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The PLOS ONE collection on machine learning in health and biomedicine: Towards open code and open data

Recent years have seen a surge of studies in machine learning in health and biomedicine, driven by digitalization of healthcare environments and increasingly accessible computer systems for ... and data sharing. In bringing together this PLOS ONE collection on machine learning in health and biomedicine, we sought to focus on the importance of reproducibility, making it a requirement, as far as

Defining Human Differences in Biomedicine

useful and authoritative. General scientific or medical editorial style guides have added useful detail and explanations to their chapters on terminology with each new edition [13,14]. A well-known example ... , and at least general guidelines should be developed for these areas, although consensus may take time. Who Is Responsible? Whose responsibility should it be to ensure that race, ethnicity, and other

Fracturas mandibulares en el hospital universitario "General Calixto García

describing the frequent of the mandibles fractures in the Maxillofacial Surgery's service at the University Hospital General Calixto García. Material and methods: it came true a prospective study, descriptive ... CIENCIAS QUIRÚRGICAS   Universidad de Ciencias Médicas de La Habana Facultad de Ciencias Médicas "General Calixto García" Facultad de Estomatología "Raúl González Sánchez

Representações sociais e hanseníase em São Domingos do Capim: um estudo de caso na Amazônia

disease outbreak in a dynamic, articulating the perceptions of patients and their families, interpretations and diagnostic approach of traditional healers and practitioners of Biomedicine. The study shows

Achieving Mastery of General Surgery Operative Skill in the Army Healthcare System

and cumulative operative time were calculated for active duty general surgeons and for individual MTFs. Subgroup analyses were also performed based upon rank. Results were extrapolated to calculate the ... amount of time it would take to reach a cumulative of 10,000 hours of operative time (the a priori definition for achieving mastery). Results One hundred and two active duty general surgeons operated at

Clinical Holistic Medicine: When Biomedicine is Inadequate

. The modern physician cannot rely solely on drugs, but must also have holistic tools in his medical toolbox. This is the only way we can improve the general health of our populations. Whenever NNT ... one Dane in two dies from a cardiovascular disease, so biomedicine has obviously no effective cure against most heart conditions. The general practitioner will see the patient in the community, refer to

Panorama general y programas de protección de seguridad alimentaria en México

cuentan con condiciones de seguridad alimentaria, prevaleciendo enfermedades infecciosas diarreicas y respiratorias agudas.(6)   DESARROLLO Panorama general de salud alimentaria en México A nivel ... obtención del panorama general de estado de seguridad alimentaria en México se acudió a la Encuesta Nacional de Salud y Nutrición (ENSANUT 2012), la cual permite conocer la cantidad de niños en edad escolar

Federalism, bicameralism, and institutional change: general trends and one case-study

strategic decision to abstain or simply not show up, since it critically depends on the issue under examination. However, it makes it more difficult to establish a general rule for comparing roll-call votes

General modified Friedmann equations in Rainbow flat universe, by thermodynamics

general sufficient to obtain the equations in flat FRW metrics. ... Einstein equations using a thermodynamic approach. As general relativity (GR) equations lead to Friedmann equations (FEs), the approach was adopted [2] in a cosmological setup to reach the FEs in general

Ulcerative lesions of the mouth: an update for the general medical practitioner

described in this paper. The aim of this review is to provide a focus on ulcerative disorders, either of general clinical significance, or relevant to gastroenterology. Oral ulcers of traumatic (physical

A general framework for frequentist model averaging

' one, a model averaging approach suggests to fit a set of candidate models and average over the estimators using data adaptive weights. In this paper we establish a general frequentist model averaging

General characterization of venom from the Moroccan snakes Macrovipera mauritanica and Cerastes cerastes

poisoning cases is underestimated at 5 million per year with a mortality rate of 2.5% (18). In Morocco, the fact that vipers are responsible for a large number of accidents may reflect the general abundance

Cien años de la edición del Curso de Lingüística General: la herencia saussureana

The centennial anniversary of the Course in General Linguistics represents an opportunity to look through a work that allow us to access -albeit indirectly and in no few aspects simplified- to a way ... , México.   RESUMEN El centenario de la aparición del Curso de Lingüística General constituye la ocasión para revisar una obra que permitió tener acceso —aunque de una manera indirecta y en no pocos

Visual Search Performance Does Not Relate to Autistic Traits in the General Population

, enhanced visual search may represent an adaptive trait associated with ASD. Here, using a large general population sample (N = 608, aged 9–14 years), we tested if higher levels of autistic traits are ... commonly operationalized as the extreme end of a phenotypic continuum of autistic traits normally distributed in the general population (Lundström et al. 2012; Robinson et al. 2015). From this perspective

Reseña de Ley General de Cultura y Derechos Culturales promulgada en México en 2017

. México, 2017. La Ley General de Cultural y Derechos Culturales publicada en el Diario Oficial de la Federación el 19 de junio de 2017 se sustenta en las reformas a los artículos 4º y 73º de la ... su reglamento publicado en 2016, y finalmente se aprobó la Ley General de Cultura y Derechos Culturales que deberá regirla en 2017. Una ley que al ser general, con excepción de las responsabilidades

Rehabilitación bucal bajo anestesia general en el síndrome de Alagille. Reporte de un caso

la rehabilitación bucal bajo anestesia general, cabe destacar que el paciente presentaba pigmentación completa de la dentición primaria de color verde a causa de la bilirrubina; el tratamiento fue ... of Alagille Syndrome and the multidisciplinary treatment to carry out the buccal rehabilitation under general anesthesia, it is important to inform that the patient presented complete green

Virginia’s 2018 General Assembly Session in Review

The 2018 General Assembly session came on the heels of what many deemed a shocking 2017 election cycle. Democrats gained a surprising number of seats in the General Assembly, creating the need for ... ://scholarship.richmon - Article 9 VIRGINIA?S 2018 GENERAL ASSEMBLY SESSION IN REVIEW Mollie Laird* * J.D. Candidate class of 2019 at the University of Richmond School of Law. Mollie Laird

Some remarks on wave solutions in general relativity theory

This paper reviews the concept of pp-waves and plane waves in classical general relativity theory. The first four sections give discussions of some algebraic constructions and symmetry concepts which ... )Google Scholar 4. Bel, L.: Radiation states and the problem of energy in general relativity. Gen. Relat. Gravit. 32, 2047–2078 (2000)MathSciNetCrossRefGoogle Scholar 5. Brinkmann, H.W.: Einstein spaces

Comparing video and direct laryngoscopy for tracheal intubation in the general ward

intubation in the general ward, they showed that the use of VL was associated with a higher first-attempt success rate, but did not reduce intubation-related complications. The strengths of this study are a ... large sample and the use of consistent patients needing urgent intubation in the general ward by medical emergency team. Furthermore, the authors had applied right statistical methods including

Tratamiento anticoagulante oral en pacientes sometidos a remplazo valvular en un hospital general de Antofagasta, Chile

replacement at a general hospital in Antofagasta, Chile   Carlos Arce1, Ian Mir2, Piero Maqueira2, Bruno Solari1, Javier Labbé3-4. 1 Médico Cirujano; 2 Estudiante de Medicina Universidad de Antofagasta