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University genres in disciplinary domains: social sciences and humanities and basic sciences and engineering

-comparative study of linguistic-textual features, beginning with the texts that were read in the academic areas of Basic Sciences and Engineering, as well as the Social Sciences and Humanities. This was ... difference between the quantity of texts in the fields of Basic Sciences and Engineering and Social and Human Sciences, as well as a considerable difference between the specific university programs themselves

Data analysis in forest sciences: why do we continue using null hypothesis significance tests?

Statistical methods are indispensable for scientific research. In forest sciences, the use of null hypothesis significance tests (NHSTs) has been the rule of thumb to judge hypotheses or associations ... . Persistence in using NHSTs, instead of better statistical methods or without adequate complements, could render our work inefficient and risky. Reasons for the permanence of NHSTs in forest sciences are

First Rocketsonde Launched from an Unmanned Semi-submersible Vehicle

The unmanned semi-submersible vehicle (USSV) developed by the unmanned surface vehicle team of the Institute of Atmospheric Physics is an unmanned, rugged, and high-endurance autonomous navigation ... Committee for International Association of Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences, Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Science Press and Springer-Verlag GmbH Germany, part of Springer Nature 2019 Authors and

Climate Science, Social Justice, and Science Communication: An Interview with Dr. Alan Wanamaker

directs the Stable Isotope Laboratory in the Department of Geological and Atmospheric Sciences at Iowa State University. In this interview, he explains how climate change is a human right issue and what are

Fundamentals of Geoscience in the Field and Methods in Geoscience Field Instruction

Summer Institute (NMSSI) Program, receiving support from this program, from the Dept. of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, and private donations. The primary aim of this course is to improve educators

Gettysburg Social Sciences Review Fall 2018

Health Get ysburg Social Sciences Review Fall 2018 Gettysburg Social Sciences Review 0 0 Part of the American Politics Commons, Community-Based Research Commons , Community Psychology Commons ... Sexuality Studies Commons, Health Policy Commons, Income Distribution Commons, Other Social and Behavioral Sciences Commons, and the Race and Ethnicity Commons - Article 1 Follow this and additional works

Hopscotch 2.0: an enhanced version of the Model for the Generation of Research Designs in Social Sciences and Education

comprehensively learn these particular research methods (Hammersley, 2004) . Literature suggests that even though qualitative research is profusely used in social sciences and education (Denzin & Lincoln, 2011

Nutrition Education and Behavioral Sciences

West Clinical Translational Research-Infrastructure Network under a grant from National Institute of General Medical Sciences of the National Institutes of Health under award number 4U54GM104944. The

Nonlinear effects in life sciences

This topical issue collects contributions of recent achievements and scientific progress related to the connection between nonlinear dynamics and life sciences. The individual papers focus on ...  KapitaniakSajad Jafari Editorial First Online: 19 October 2018 66 Downloads Part of the following topical collections:Nonlinear Effects in Life Sciences Abstract This topical issue collects

Study of an argon dielectric barrier discharge reactor with atmospheric pressure for material treatment

, mass fraction of excited argon atoms across the discharge gap, mean electron energy, ion and electron current density, and electron temperature are investigated at atmospheric pressure. In order to find ... argon atom density, mass fraction of excited argon atoms and also average power consumption. KeywordsDielectric barrier discharge simulation Atmospheric pressure Reactor gap Relative permittivity Surface


The epistemologic and social task to the classification of sciences is analyzed tending, emphasizing its more excellent genesis, its characteristics, the contributions of some philosophers and the ... execution of such epistemic arrangements are approached. Key words: Classification of Sciences - Epistemology - Sciences. ANTECEDENTES Uno de los temas de estudio considerado como un verdadero

Economic analysis of water production from atmospheric air using Scheffler reflector

. Extract of water vapors particles from atmospheric air.   The first two methods are expensive and also depend upon the regions of availability, but the third method is comparatively cheap and can be ... used in most of the places. Extract of water from atmospheric air can be used by one of the following methods (El-Ghonemy 2012): 1. Condense the water vapors below the dew point temperature.   2

Expanding Frontiers in Chemical Sciences

Download to read the full article text Copyright information © Indian Academy of Sciences 2018

Number 1, Program of the Annual Meeting

provided by members of the Academy who represented the following sections: I. Biological Sciences, II. Chemistry, III. Earth & Atmospheric Sciences, IV. Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Engineering ... .??????.?????????..??????Classroom 003, EC Section III: EARTH AND ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES.??.??.....Classroom 002, EC Section IV: PHYSICS, MATHEMATICS, COMPUTER SCIENCE, ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY..??...????.?????????..Classroom 004

Emergência e realismo perspectivista

foundations of the human sciences, generally speaking, and particularly psychology and sociology. A criterion is put forward, which distinguish metaphysicalfrom ontological (conceptual) problems, and the ... (conceptual) problems, and the notions of complex, hierarchic system and causation that would be suitable for those that defend emergence and perspectivist foundations of the human sciences are discussed

2D Material Membranes for Operando Atmospheric Pressure Photoelectron Spectroscopy

-dimensional materials that can maintain large pressure differences and yet have thicknesses approaching or even falling below the inelastic mean free path of photoelectrons, now allows the atmospheric pressure ... area. KeywordsGraphene Atmospheric pressure XPS Operando spectroscopy Reaction cell  1 Introduction Heterogeneous catalysis is essential for the synthesis and purification of industrial chemicals at

Comparison of Various Mean Field Formulations for Retrieving Refractive Indices of Aerosol Particles Containing Inclusions

atmospheric aerosol components. Atmospheric models often employ EMAs to include internally mixed aerosols without the computational burden of exact theory. In the current work, several types of mixing rules ... University of Central Arkansas , USA 1 Part of the Atmospheric Sciences Commons , Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics Commons Follow this and additional works at: