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Synthesis of MnCo2O4 nanoparticles as modifiers for simultaneous determination of Pb(II) and Cd(II)

Faculty of Medicine, University of Banja Luka, Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2 University of Belgrade-Faculty of Mining and Geology, Belgrade, Serbia, 3 Department of Analytical Chemistry, University ... of Belgrade-Faculty of Chemistry , Belgrade , Serbia 1 Editor: Yogendra Kumar Mishra, Institute of Materials Science , GERMANY The porous spinel oxide nanoparticles, MnCo2O4, were synthesized by

Functionalization-dependent effects of cellulose nanofibrils on tolerogenic mechanisms of human dendritic cells

scaffolds in tissue engineering,3 tridimensional matrices supporting cell growth,4 wound dressings,5 and others. A specific surface chemistry of CNF enables the formation of hydrogels, long-lasting drug ... the nanomaterials’ size, surface chemistry, charge, functional groups, and other parameters.17 Immunogenic DC are characterized by high expression of major histocompatibility complex and costimulatory

Comparing Macroeconomic Performance of the Union for the Mediterranean Countries Using Grey Relational Analysis and Multi-Dimensional Scaling

today and it has applications in a wide range of fields such as sociology, economics, biology, business, education, chemistry, archeology, etc. (Yenidogan, 2008). Multidimensional Scaling (MDS) Analysis ... . The criteria priority weights have taken from Onder et al. (2014)’s paper. In that paper, researchers used Analytical Network Process (ANP) to determine the weights of macroeconomic indicators


expenditure?, (Burns, 1995, p. 407). In the remainder of this section literature review is presented. In the second section, analytical method applied in the paper is introduced. Results of the analysis are

Solid-phase microextraction/gas chromatography–mass spectrometry method optimization for characterization of surface adsorption forces of nanoparticles

solution chemistry, it has been successfully applied in studies on the adsorption of organic compounds on NPs [13]. In fact, SPME technique permits a selective extraction of the target organic compounds not ... adsorbed by the NPs directly into the reaction vessel, with a reduced effect on the interaction between NPs and probe compounds. In particular, this analytical approach can offer an advantage compared to

Electroweak Higgs production with HiggsPO at NLO QCD

obtained with the HiggsPO UFO model in MadGraph5_aMC@NLO at LO and NLO against a LO analytical computation of the decay width in the PO formalism. Moreover, the ratio K of the NLO result to the LO one is ... expected to be a simple universal factor K = 1 + αs /π 1.038. For all final states and combinations of contact terms we find perfect agreement between the analytical and Monte Carlo results within the

Phylogenetic analysis of Spirocerca lupi and Spirocerca vulpis reveal high genetic diversity and intra-individual variation

., Ipswich, USA) and sequenced using primers in both directions in the Big-Dye Terminator cycle sequencing chemistry from Applied Biosystems ABI3700 DNA Analyzer and the ABI’s Data Collection and Sequence

Studies on the Dual Cytotoxicity and Antioxidant Properties of Berberis vulgaris Extracts and Its Main Constituent Berberine

type 1 diabetic mice,” Journal of Biological Chemistry, vol. 284, no. 41, pp. 28420–28429, 2009. View at Publisher · View at Google Scholar · View at ScopusD. A. Ghareeb, A. E. A. El-Wahab, E. E. M ... , D. Wang, C. Duan et al., “Berberine inhibits metastasis of nasopharyngeal carcinoma 5-8F cells by targeting rho kinase-mediated Ezrin phosphorylation at threonine 567,” Journal of Biological Chemistry

Metabolomics based markers predict type 2 diabetes in a 14-year follow-up study

, Leiden , The Netherlands 6 Netherlands Metabolomics Centre, Leiden University , Leiden , The Netherlands 7 Division of Analytical Biosciences, Leiden Academic Centre for Drug Research, Leiden University ... 11.3 years (inter quartile range 11.0–12.2). Among those, 137 developed type 2 diabetes, whereas 1434 did not, comprising together the analytical sample for prediction analysis. 2.2 Metabolomics

Distribution of Eurasian minnows (Phoxinus: Cypriniformes) in the Western Balkans

, Adrović A , Škrijelj R , Nikolić V , Simić V. 2015 . Ichthyofauna of the River Sava System . In: Milačič R , Ščančar J , Paunović M , eds. The Sava River, Edition: The Handbook of Environmental Chemistry

Distribution of Eurasian minnows (Phoxinus: Cypriniformes) in the Western Balkans

, Adrović A , Škrijelj R , Nikolić V , Simić V. 2015 . Ichthyofauna of the River Sava System . In: Milačič R , Ščančar J , Paunović M , eds. The Sava River, Edition: The Handbook of Environmental Chemistry

Diagnostic outcomes of exome sequencing in patients with syndromic or non-syndromic hearing loss

employed to resolve cases with a suspected compound heterozygous combination of variants and for other familial segregation analyses. Sequencing was carried out using BigDye 3.1 sequencing chemistry (Life

Cobb–Douglas production function on FDI in Southeast Europe

theoretical and literature framework and possible impact on the growth of the host country. Further, in Sect.  4 we form the analytical framework comprised of two main elements: (a) sample selection and data ... Analytical framework 4.1 Sample selection and data The data used in this research are from Enterprise Surveys data sets specified by the World Bank Microdata Library. These surveys are firm-level

Impact of Morphological Characteristics on the Situational-Motor Abilities of Sitting Volleyball Players

Discussion The aim of the analysis was applied to find an analytical expression in the form of equations, which best describes the statistical relationship one with another numerical variable. In our analysis

Plant Responses to Brief Touching: A Mechanism for Early Neighbour Detection?

University of Banja Luka, Faculty of Agriculture , Banja Luka , Bosnia and Herzegovina, 3 Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences , Uppsala , Sweden 1 Department

Diffusion of complex health innovations—implementation of primary health care reforms in Bosnia and Herzegovina

the qualitative research, which involved in-depth interviews in three stages with key informants that were purposively sampled. In our research, we applied a proprietary analytical framework which ... diffusion process (Grol 2001) and may indeed lead to unintended consequences or policy resistance (Sterman 1994). The development of this analytical framework was informed by theoretical propositions and

Parental Separation and School Performance Among Children of Immigrant Mothers in Sweden

grouping variable, but this did not change our conclusions. The total number of children born in 1995 and 1996 in these groups was 182,421. We made additional exclusions to form our analytical sample

Post-stroke dementia – a comprehensive review

stroke? Top Stroke Rehabil . 2015 ; 22 ( 5 ): 317 - 25 . 6. Ritchie CW , Muniz Terrera G , Quinn TJ . Dementia trials and dementia tribulations: methodological and analytical challenges in dementia

Patients with coronary artery disease and diabetes need improved management: a report from the EUROASPIRE IV survey: a registry from the EuroObservational Research Programme of the European Society of Cardiology

, National Institute for Health and Welfare, Helsinki, Finland) on a clinical chemistry analyser (Abbot Architect analyzer; Abbott Laboratories, Abbott Park, IL, USA) using enzymatic method for measuring total

Bit Error Rate Analysis for an OFDM System with Channel Estimation in a Nonlinear and Frequency-Selective Fading Channel

-selective fading channel. The analytical and simulation results in terms of the average BER performance as a function of the Eb/N0 with amplitude saturation level β as a parameter are illustrated in Figure 8 ... -sequence with low PAPR. Thus, the higher BER with FDM pilot in comparison with TDM pilot is observed. Furthermore, numerical results have confirmed the validity of the analytical derivations in terms of