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Determinants and Catalysts in Intrafirm Technology Transfer: Learning From Case Studies

CEO. The sections "Research and Technology", "Product Development", "Engineering and Processes and Quality Assurance" count a total of 310 people divided among a wide range of laboratories: chemistry ... universities, suppliers and the company's own R&D laboratory.   Company B a) Products and markets. The second company (with 50 production units outside Italy) operates in the chemistry and building

3D Numerical simulations of elastomeric bearings for bridges

behavior has been compared with the analytical results predicted by Forcellini and Kelly [ 12 ] in Fig. 4. Several considerations can be taken. First of all, the theory is able to catch the influence of ... with good correspondence. The comparison generally shows that analytical solutions have a satisfactory agreement with the test results for small values of force and displacements, at least when the

Seismic resilience of isolated bridge configurations with soil–structure interaction

. In particular, recovery costs and time have been implemented inside the definition of resilience by Cimellaro et al. [7]. The analytical expression of system functionality has been modelled as a linear ... Table 2 Soil models KLA (kN/m) KLC (kN/m) Analytical model Fig. 2 NGA input motions (hystograms—SRSS of two lateral ground motion components) Fig. 3 NGA input motions (CDF—SRSS of two lateral ground

Serological Evidence of an Early Seroconversion to Simian Virus 40 in Healthy Children and Adolescents

R , Salvadori S , Rizzi A , Regoli D , Calo G ( 2010 ) Neurobiology, pharmacology, and medicinal chemistry of neuropeptide S and its receptor . Med Res Rev 30 : 751 - 777 . 38. Major EO , Miller AE

Hyaluronan Esters Drive Smad Gene Expression and Signaling Enhancing Cardiogenesis in Mouse Embryonic and Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells

of new chemistry to maximize differentiation efficiencies. Within this context, we have developed HBR, a synthetic compound affording a chemical manipulation of one of the major family of signal