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General and specialized Orthopaedics

interest and funding [6, 7]. General Orthopaedics appeared as a specialty in the eighteenth century, divided in a high number of sub-specialties in the twentieth century and keeps expanding. Medical ... ; however we know that the access to science is not even on our planet. We acknowledge in the general orthopaedics section efforts made by developing economies to provide quality orthopaedics in specific

Pulmonary tuberculosis: hematology, serum biochemistry and the relation with the disease duration

history of alcohol abuse. For this population, drug addiction was not a risk factor, probably because of their ages, as mean ages (45 years for G1 and 47 years for G2) were in general much higher than

General practitioners’ attitudes towards early diagnosis of dementia: a cross-sectional survey

Dementia is often underdiagnosed in general practice, which may be based on general practitioners’ (GPs’) knowledge and emotional factors as well as external problems. This study aimed to describe ... -0956-1 ©  The Author(s). 2019 Received: 15 November 2018Accepted: 30 April 2019Published: 20 May 2019 Open Peer Review reports Abstract Background Dementia is often underdiagnosed in general

Hematology and plasma biochemistry of wild-caught Indian cobra Naja naja(Linnaeus, 1758)

plasma biochemistry parameters are useful in the assessment and management of snake physiological status. Although reference ranges are readily available for many snake species, they are lacking for most ... venomous ophidians. We determined hematology and plasma biochemistry reference ranges for the wild-caught Indian cobra, Naja naja. Results : Blood samples, taken from the ventral tail vein, were

Mad, bad and dangerous to know: the biochemistry, ecology and evolution of slow loris venom

nature of this adaptation within a primate, its function and chemistry still remains little known. In this review, we detail current knowledge of the ecology and biochemistry of loris venom, and provide ... attack. Conclusion The theoretical framework discussed in this paper provides some support to hypotheses regarding the biochemistry, ecological function and evolution of slow loris venom. Local

General review of titanium toxicity

and potential hazards of titanium should also be evaluated and discussed. The purpose of this article is to provide a general overview of the stability and risk associated with titanium materials and ... implants, and diseases related to titanium. Methods Focus question “What is the general overview of the risks and stability associated with titanium materials?” Literature search This review was prepared

Cosmological dynamics of the general non-canonical scalar field models

We extend the investigation of cosmological dynamics of the general non-canonical scalar field models by dynamical system techniques for a broad class of potentials and coupling functions. In other ... coupling functions. This type of investigation helps in understanding the general properties of a class of cosmological models. In order to better understand the phase space of the models, we investigate the

Histological, Biochemical, and Hematological Effects of Goniothalamin on Selective Internal Organs of Male Sprague-Dawley Rats

effects of its higher doses on internal organs. Accordingly, this study aimed to evaluate the acute and subacute effects of higher doses of GTN on the hematology, biochemistry, and histology of selected ... studies were IP-injected simultaneously with 2 ml/kg of 10% DMSO in PBS. At the end of both tests, rats were sacrificed to collect blood for hematology and biochemistry and harvest livers, kidneys, lungs

What Should a Spanish Graduate in Medicine in the European Higher Education System Know About Biochemistry and Molecular Biology? A Personal Reflection

For over 40 years of working in the area of biochemistry and molecular biology, 30 of which have been spent teaching at the University of Malaga, I have been involved in the theoretical and practical

Spherical regression models with general covariates and anisotropic errors

models in which the covariates can have quite general structure (for example, they may be on the unit sphere, in Euclidean space, categorical or some combination of these) and in which the errors are ...  al. (2014), see also Di Marzio et al. (2014) in a nonparametric context. Recent work in regression modelling on general Riemannian manifolds, for which the unit sphere is a special case, includes the

The race for an artificial general intelligence: implications for public policy

An arms race for an artificial general intelligence (AGI) would be detrimental for and even pose an existential threat to humanity if it results in an unfriendly AGI. In this paper, an all-pay ... decision in uncertain circumstances; it can be said to be intelligent’ (New Scientist 2017, p.  3). A distinction needs to be made between ‘narrow’ (or ‘weak’) AI and Artificial General Intelligence (AGI

Implementation of web-based hospital specialist consultations to improve quality and expediency of general practitioners’ care: a feasibility study

-based consultation (WBC) in general practice is a feasible alternative to decrease referrals. Patients with lumbosacral radicular syndrome, knee complaints, or thyroid dysfunction, who visited the general ... . In the Netherlands, access to more expensive specialized hospital care is only granted via referral by the general practitioner (GP). Consequently, GPs act as gatekeepers and have a pivotal role in

Blood Biochemistry Analysis to Detect Smoking Status and Quantify Accelerated Aging in Smokers

smoking on the rate of biological aging. In this study we demonstrate for the first time that smoking status can be predicted using blood biochemistry and cell count results andthe recent advances in ... ability to assess the smoking status using blood biochemistry and cell count profiles. Results To perform this study, we received a large administrative dataset of anonymized blood biochemistry and cell

Outcomes of general anesthesia versus conscious sedation for Stroke undergoing endovascular treatment: a meta-analysis

the differences of clinical and angiographic outcomes between general anesthesia (GA) and conscious sedation (CS). A literature search in PubMed, Embase, and Web of Knowledge databases through February ... /sedation which are commonly used to make the AIS patients immobile, including general anesthesia (GA) and conscious sedation (CS). However, the understanding of the impact of GA or CS on the outcomes of

Constitutional Law—Uniform Code of Military Justice—General Article Void for Vagueness?

military law have been that it is too harsh, too vague, and too careless of the right to due process of law. A large portion of this criticism has been leveled at Article 134, the general, catch-all article ... careless of the right to due process of law. A large por­ tion of this criticism has been leveled at Article 134,2 the general, catch-all article of the Code. Article 134 provides: 3~ Alabama. Connecticut

The generic model of general relativity

We develop a generic spacetime model in general relativity which can be used to build any gravitational model within general relativity. The generic model uses two types of assumptions: (a) geometric ... 11, 353 (2002)MathSciNetCrossRefGoogle Scholar 5. Dirac, P.: General Theory of Relativity. Princeton University Press, Wiley, New York (1975)zbMATHGoogle Scholar 6. Einstein, A.: Grundgedanken der

Effect of olive meal and supplemental enzymes on performance traits, blood biochemistry, humoral immunity response and caecal microbiota of broilers

This study investigated the growth performance, carcass characteristics, blood biochemistry, humoral immunity and caecal microbiota of broiler chicks fed 0, 2, 4, 6, and 8% olive meal (OM) in diet ... affecting their blood biochemistry, humoral immunity response, and caecal microbiota.   Material and Methods A 42-day experiment was conducted using one-day-old male Ross-308 broiler chicks according to