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Aviation Meteorology: Observations and Models. Introduction

techniques to improve safety conditions for flight environments. These platforms need to be developed as a part of integrated systems, such as ground based in situ observations, and remote sensing platforms ... numerical models and remote sensing techniques still remains difficult, mainly because of the lack of observations for physical and dynamical parameterizations as a part of numerical models (Weston et al

Landslide vulnerability assessment in Gangotri valley glacier Himalaya through GIS and remote sensing techniques

-glacial and fluvial processes resulted in the diversified landforms throughout the region. In the present study, remote sensing and GIS techniques have been used to generate various models like digital ... of IRS-PAN satellite data. The remote sensing and GIS techniques are one of the most efficient tools for terrain evaluation and interpretation especially in remote regions. The synoptic coverage and

Gamma-ray astrophysics: roots, growth, and success

This short review outlines the historic roots of high-energy astronomy in the early twentieth century with the discovery of radioactivity, cosmic ray research, and the development of detectors to ... 2 The roots of gamma-ray astrophysics: before 1960 The status of particle physics, cosmic ray (CR) research, and radio astronomy in the 1950s raised widely debated questions like: where do CRs come

Template Metaprogramming Techniques for Concept-Based Specialization

metaprogramming techniques for declaring concepts, modeling relationships (meaning that a type fulfills the requirements of a concept), and refinement relationships (meaning that a concept refines the requirements ... shows how concepts can be used to bypass most of them. Section 3 presents template metaprogramming techniques for conceptbased specialization, and an example using our librarybased solution. Section 4

Interlinking SciGraph and DBpedia Datasets Using Link Discovery and Named Entity Recognition Techniques

smarter applications which integrate data coming from disparate sources. However, often the integration is not easily achievable since it requires discovering and expressing associations across ... paper presents our conclusions, and finally, fifth section examines the possible future research directions. 2 Approach In this section, we describe the employed techniques to interlink two data sets

Medical students and metrics: seven techniques for a win-win situation

metrics.MethodsThis is a descriptive paper based on existing literature and on the authors’ experience.ResultsWinning strategies to improve ED throughput while also supporting the mission of medical education and ... identified and implemented seven techniques at our ED that have been associated with successful improvements in our discharge LOS times as we have served as a core clinical site for the University of Central

Foundation-phase children's causal reasoning in astronomy, biology, chemistry and physics

Soweto, Johannesburg, were interviewed after they had watched classroom demonstrations of the production of carbon dioxide gas, absorption of water and the propulsion of an inflated balloon and after a ... of Basic Education 2011). Topics from the domains of biology, chemistry, physics and astronomy are therefore formally taught in this phase, expecting children to learn through language, pictures and

Characterization of BAT activity in rats using invasive and non-invasive techniques

Introduction Brown adipose tissue (BAT) is considered as a potential target for combating obesity in humans where active BAT metabolizes glucose and fatty acids as fuel resulting in heat production ... soft tissue with a high spatial resolution but struggle to distinguish between white adipose tissue (WAT) and BAT [ 11 ]. These techniques quantify the decrease in fat content during cold exposure as a

La procréation médicalement assistée avec spermatozoïdes immatures: Impératifs cliniques et techniques chirurgicales

techniques and s p e c i a l f e a t u r e s of z y g o t e d e v e l o p m e n t . H u m . Reprod., 1996 , 11 : 4 : 772 - 779 . 16. HANNAY T. : New J a p a n e s e IVF method finally made available in Japan ... : 1339 - 1340 . 4. TOURNAYE H., LIU J., NAGY P.Z. , CAMUS M., G O O S S E N S A ., S I L B E R S J . , VAN S T E I R T E - G H E M A., D E V R O E Y P. : Correlation b e t w e e n testicular histology and

The Vibrating Universe: Astronomy for the Deaf

activity that excites the students and provides a positive experience in astronomy, based on knowledge that they already acquired beforehand in the classroom. Our workshop uses electromagnetic emissions ... outreach activities. Astronomers at UC Riverside and teachers at the California School for the Deaf, Riverside (CSDR), have designed an astronomy workshop aimed specifically for the Deaf using the school’s

Le syndrome de Klinefelter à 20 ans: A propos de 426 observations

circonstance qui nous a permis de colliger 426 observations d o n t l ' e x p l o i t a t i o n p e r m e t de b r o s s e r l'aspect clinique et biologique du syndrome de Klinefelter ~ l'~ge de 20 ans. Le ... . MAYAUDON~ PH. CROZES, J . C . CHARRUT, J . P . RIVELINE, D . GAUTIER B a s e d o n a p e r s o n a l s e r i e s o f 426 c o n s e c u t i v e observations, t h e a u t h o r s look into the different

Computational modelling and data-driven techniques for systems analysis

the combined application of computational modelling methods with data-driven techniques from the areas of knowledge management, data mining and machine learning. Modelling methodologies of interest ... selected experts form the relative areas. 2 Contributions in this special issue The papers in this Special Issue focus on computational and data-driven modelling techniques and tools. Also, new data

Reflection curves—new computation and rendering techniques

Reflection curves on surfaces are important tools for free-form surface interrogation. They are essential for industrial 3D CAD/CAM systems and for rendering purposes. In this note, new approaches ... -end graphics environment, which makes it particularly interesting for industrial applications. The new concepts and techniques described in this note are suited for industrial applications in different

Rhupus : Étude de Deux Observations à Conakry, Guinée

Rhupus is a combination of RA and SLE clinical manifestations. It is a rare clinical entity which still remains controversial. We reported two (2) clinical cases which illustrate its existence by ... European Scientific Journal April 2019 edition Vol.15 Rhupus : ?tude de Deux Observations ? Conakry, Guin?e Cond? Kaba 0 Service de Rhumatologie 0 CHU Ignace Deen 0 0 Universite? de Conakry, Guine?e

Experiences with Resource Provisioning for Scientific Workflows Using Corral

astronomy, earthquake science, and genomics. Provisioning resources with Corral ahead of the workflow execution, reduced the runtime of the astronomy application by up to 78% (45% on average) and of a genome ... Workflow systems have been used to manage largescale, loosely-coupled scientific computations in a wide variety of domains including physics [ 10 ], earth science [ 2,9 ], and astronomy [18]. These

Correction to: Characterization of radioactive cobalt on graphene oxide by macroscopic and spectroscopic techniques

AuthorsAuthors and affiliations Zhongxiu JinJie ShengYubing Sun Correction First Online: 07 May 2019 14 Downloads The original article can be found online at ... characterization of GO. a XRD pattern Notes Publisher's Note Springer Nature remains neutral with regard to jurisdictional claims in published maps and institutional affiliations. Copyright information

Energy Efficiency Trade-Off Between Duty-Cycling and Wake-Up Radio Techniques in IoT Networks

. In this technique the node sleeps most of the time and wakes up only at selected moments to extend the lifespan of nodes up to 5–10 years. Unfortunately, the scheduled duty-cycling technique is always ... all the time. A node will be woken up only on demand, which decreases communication delay and which is important in time-critical applications. In the paper, we analyze various techniques used in the

Forest in situ observations using unmanned aerial vehicle as an alternative of terrestrial measurements

evaluation of ULS in situ observations in varied forest conditions. The study also acts as a benchmarking of available active remote sensing techniques for forest in situ mensuration. The results indicate that ... . Nowadays, the continuous sensor miniaturization had enabled UAV-borne LS (ULS) systems. The advantages of ULS rise from the combination of a near ground aerial perspective for observations and the canopy

Novel TEM Microscopy and Electron Diffraction Techniques to Characterize Cultural Heritage Materials: From Ancient Greek Artefacts to Maya Mural Paintings

nanometric scale. Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and electron diffraction (ED) techniques, like 3D precession electron diffraction tomography and ASTAR phase/orientation mapping, are proposed to study ... materials from various historical periods like Greek amphorisks, Roman glass tesserae, and pre-Hispanic Maya mural paintings. Such TEM-based methods can be an alternative to synchrotron techniques and can

Observations on Decapitated Silkworm Moths

Zooloffiscker anzeier. OBSERVATIONS ON DECAPITATED SILKWORM MOTHS. N. Passerini finds that decapitated silkworm moths live a long time, but are torpid, move with difficulty and only under direct external ... International Journal of - Creek, New England. This is the second discovery of fossil insects in Australia, and the specimens show the impressions of larvae and pupae of E2hemera or "May-fly." 26