methods In this study, an analysis of the seroprevalence of toxoplasmosis among Brazilian students was proposed by means of IgG specific antibodies detection. The presence of anti ... of subjects who provided biological material (blood) for serological analysis  Course Freshman Blood samples Biology 40 20 Biotechnologicalengineering 40 17 History 40 19 Psychology

Vibration Analysis of Rolling Element Bearings Defects

In this work, vibration analysis of rolling element bearings (REBs) defects is studied. The REBs are the most widely used mechanical parts in rotating machinery under high load and high rotational ... lead to serious catastrophic consequences resulting in costly downtime. For this purpose, the vibration analysis technique which is a reliable and accurately detecting defect in the bearing elements is

Molecular analysis of holoprosencephaly in South America

molecular analysis of 195 probands with HPE or microforms; approximately 72% of the patients were derived from the Latin American Collaborative Study of Congenital Malformations (ECLAMC), and 82% of the ... strategies for the analysis of new cases. Keywords: holoprosencephaly, ECLAMC, SHH, ZIC2, SIX3.     Introduction Holoprosencephaly (HPE, MIM 236100) is a complex brain malformation affecting both

Patent Citation Analysis and Patent Damages

methods for analyzing forward citation counts to estimate patent damages awards (referred to herein as ?Patent Citation Analysis.?)2 The use of Patent Citation Analysis is not without its controversies, as ... ? orders on the admissibility of Patent Citation Analysis under the Daubert standard.3 I find * Chief Economist at the New York State Office of the Attorney General (The views expressed here are those of the

Affordable gait analysis using augmented reality markers

A typical optical based gait analysis laboratory uses expensive stereophotogrammetric motion capture systems. The study aims to propose and validate an affordable gait analysis method using augmented