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El constructivismo y la química analítica del profesor Gaston Charlot

The structure of analytical chemistry designed by Prof. Gaston Chariot in France, about 1940, begins with a very simple model of chemical reaction, understood as a process in which a donor gives only ... , among others. This approach permits to plan and resolve complex problems of analytical and industrial chemistry. In the present work we show the analogies of the analytical chemistry proposed by G

Advances in metabolome information retrieval: turning chemistry into biology. Part I: analytical chemistry of the metabolome

in biological systems. These comprehensive analyses use analytical platforms, mainly nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and mass spectrometry, along with associated separation methods to gather ... ) . Conclusion Metabolomics is intrinsically a multidisciplinary field that requires different analytical, biological, and bioinformatics skills. Substantial advances have occurred in analytical chemistry for

Metabolomic characterization of sunflower leaf allows discriminating genotype groups or stress levels with a minimal set of metabolic markers

IntroductionPlant and crop metabolomic analyses may be used to study metabolism across genetic and environmental diversity. Complementary analytical strategies are useful for investigating metabolic ... : Processing mass spectrometry data for metabolite profiling using nonlinear peak alignment, matching, and identification. Analytical Chemistry, 78(3), 779–787.

Reflection probability in wireless networks with metasurface-coated environmental objects: an approach based on random spatial processes

process of fixed length and with random orientations and locations. Based on the proposed modeling approach, we develop the first analytical framework that provides one with the probability that a randomly ... metasurfaces, we prove that the probability that the typical random object acts as a reflector is independent of the length of the object itself. The proposed analytical approach is validated against Monte Carlo

“We were here before the Web and hype…”: a brief history of and tribute to the Computational Chemistry List

The Computational Chemistry List is a mailing list, portal, and community which brings together people interested in computational chemistry, mostly practitioners. It was formed in 1991 and continues ... affiliations Frédéric WieberAlejandro PisantyAlexandre Hocquet Open Access Meeting report First Online: 18 December 2018 36 Shares 786 Downloads Abstract The Computational Chemistry List is a

Flux prediction using artificial neural network (ANN) for the upper part of glycolysis

pathways is a difficult process because of the complexity of the system. The mathematical modelling of the system using an analytical approach depends on the many parameters of enzymes which rely on tedious ... heteronuclear spin echo difference NMR spectroscopy. J Biotechnol. 2000; 77(1):25?35. PMID: 10674212 Mead CACMHGC, Chopra I. Organic Acids: Chemistry. Antibacterial Activity and Practical Applications. Adv Microb

Quantifying circulating cell-free DNA in humans

To our knowledge, this is the first comprehensive study on the influence of several pre-analytical and demographic parameters that could be a source of variability in the quantification of nuclear ... NcirDNA (p < 0.0001), McirDNA (p < 0.0001) and McirDNA/NcirDNA ratio (p < 0.0001). NcirDNA and McirDNA levels do not vary in the same way with regards to cancer vs healthy status, pre-analytical and

Static, free vibration, and buckling analysis of plates using strain-based Reissner–Mindlin elements

analytical solutions. ... Fig. 6 Central deflection [(WD/qL4)100] for SS1 square plates Open image in new window Fig. 7 Central deflection [(WD/qL4)100] for SS2 square plates Faster convergence towards analytical

Euroanalysis XVII—analytical chemistry for human well-being and sustainable development

The first Euroanalysis conference took place in Heidelberg, Germany, more than 30 years ago. Since 1972, the meeting have focused on various analytical chemistry issues, and been established as a ... , Switzerland, and twice in Poland (the last in 2013). The main organizer of the Euroanalysis conferences is the Division of Analytical Chemistry of the European Association for Chemical and Molecular Sciences

Analytical Stationary Acoustic Wave in a Liquid over Which a Moving Pressure Runs

This paper presents an analytical study of the stationary response of a liquid loaded on its free surface by an ideal pressure step moving in a constant direction at a constant velocity. The acoustic ... Shock and Vibration 1070-9622 Analytical stationary acoustic wave in a liquid over which a moving pressure runs Andre´ Langlet 0 Je´roˆ me Renard 0 Olivier Pennetier 0 0 Institut PRISME/RES UPRES


This article focuses on the media coverage of the Turkish failed coup in the French media, with the aim of analyzing how ‘French’ media covered the July 15, 2016 attempted coup in Turkey. Discourse analysis technique was used while examining the portrayal of Turkey in one of the most famous French newspapers, namely “Le Monde”. The sampled news items in this study include those...

Cellulose-reinforced composites: from micro-to nanoscale

cellulose fibres through isocyanate-mediated grafting or thanks to "click chemistry". Concerning the second topic, it is worth to mention that for some cellulose/matrix combination and in the presence of ... limit for cellulose. The promise behind cellulose-derived composites lies in the fact that the axial Young’s modulus of the basic cellulose crystalline nanocrystal derived from theoretical chemistry is

Nonlinear detection of secondary isotopic chemical shifts in NMR through spin noise

The detection of minor species in the presence of large amounts of similar main components remains a key challenge in analytical chemistry, for instance, to obtain isotopic fingerprints. As an ... an excess of a major challenge in analytical chemistry is the detection of spectroscopically similar substance. It occurs, for instance, when low-abundance isotopic species are exploited for obtaining

Linking analytical chemistry Master’s programs: the Franco (Pau)—Spanish (Oviedo) case

Chemistry, University of Oviedo , Julin Clavera 8, 33006 Oviedo, Spain Introduction to Master's programs in analytical chemistry Pau (France). Fortunately, analytical chemistry departments at both ... universities are large enough to offer a Master's program in analytical chemistry that fulfills all of the above-mentioned requirements. - Analytical measurements are needed for all research disciplines, and

Pycnoporus cinnabarinus glyoxal oxidases display differential catalytic efficiencies on 5-hydroxymethylfurfural and its oxidized derivatives

Background5-Hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF), a major residual component of a lignocellulosic bio-refinery process, can be transformed into fundamental building blocks for green chemistry via oxidation ... for bioplastic synthesis. Materials and methods Chemicals and enzymes All chemicals were of analytical grade. HMF, DFF, HMFCA, FFCA, FDCA, 2,2′-azino-bis(3-ethylbenzothiazoline-6-sulphonic acid (ABTS

Why Simulate a Sample of Recycled Wood?

robust analytical method for recovered wood. However the extreme variability of recovered wood makes it difficult to develop such protocols on real recovered wood samples. Consequently, model chip piles ... analysis of suitability of the wood for recycling and a precise quantitative analysis of chemical contamination is practically impossible and rarely attempted. The development of an analytical method that is

Microbial biosensors for analytical applications

). - Published in the topical collection Microbial Biosensors for Analytical Applications with guest editor Gérald Thouand. Fifty years after the initial idea, biosensors remain an exciting hybrid world in which