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Queering Media Archaeology

highlights repetition and reproducibility as shared core concerns of queer theory and media archaeology and seeks to show that the former has a lot of bearing on the latter. Queer theory also allows for a more ... Archaeology; Queer Theory; Performativity; Materiality; Gender; Embodiment; New Materialism; Feminism; Judith Butler; Perception; Digital Introduction The historically contingent discursive configurations of

Temporalities in Digital Games – A Brief Archaeology

; temporality; SimCity; mobile Introduction Based on media archaeology, this study proposes an approach to technologies that modulate time in digital games. We think, along with Jussi Parikka, about ?a ... materialism of processes, flows and signals instead of ?just? hardware and machines?1, being this one of the merits when the scope is given under the evaluation of a media archaeology. We propose an alternative

ZooArchNet: Connecting zooarchaeological specimens to the biodiversity and archaeology data networks

increasingly facilitated by, and dependent upon, sharing open access data from a variety of disciplinary communities and data sources, including those within biology, paleontology, and archaeology. Significant ... archaeology. Significant advances in biodiversity open data sharing have focused on neontological and paleontological specimen records, making available over a billion records through the Global Biodiversity

Virtual Lucidity: A Media Archaeology of Dream Hacking Wearables

apparatuses for lucid dreaming, media archaeology can trace convergent trajectories of self-knowledge and self-making. This analysis traces connections from Bert Kaplan’s 1950s database of dreams, to ... , its models and mechanisms for the human sensorium, and its metaphors that we live by. eol>Consciousness Hacking; wearables; media archaeology; immediacy; anthropology of dreaming; sleep science; New

Formal Learning About the Past in Schools in England

This paper explains how archaeology has been used to teach history to children in English schools, museums and heritage sites. We describe six successful schools-linked projects then focuses on the ... -linked projects then focuses on the Young Archaeologists’ Club, which has over the past 40 years nurtured many members of today’s archaeology professionals. Finally, we consider how archaeology education

Sámi Archaeology and the Fear of Political Involvement: Finnish Archaeologists’ Perspectives on Ethnicity and the Repatriation of Sámi Cultural Heritage

repatriation of the Sámi cultural heritage. The research shows that there is suspicion or wariness towards questions of ethnicity in Finnish archaeology and a fear of political involvement, which makes the ... , especially with the stronger role, through the Sámi parliament and the Sámi Museum, in the administration of archaeological heritage in Sápmi. KeywordsSámi archaeology Ethnicity Repatriation Politics of

Digitally Teaching Digital Skills: Lessons Drawn from a Small Private Online Course (SPOC) on ‘Modelling and Simulation in Archaeology’ at Leiden University

involve internal and external students and teachers alike and to make ample use of online resources. This paper is based upon our experiences of running a SPOC on ‘Modelling and Simulation in Archaeology ... Archaeology’ at Leiden University. Journal of Computer Applications in Archaeology, 2(1), pp.79–88. DOI: 35 Views 4 Downloads 3 Twitter   Published on

Invisible and Ignored: The Archaeology of Nineteenth-Century Subalterns in Sweden

case studies. It is argued that archaeology can show the multivocality of the lives of the subalterns, in the same way as it shows how the subalterns organized their daily life. This is done through the ... archaeology. Thus, the new legal situation opens new possibilities for historical archaeology, but also poses challenges. In this article we will address one field that has come into focus due to the changed

Viewpoint: Archaeology of Strikes and Revolution

Viewpoint: Archaeology of Strikes and Revolution ... Archaeology, GB X close Stephen Quirke, UCL Institute of Archaeology, GB X close Beverley Butler, UCL Institute of Archaeology, GB X close Ulrike Sommer UCL Institute

Review of The Archaeology of Andean Pastoralism edited by José M. Capriles and Nicholas Tripcevich

Book detailsCapriles J M and Tripcevich N (eds.) The Archaeology of Andean Pastoralism Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press; 2016.280 pages, 87 figures, 25 tablesISBN 978-0-8263-5702-1

User Requirement Solicitation for an Information Retrieval System Applied to Dutch Grey Literature in the Archaeology Domain

In this paper, we present the results of user requirement solicitation for a search system of grey literature in archaeology, specifically Dutch excavation reports. This search system uses Named ... University, NL Profiles: iD About Alex PhD candidate in Digital Archaeology at Leiden University, using text mining to access information in grey literature. X close Karsten Lambers


The main concepts and research topics that characterize the "South Andean Internodal Archaeology", highlighting some of its contributions and suggesting possibilities for its future development ... Internodal Archaeology has grown to become a research program with its own premises, methods, and goals. Keywords: Internodal archaeology - interregional interaction - social networks analysis - caravans

Teaching and interpreting the Old Testament in Africa: Written word, archaeology and oral world

Afrikaans-English List. Pretoria: Sigma, 1984.         [ Links ] Dever, William, G. "Archaeology Reconstructs the Lost Background of the Israelite Cult." Recent Archaeological Discoveries and Biblical ... Prohibitions of the Hebrews." New York Review of Books 26/10 (1979): 24-30.         [ Links ] Thompson, Thomas L. The Mythic Past: Biblical Archaeology and the Myth of Israel. New York: Basic, 1999

What is Feminist Media Archaeology?

In a fairly recent blog post, Jussi Parikka discusses how media archaeology can be criticized for being a “boy’s club”. In the introduction of this text, he writes: One of the set critiques of media ... . That is a correct evaluation in so many ways when one has a look at the topics as well as authors of the circle of writers broadly understood part of 'media archaeology'. I make the same argument for

Children of the Past: Archaeology and the Lives of Kids

With the help of archaeologists, the secret of what has happened in the past becomes clearer. Historians have studied the measurements of handprints, fingerprints, and footprints to discover that many paintings and markings were in fact created by children rather than adults. All throughout history, children have left their mark in different ways. Through studying what these...

Demography and Archaeology

, demography has sometimes seemed something of a phantom science. Many explanatory models in archaeology have taken population density as a central theme. But the quantitative precision and broad sweep of the ... instance, in Lewis Binford’s “Post-Pleistocene Adaptations” (Binford 1968) , one of the pioneering articles of the new archaeology of 40 years ago, population density was explicitly regarded as the key

The human experience of social transformation: Insights from comparative archaeology

Human Evolution and Social Change, Arizona State University , Tempe , Arizona, United States of America, 2 Center for Archaeology and Society, Arizona State University , Tempe, Arizona , United States of ... approach in their analysis of inequality. Smith [ 20 ] uses quality of life concepts to study the impact of the Aztec expansion on several outlying communities. Hegmon developed the Archaeology of the

The Composition of History: a Critical Point of View of Michel Foucault's Archaeology

The author discusses in "The composition of History: a critical point of view of Michel Foucault's archaeology" a very specific aspect within the work of Foucault: the role of the philosophies of ... View of Michel Foucault's Archaeology" Contents of CLCWeb: Comparative Literature and Culture 20.4 (2018) Special Issue Processes of Subjectivation

Notes on Historical Archaeology

/neha NOTES ON HISTORICAL ARCHAEOLOGY edited by lain C. Walker Publications of Interest These "•,;ho saw the film presented by Edward Heite during his paper "Site Layout and Recording" at the 1971 Spring ... of Archaeology (vol. 24, no. 4, pp. 300-6). This article is a timely reminder that there may indeed easily be no future for the past- and therefore rather little future for archaeologists, a