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Recent carbonatitic magmatism in Angola: the dykes of the Chiva lagoon maar

carbonatitic rocks: Geochemistry, crystal chemistry and significance for constraining the sources of carbonatites: Chemical Geology, 235, 138-160. [ Links ] Chakhmouradian, A.R., Mumin, A.H., Demény, A ... to crust, in Jones, A.P., Wall, F., Williams, C.T. (eds.), Rare earth minerals: Chemistry, origin and ore deposits: London, Chapman & Hall, 77-102. [ Links ] Received: July 01, 2016; Accepted

Fight against cancer in Portuguese-speaking African countries: echoes from the last cancer meetings

services. The lack of quality reagents, adequate pre-analytical procedures, equipment and immunohistochemistry resources are daily difficulties. Another challenge is to properly maintain equipment in working

Edible insects of Northern Angola

Department of Chemistry and Food Chemistry, Institute of Food Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Technische Universität Dresden , 01062 Dresden, Germany 4 Senckenberg Museum of Zoology, Königsbrücker Landstr ... chemicals used were of analytical or higher quality. Insects usually eaten after evisceration were analysed after removal of the gut as indicated in the results section. All samples were freeze-dried (Beta 1

Contraception in adolescence: the influence of parity and marital status on contraceptive use in 73 low-and middle-income countries

, diaphragms and cervical caps, condoms (male and female), spermicidal agents (foam, jelly, etc.), patch, emergency contraception, and sterilization (male and female). Analytical methods included the estimation

Prevalence of unmet need for contraception and its association with unwanted pregnancy among married women in Angola

hence are subject to recall/reporting bias. The concept of unwanted or unintended pregnancy is not a straightforward one and require a nuanced analytical approach in order to capture the underlying

Towards post-colonial capacity-building methodologies – some remarks on the experiences of health researchers from Mozambique and Angola

emphasized social entrepreneurship, innovative teaching methods, focused on the resolution of particular social problems, were incorporated. As put by an African Champion with a PhD in chemistry: It [the PBL

Using a coupled dynamic factor – random forest analysis (DFRFA) to reveal drivers of spatiotemporal heterogeneity in the semi-arid regions of southern Africa

of both anthropogenic and biophysical variables, at a pixel level (RF). We call this coupled methodology the DFRFA. Ultimately, this methodology provides a useful analytical tool for understanding

Abortion history and its association with current use of modern contraceptive methods in Luanda, Angola

of the survey. Of the 1,176 women included in the final analytical sample, only 116 (9.86%) women reported having had one or more induced abortions. Bivariate analysis demonstrated a statistically

Early infant diagnosis of HIV-1 infection in Luanda, Angola, using a new DNA PCR assay and dried blood spots

seronegative blood and spotted (125 μL) onto Human ID blood stain cards to obtain a concentration of 50 to 5,000 copies/DBS. Production of DBS samples with ACH-2 cells ACH-2 cells were used as analytical ... interval were estimated by probit regression analysis. Results Analytical sensitivity The LoD of the assay was determined by probit regression analysis with DBS spiked with serial dilutions of control

Evaluation of the nutritive value of muiumba (Baikiaea plurijuga) seeds: chemical composition, in vitro organic matter digestibility and in vitro gas production

Veterinary Research Centre, Universidade de Trs-os-Montes e Alto Douro , P.O. Box 1013, 5001-801 Vila Real, Portugal 1 Department of Chemistry, Chemistry Research Centre, Universidade de Trs-os-Montes e Alto ... described by AOAC, Association of Official Analytical Chemists (1990) for ash (#942.05), crude protein (#954.01) and ether extract (#920.39). Neutral detergent fibre (NDF) was determined by the detergent

Dose Response of MARV/Angola Infection in Cynomolgus Macaques following IM or Aerosol Exposure

. Similar to IM-exposed animals, peak levels of 10–12 Log10 ge/mL were observed 8–9 days PE (Fig 2). EDTA whole blood was collected for hematology analyses and serum was collected for clinical chemistry ... . Clinical chemistries. Clinical chemistry measurements were obtained following each blood collection. (A), (C), (E), and (G) show chemistry parameters for IM-exposed dose groups. (B), (D), (F), and (H) show

Validation of a Low-Cost Paper-Based Screening Test for Sickle Cell Anemia

equipment and analytical instruments for detection,[ 25– 27 ] and therefore have limited applicability in resource-limited settings of low-income developing countries. Tests based on sickling of intact ... , Vignes SM , Benton MS , Kanter J , Shevkoplyas SS . Simple paper-based test for measuring blood hemoglobin concentration in resource-limited settings . Clinical chemistry . 2013 ; 59 ( 10 ): 1506 - 13

Tapping into technology and the biodiversity informatics revolution: updated terrestrial mammal list of Angola, with new records from the Okavango Basin

Cellinese 2012; Coetzer 2012; Wieczorek et al. 2012) . At the same time, advances in technology such as camera traps and microphones (including bat detectors) and associated analytical tools are

Efficacy, Safety, and Dose of Pafuramidine, a New Oral Drug for Treatment of First Stage Sleeping Sickness, in a Phase 2a Clinical Study and Phase 2b Randomized Clinical Studies

all studies, routine safety assessments included examinations for possible treatment-emergent adverse events, physical examinations, hematology tests (hemoglobin and leukocyte count), and chemistry ... PK analyses were taken after the last dose on Day 6 and 7; ECGs were repeated on Days 1, 3, 7, and 9; and hematology and chemistry tests were repeated at Day 9. Follow-up visits to evaluate treatment

First large-scale ethnobotanical survey in the province of Uíge, northern Angola

Angola suffered a long-lasting military conflict. Therefore, traditional knowledge of plant usage is still an important part of cultural heritage, especially concerning the still very poor health care system in the country. Our study documents for the first time traditional knowledge of plant use of local Bakongo communities in the northern province of Uíge on a large scale with...

CardioBengo study protocol: a population based cardiovascular longitudinal study in Bengo Province, Angola

chemistry using point of care devices that insure reliable results. In future follow-up actions, the possibility to adopt other laboratory methodologies is under consideration, such as the inclusion of the

Varying family planning strategies across age categories: differences in factors associated with current modern contraceptive use among youth and adult women in Luanda, Angola

and the additional variable(s) of interest. Researchers used P-values and 95% confidence intervals (CIs) to determine significance. Results The analytical sample was derived from a larger study sample

P53 and Cancer-Associated Sialylated Glycans Are Surrogate Markers of Cancerization of the Bladder Associated with Schistosoma haematobium Infection

, Luanda , Angola , 3 Grupo de Investigac a o em Cancro Digestivo (GICD) , Porto , Portugal , 4 Department of Chemistry of the University of Aveiro , Aveiro , Portugal , 5 Research Department, LPCC ... cell surface glycosylation in vivo using ''double click'' chemistry . Bioconjug Chem 24 : 934 - 941 . Available: http://www.pubmedcentral. articlerender.fcgi?artid=3687584&tool=pmcentrez