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Mass spectrometry-based metabolomics of volatiles as a new tool for understanding aroma and flavour chemistry in processed food products

metabolomics in food science and nutrition has been reviewed (Wishart 2008; Cevallos–Cevallos et al. 2009; Scalbert et al. 2009) and the importance of improvements in food analytical chemistry, such as high ... ). PTR-MS monitoring of VOCs and BVOCs in food science and technology. Trends in Analytical Chemistry, 30(7), 968–977. Scholar Burdock, G. (2009

Radiochemical and analytical aspects of inter-institutional quality control measurements on radiopharmaceuticals

of the RCP is a quantitative determination of individual impurities. Ph. Eur. (chapter 5, Radiopharmaceutical preparations) also states that: “In principle, any method of analytical separation may be ... -Chemistry of Water. Radiat Res. 1995;144(2):141–7.CrossRefGoogle Scholar Savitzky A, Golay MJE. Smoothing and differentiation of data by simplified least-squares procedures. Anal Chem. 1964;36:1627–39

Relationships among cognitive and emotional knowledge of teaching quantum chemistry at university level

The purpose of this paper is to identify and analyze relationships within and between the cognitive and emotional knowledge of teaching quantum chemistry as subject matter at the university level ... university professors (n = 6) from The Netherlands who taught quantum chemistry at the undergraduate level was interviewed. Data analysis combined a quantitative and qualitative methodology. Relationships were

Analytical characterization and reference interval of an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for active von Willebrand factor

binding. Conclusions We developed and validated an immunosorbent assay for the accurate detection of active VWF levels in plasma. The assay fulfilled all analytical criteria in this study and a reference ... , The Netherlands , 2 Synapse Research Institute , Maastricht , The Netherlands , 3 Department of Clinical Chemistry and Hematology, Gelre Hospitals , Apeldoorn , The Netherlands , 4 Department of

Polarimetry and stereochemistry: the optical rotation of Vitamin C as a function of pH

A novel experiment was prepared to help chemistry educators to improve the stereochemistry curriculum of secondary school students and undergraduate students. Based on polarimetry and Vitamin C ... , 3512 BL, Utrecht, The Netherlands. E-mail: 2 Department of Chemistry, CSG Dingstede, Gerard Doustraat 13, 7944 HD, Meppel, The Netherlands. 3 Department of History, Maastricht University, PO Box 616

Polarimetry and stereochemistry: the optical rotation of Vitamin C as a function of pH

A novel experiment was prepared to help chemistry educators to improve the stereochemistry curriculum of secondary school students and undergraduate students. Based on polarimetry and Vitamin C ... , 3512 BL, Utrecht, The Netherlands. E-mail: 2 Department of Chemistry, CSG Dingstede, Gerard Doustraat 13, 7944 HD, Meppel, The Netherlands. 3 Department of History, Maastricht University, PO Box 616

Analytical chemistry and the Chemical Weapons Convention

to the CWC is by the use of techniques from the toolkit offered by analytical chemistry. Analysis can be quantitative in nature, for example to ensure that residual agent concentrations in the waste ... weapons is still a real possibility and present danger. Analytical chemistry has come a long way in its support of a universal and global ban on these weapons, and we hope that the readers of this topical

RGD-decorated cholesterol stabilized polyplexes for targeted siRNA delivery to glioblastoma cells

(HPMA) and N-acryloxysuccinimide (NAS), followed by post-polymerization modification with cholesterol for stabilization, cationic amines for siRNA complexation, and azides for copper-free click chemistry ... , and azides for copper-free click chemistry. The novel resultant cationic polymer harboring a terminal cholesterol group, self-assembled with siRNA to yield nanosized polyplexes (~ 40 nm) with good

Statistical models discriminating between complex samples measured with microfluidic receptor-cell arrays

build-up of cell stress and to combine data from replicated experiments. The increased analytical power this brings to receptomics research is discussed.

In-plane behaviour of clay brick masonry wallettes retrofitted with single-sided fabric-reinforced cementitious matrix and deep mounted carbon fibre strips

of masonry wallettes loaded under shear, and even prevented the disintegration after reaching the failure load compared to the unstrengthened control specimens. Finally, an existing analytical model as ... Eurocode 8 design provisions were compared to the found failure mechanisms and failure loads. The analytical model developed showed good correspondence with the experimental values for both the failure

Analytical derivation of elasticity in breast phantoms for deformation tracking

. The computation of elastic properties is essential to simulate deformations in a realistic way. This study presents an innovative analytical method to compute the elastic modulus and evaluate the ... concluded that the analytical elasticity computation method has good potential to supplement or replace numerical elasticity simulations in gravity-induced deformations, for shapes that are substantially

Species-specific plant–soil feedbacks alter herbivore-induced gene expression and defense chemistry in Plantago lanceolata

. 2014, 2015), and its secondary chemistry has been well characterized (Duff et al. 1965; Bowers et al. 1992). RNA transcriptional data (RNAseq) were available for primer design from previous work at the ... that had been grown in forb-conditioned soils compared to those that had been grown in grass-conditioned soils (Functional group: F1,10 = 4.53; p = 0.059). Effects on plant chemistry The plant species

Evaluation of blood culture epidemiology and efficiency in a large European teaching hospital

admission) and the late group (> 24 hours of admission). We also investigated the effect of prehospital oral antibiotics and pre-analytical time on the first cultures in the emergency department. Epidemiology ... by prolonged pre-analytical time [ 12, 15 ]. Pre-analytical time is defined as the time elapsed from specimen collection to incubator entry [12]. The delay in incubator insertion is mainly due to

ColorEM: analytical electron microscopy for element-guided identification and imaging of the building blocks of life

signals are overlaid on the EM image, but typically without the nanometer-scale resolution and limited to visualization of few targets. Recently, analytical methods have become more sensitive, which has led ... (EDX), electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS), cathodoluminescence (CL), and touch upon secondary ion mass spectroscopy at the nanoscale (NanoSIMS). ColorEM is the term encompassing these analytical

Conflict Management and Interdisciplinary History. Presentation of a New Project and an Analytical Model

This article advances the idea that the concept of conflict resolution, which is usual in social, economic, political and legal history of premodern Europe and in the social sciences in general, is too goal-oriented and therefore unsatisfactory for the analyses of conflicts. Instead, a problem-oriented concept of conflict management is proposed. It consists of prevention...

Analytical “bake-off” of whole genome sequencing quality for the Genome Russia project using a small cohort for autoimmune hepatitis

tubes. Genomic DNA was isolated from 1±5 ml blood using Puregene Blood Kit chemistry on an Autopure LS automated DNA purification instrument (Qiagen, Valencia, CA) at the Johns Hopkins University ... Institute of Genetic Medicine Biorepository/Shipping Coordinator, GRCF Cell Center and Biorepository. Detailed description of DNA extraction protocol and chemistry are presented at https://www.

Exhaled breath analysis: a review of ‘breath-taking’ methods for off-line analysis

expiratory breath varies between studies. Conclusions Breath analysis is an interdisciplinary field of study using clinical, analytical chemistry, data processing, and metabolomics expertise. A move towards ... . , Castellanos , M. , & Sanchez , J. M. ( 2010 ). Evaluation of potential breath biomarkers for active smoking: assessment of smoking habits . Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry , 396 , 2987 - 2995 . Altomare

On the Possibilities of Straightforward Characterization of Plasma Activated Water

on PAW solutions is challenging. Several analytical approaches exist, i.e. freezing transient PAW chemistry before analysis by addition of quenching agents, measuring on near-equilibrium solutions or ... DM, James Holler F, Crouch SR (2014) Fundamentals of analytical chemistry, 9th edn. Brooks Cole, Belmont. ISBN-13: 978-0-495-55828-6Google Scholar 40. Holleman A, Wiberg N (2001) Inorganic chemistry

Flow cytometry, a powerful novel tool to rapidly assess bacterial viability in metal working fluids: Proof-of-principle

. endotoxins) and present potential health risks for metalworking machine operators via the formation of aerosols. Therefore, a novel fast yet accurate analytical method to evaluate and predict the antibacterial ... ]. Nevertheless, the highly selective nature of those substrates limits the microbial diversity in MWF [ 10,14,15 ]. Consequently, it is the general chemistry of a MWF, rather than any particular component hereof

Robot–City Interaction: Mapping the Research Landscape—A Survey of the Interactions Between Robots and Modern Cities

contributing to this area, which we classify and analyze according to an analytical framework including a set of key dimensions for the area of RCI. Such review not only serves as a preliminary state-of-the-art ... analytical framework used to review the state-of-the-art (Sect. 3), which is then surveyed in Sect. 4. Section 5 summarizes our findings, draws the main characteristics and challenges of RCI, and describes its