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Hasse diagram as a green analytical metrics tool: ranking of methods for benzo[a]pyrene determination in sediments

valuable, suggesting that green analytical chemistry is not in accordance with metrology when benzo[a]pyrene in sediment samples is determined. The HDT can be used as a good decision support tool to choose ... Tobiszewski 0 1 0 Chair of Analytical Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy and Chemistry, University of Sofia BSt. Kl. Okhridski 1 Department of Analytical Chemistry, Chemical Faculty, Gdańsk University of

Analytical study of anisotropic compact star models

proofs, by means of figures. Even with one free parameter the graphics become 3D. This method is rather close to numerical simulations and not to an analytical study. Is it possible to reduce the number of ... ) Astronomers have observed even more compact, presumably quark stars, such as PSR B0943+10 with radius 2.6 km, described also by an analytical model [101], Table 1 and [102], Table 1. Another observed star

The Chemistry Development Kit (CDK) v2.0: atom typing, depiction, molecular formulas, and substructure searching

Background The Chemistry Development Kit (CDK) is a widely used open source cheminformatics toolkit, providing data structures to represent chemical concepts along with methods to manipulate such ...   [1] as evidenced by the growing number of tools and underlying toolkits, along with the usage of these software components in a variety of applications. The Chemistry Development Kit (CDK) is one of

Chemical Profiling of Tropical Propolis: Challenges and New Data

on propolis from different regions have revealed similar chemistry of propolis from temperate zones, its botanical origin is mainly Populus spp., and remarkably different for the tropical one. Due to

Phytochemical analysis of Vietnamese propolis produced by the stingless bee Lisotrigona cacciae

University of Science and Technology, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology , Hanoi , Vietnam , 4 Department of Chemistry, Quy Nhon University , Binh Dinh , Vietnam , 5 Institute of Ecology and Biological ... as a remedy with a wide range of biological and pharmacological properties, such as antibacterial, antioxidant, immunostimulating, antiviral, etc. [ 1,2 ]. Propolis chemistry depends on the

Methyl N-methylanthranilate: major compound in the defensive secretion of Typhloiulus orpheus (Diplopoda, Julida)

to glomeridan chemistry, or may even represent a pivotal branching point in the pathway to different chemical classes of diplopod defensive chemistry. ... in defensive secretions of juliformians) and glomerin-like quinazolines (chemical defense in Glomerida). The compound may have evolved independently in the pathway to glomeridan chemistry, or may even

A summer school where master students learn the skills needed to work in an accredited analytical laboratory

Warsaw , Pasteura 1, 02-093 Warszawa , Poland 10 Laboratory for Analytical Chemistry, University of Maribor , Smetanova 17, 2000 Maribor , Slovenia employability [1]. He argued that, although a strong ... ] started in 2005, when the European Commission Joint Research Centre assembled a group of analytical chemistry lecturers in a workshop in Rogaška Slatina, Slovenia [8]. They addressed the need for

Ketoprofen-loaded polymer carriers in bigel formulation: an approach to enhancing drug photostability in topical application forms

University-Plovdiv, 2Technological Center for Emergency Medicine (TCEMED), Plovdiv, 3Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy, Sofia University “St Kliment Ohridski”, Sofia, 4Department of Pharmacology and Drug ... , sofia , Bulgaria 4 Department of chemistry and Biochemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, Medical University-Plovdiv , Plovdiv 5 Department of Medical Informatics, Biostatistics and e-learning, Faculty of Public

Mechanical and thermo-mechanical response of a lead-core bearing device subjected to different loading conditions

are defined for each material: lead, rubber and steel. Both predefined constitutive laws (in the used general–purpose finite element code) and semi-analytical procedures aimed at a more accurate

Black Chokeberry (Aronia melanocarpa (Michx.) Elliot) Fruits and Functional Drinks Differ Significantly in Their Chemical Composition and Antioxidant Activity

Petrova, Daniela Klisurova, Yordan Georgiev, Manol Ognyanov, and Irina Yanakieva Laboratory of Biologically Active Substances, Institute of Organic Chemistry with Centre of Phytochemistry, Bulgarian ... -Aldrich (Steinheim, Germany). All other solvents used were of analytical grade and purchased from local distributors. 2.2. Plant Materials Altogether, 23 samples of aronia fruits (Nero variety) were

Erratum to: ExCAPE-DB: an integrated large scale dataset facilitating Big Data analysis in chemogenomics

Development Biotech Unit, AstraZeneca R&D Gothenburg , 43183 Mölndal , Sweden 5 Imec vzw , Kappeldreef 75, 3001 Louvain , Belgium 6 Department of Analytical Chemistry and Computer Chemistry, University of

Chemical Ecology of Cave-Dwelling Millipedes: Defensive Secretions of the Typhloiulini (Diplopoda, Julida, Julidae)

similar “cave effect” leading to pronounced chemical interactions under such conditions may be assumed, but the chemoecology of troglobionts is mostly unknown. We investigated the defensive chemistry of a ... Chemistry, University of Belgrade , Studentski trg 12-16, Belgrade 11000 , Serbia 1 Institute of Zoology, University of Graz , Universitätsplatz 2, 8010 Graz , Austria 2 Institute of Zoology, University of

Some Heavy Metals

. Bohn , H. , McNeal , B. , O'Connor , G. , 1985 . Soil Chemistry. Wiley Interscience, John Wiley & Sons, Inc, New York. Drasch , G. , 1982 . Lead burden in prehistorical, historical and modern human bones ... postdepositional changes in the trace element content of human bone . American Antiquity 49 ( 1 ), 141 - l47 . Oakley , K. , 1969 . Analytical methods of dating bones . In: Brothwell, D. , Higgs , E. , (Ed), Science

Delamination fracture analysis of an elastic-plastic functionally graded multilayered beam

analysed by the J-integral approach. Two laws (quadratic and exponential) for variation of the modulus of elasticity along the beam height were applied. The J-integral closed form non-linear analytical ... fracture performance. Functionally graded beam; Material non-linearity; Delamination fracture; Analytical approach - Background Functionally graded materials are new composites developed in the last 30

Some Transmuted Software Reliability Models

: Measurement, Prediction, Applications, McGraw-Hill , 1987 . [2] E. A. Owoloko , P. E. Oguntunde , A. O. Adejumo , Performance rating of the transmuted exponential distribution: An analytical approach , Springer

Effects of propolis from Brazil and Bulgaria on Salmonella serovars

Institute of Biosciences, UNESP, Botucatu, São Paulo State, Brazil IIIInstitute of Organic Chemistry with Centre of Phytochemistry, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria Correspondence to ... Institute of Organic Chemistry with Centre of Phytochemistry, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria. Propolis samples were ground and extracted (30g of propolis; volume was completed to 100 ml with

Geochemical pattern of soils in Bobovdol valley, Bulgaria. Assessment of Cd and Co contents

the irregular grid of points and validated analytical methods were used in the field and laboratory studies. It is found that Cd content varies from 0.21 to 0.90 mg kg -1 in studied soils and the ... , Classification and Geography, Sofia., Bulgaria. 271 p. [in Bulgarian]. McBride, M.B., 1994. Environmental chemistry of soils. Oxford University Press Inc. New York, USA. 406p. McLennan, S.M., Murray, R.W., 1999

ExCAPE-DB: an integrated large scale dataset facilitating Big Data analysis in chemogenomics

Imec vzw , Kappeldreef 75, 3001 Louvain , Belgium 5 Department of Analytical Chemistry and Computer Chemistry, University of Plovdiv , Plovdiv , Bulgaria 6 Computational Biology, Discovery Sciences ... , contributed mainly by the development of high throughput screening (HTS) technologies and combinatorial chemistry for compound synthesis [3]. These SAR data points represent an important resource for

An approach for estimation of optimal energy flows in battery storage devices for electric vehicles in the smart grid

paper presents an analytical approach for estimation of the impact of electrical vehicle (EV) battery charging on the distribution grid. Based on the EV charge profile, load curve and local distributed ... to EV charging, although the grid parameters remain in the operational limits, imposed by the operator. Conclusion An analytical approach for assessment of the impact of electrical vehicle battery

“Quinone Millipedes” Reconsidered: Evidence for a Mosaic-Like Taxonomic Distribution of Phenol-Based Secretions across the Julidae

The defensive chemistry of juliformian millipedes is characterized mainly by benzoquinones (”quinone millipedes”), whereas the secretions of the putative close outgroup Callipodida are considered to ... , Bulgaria 2 Institute of Zoology, University of Graz , Universitätsplatz 2, 8010 Graz , Austria 3 Research Unit of Osteology and Analytical Mass Spectrometry, Medical University, University Children's