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Integration of imaging biomarkers into systems biomedicine: a renaissance for medical imaging

Systems biomedicine consists in the integration of biosciences, medicine and computer sciences. Systems biomedicine is supposed to allow a holistic approach to the human subject and its disease ... imaging procedures in the growing area of systems biomedicine. The terms “Systems biomedicine”, “Systems medicine” were used for bibliographic search in Pubmed and Web of sciences. Most relevant papers were

General and specialized Orthopaedics

interest and funding [6, 7]. General Orthopaedics appeared as a specialty in the eighteenth century, divided in a high number of sub-specialties in the twentieth century and keeps expanding. Medical ... ; however we know that the access to science is not even on our planet. We acknowledge in the general orthopaedics section efforts made by developing economies to provide quality orthopaedics in specific

Bill Carter Jenkins (1945–2019)

Tuskegee whistle-blower who drove social justice in biomedicine.

Cosmological dynamics of the general non-canonical scalar field models

We extend the investigation of cosmological dynamics of the general non-canonical scalar field models by dynamical system techniques for a broad class of potentials and coupling functions. In other ... coupling functions. This type of investigation helps in understanding the general properties of a class of cosmological models. In order to better understand the phase space of the models, we investigate the

Spherical regression models with general covariates and anisotropic errors

models in which the covariates can have quite general structure (for example, they may be on the unit sphere, in Euclidean space, categorical or some combination of these) and in which the errors are ...  al. (2014), see also Di Marzio et al. (2014) in a nonparametric context. Recent work in regression modelling on general Riemannian manifolds, for which the unit sphere is a special case, includes the

The race for an artificial general intelligence: implications for public policy

An arms race for an artificial general intelligence (AGI) would be detrimental for and even pose an existential threat to humanity if it results in an unfriendly AGI. In this paper, an all-pay ... decision in uncertain circumstances; it can be said to be intelligent’ (New Scientist 2017, p.  3). A distinction needs to be made between ‘narrow’ (or ‘weak’) AI and Artificial General Intelligence (AGI

General review of titanium toxicity

and potential hazards of titanium should also be evaluated and discussed. The purpose of this article is to provide a general overview of the stability and risk associated with titanium materials and ... implants, and diseases related to titanium. Methods Focus question “What is the general overview of the risks and stability associated with titanium materials?” Literature search This review was prepared

The PLOS ONE collection on machine learning in health and biomedicine: Towards open code and open data

Recent years have seen a surge of studies in machine learning in health and biomedicine, driven by digitalization of healthcare environments and increasingly accessible computer systems for ... and data sharing. In bringing together this PLOS ONE collection on machine learning in health and biomedicine, we sought to focus on the importance of reproducibility, making it a requirement, as far as

Defining Human Differences in Biomedicine

useful and authoritative. General scientific or medical editorial style guides have added useful detail and explanations to their chapters on terminology with each new edition [13,14]. A well-known example ... , and at least general guidelines should be developed for these areas, although consensus may take time. Who Is Responsible? Whose responsibility should it be to ensure that race, ethnicity, and other

Preparation and characterization of general-purpose gelatin-based co-loading flavonoids nano-core structure

. FLA@GNPs is a promising general-purpose gelatin-based co-loading preload structure with simplified operation and storage condition. ... adsorption indicate that the hydrogen bonding theory of the combination of gelatin molecules with polyphenols cannot sufficiently explain the binding of GNPs with polyphenols. FLA@GNPs is a promising general

The generic model of general relativity

We develop a generic spacetime model in general relativity which can be used to build any gravitational model within general relativity. The generic model uses two types of assumptions: (a) geometric ... 11, 353 (2002)MathSciNetCrossRefGoogle Scholar 5. Dirac, P.: General Theory of Relativity. Princeton University Press, Wiley, New York (1975)zbMATHGoogle Scholar 6. Einstein, A.: Grundgedanken der

General relativistic model for mixed fluid sphere with equation of state

We generate a general frame work to solve the Einstein system with an equation of state that describe static spherically symmetric anisotropic matter distribution in terms of a generating function ... solutions correspond to non-singular metric functions with physically acceptable energy momentum tensor. In this work we generate a general frame work describing static spherically symmetric anisotropic

General fluctuations of the type II pure spinor string on curved backgrounds

Abstract The general fluctuations, in the form of vertex operators, for the type II superstring in the pure spinor formalism are considered. We review the construction of these vertex operators in ... :1807.05149] [INSPIRE].ADSMathSciNetCrossRefzbMATHGoogle Scholar [8] O. Chandía, General fluctuations of the heterotic pure spinor string on curved backgrounds, JHEP 02 (2019) 116 [arXiv:1812.05124] [INSPIRE

RCSB Protein Data Bank: biological macromolecular structures enabling research and education in fundamental biology, biomedicine, biotechnology and energy

researchers, educators and students studying Fundamental Biology, Biomedicine, Biotechnology and Energy. Recent reorganization of RCSB PDB activities into four integrated, interdependent services is described ... PDB data. This enduring commitment reflects the critical importance of structure data to basic and applied research in Fundamental Biology, Biomedicine, Biotechnology and Energy. As a faithful steward

Effects of smoking status, history and intensity on heart rate variability in the general population: The CHRIS study

Scienze Biomediche per la Salute , Universita? degli Studi di Milano , Milano , Italy , 5 Centro di Medicina dello Sport, Fondazione Don C. Gnocchi , Milano , Italy , 6 Department of Neurology, General

The most general λ-deformation of CFTs and integrability

Abstract We show that the CFT with symmetry group \( {G}_{k_1}\times {G}_{k_2}\times \cdots \times {G}_{k_n} \) consisting of WZW models based on the same group G, but at arbitrary integer levels, admits an integrable deformation depending on 2(n − 1) continuous parameters. We derive the all-loop effective action of the deformed theory and prove integrability. We also calculate...

Clinical Holistic Medicine: When Biomedicine is Inadequate

. The modern physician cannot rely solely on drugs, but must also have holistic tools in his medical toolbox. This is the only way we can improve the general health of our populations. Whenever NNT ... one Dane in two dies from a cardiovascular disease, so biomedicine has obviously no effective cure against most heart conditions. The general practitioner will see the patient in the community, refer to

El delirio de negación: Resumen general

diversos, del fondo nosológico en que se asientan. Si bien los alienados son por lo general negadores, esta tendencia a la negación está muy marcada sobre todo en los melancólicos. Por ello, estos enfermos ... se presenta la mayoría de las veces después de uno o varios accesos de melancolía, sobre todo ansiosa, y revistiendo la forma común. Indica, por lo general, un estado de cronicidad; la enfermedad

The Ontology of Uncertainty in Finance: The Normative Legacy of General Equilibrium

répartition la meilleure des risques. Econométrie, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Paris, 1953) in his model of general equilibrium under uncertainty, which became a milestone in the theory of ... familiar narrative of the performativity of economics. KeywordsPerformativity General equilibrium State pricing approach Arrow securities Market socialism Normativity  Finance—as a sector of the economy

The propagator seagull: general evaluation of a two loop diagram

Abstract We study a two loop diagram of propagator type with general parameters through the Symmetries of Feynman Integrals (SFI) method. We present the SFI group and equation system, the group