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Efficiency and performance tests of the sorptive building materials that reduce indoor formaldehyde concentrations

The adsorption of volatile organic compounds by building materials reduces the pollutant concentrations in indoor air. We collected three interior building materials with adsorption potentials—latex ... siding-used the sorptive building materials test (SBMT) to determine how much they reduced indoor formaldehyde (HCHO) concentrations, and then assessed the consequent reduction in human cancer risk from

The Effects of Building Materials on Building Biology and the Resultant Air Quality

more. In this study; the definition of building biology, types and sources of indoor air pollutants and the impact of materials on indoor environment and human health are discussed in detail. ... with the natural materials that were provided from where building will stand. In order to design a healthy building, the users have to take part in every stage of the construction. In today‟s world

Potential Damage to Modern Building Materials from 21st Century Air Pollution

The evolution of damage to building materials has been estimated for the 21st century, with a particular focus on aluminum, zinc, copper, plastic, paint, and rubber in urban areas. We set idealized ... TSW Environment 1537-744X Potential Damage to Modern Building st Materials from 21 Century Air Pollution Peter Brimblecombe 0 Carlota M. Grossi 0 0 School of Environmental Sciences, University of


building materials without destroying the investigated buildings’ plaster or facing. It is observed that the best results can be achieved on higher temperatures at IR-Thermography. ... 1995 ). Later in the years? unknown reconstruction has been made and most of the materials used in the building remained unknown until today (Figure 1). 3. METHODS It is not possible and feasible to

Protein-Based Structural Materials

in this issue. Protein-based materials, like many biomaterials, hold many opportunities for the future. First, materials from Nature exhibit many creative and unexpected implementations that

Slaying the Jurisprudential Beast: Virginia's Flawed Multi-Factor Approach to Differentiating Ordinary Building Materials from Equipment and Machinery under Code Sec. 8.01-250

Gypsum Co., Virginia courts have assembled a multi-factor test to distinguish the term of art, "ordinary building materials," from "equipment" or "machinery." This Comment argues that this sprawling and ... -establishedclassification system of improvements to realproperty, the courts would apply common-sense notions of "ordinary building materials" and "equipment" rather than the current multi-factoranalysis. This construction

Applications of Microwave Materials: A Review

The performance of microwave devices mainly depends on the properties of materials used in the fabrication. Knowledge of material properties at microwave frequencies is a prerequisite to select ... frequencies is a prerequisite to select suitable materials for various microwave applications and vice versa. In this review, seven categories of materials and their applications in a microwave regime are

Key factors of clinical research network capacity building

, clinical research network capacity building refers to programs aimed at enhancing networks of researchers to conduct clinical research. Although in the literature there is a large body of research on how to ... failures can assist in the future capacity building efforts to be more practical, effective and efficient. In this paper, we aim to provide an overview of capacity building in clinical research network by (1

A New Approach for Investigation of Mode II Fracture Toughness in Orthotropic Materials

sandwich beams using asymmetrical beam shear test.” Construction and Building Materials 24(10): 1952-1960. [ Links ] Melin, L. N. and Neumeister, J. M. (2006). “Measuring constitutive shear behavior of ... , T. (2013). “Shear mechanical characterization of balsa wood as core material of composite sandwich panels.” Construction and Building Materials 41: 231-238. [ Links ] Pierron, F. and Vautrin, A

Physical and Mechanical Properties of Cemented Ash-Based Lightweight Building Materials with and without Pumice

Pumice, cements (CEM I- and CEM II-type), waste fly and bottom ashes (IFA, GBA, and BBA) supplied from international companies were used to produce lightweight building materials, and physical ... it has an annual growth rate of 7.1% and a share of 6% in the gross national product (GNP); and lightweight building materials were considered because they have a high market value, they have

Aproveitamento sustentável de biomassa e de recursos naturais na inovação química

Increased production of biomass is currently the only immediately accessible alternative for large-scale carbon sequestration and it can produce large amounts of food, fuel and raw materials for the ... can in turn growingly replace oil as a source of organic building blocks and also of hydrogen and sulfur. Development of processes for biomass and abundant minerals transformation into chemical raw

Improving marketing activities of small enterprises that produce building materials

The article examines the problems of improving the marketing activities of small enterprises that produce construction materials. We propose concrete measures based on the experience of the most ... MATEC Web of Conferences Improving marketing activities of enterprises that produce building materials small Pavel Shikov 0 Yuri Shikov 0 0 St. Petersburg State University industrial technologies

Materials Selection of Optimized Titanium Alloys for Aircraft Applications

explore the correlation between the physical metallurgy of titanium alloys and its main attributes to select optimized materials for structural aircraft applications in the landing gear beam. The Ashby's ... method was employed as the materials selection strategy to consolidate and evaluate the data collected from the current literature in a comprehensive and consistent analysis. Landing gear beam materials

How Overly Cautious Risk Assessment Methods Overstate Risk from PCBs in Indoor Air

The past use of building materials that contained polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) is prompting public concern and expensive PCB removal projects. Building materials that may contain PCBs include ... difference in the chemical make up of PCBs in air compared to the chemical make up of the PCBs in the building materials they originated from; and 2) how the variability in certain commercial lots of PCBs

Shelter building behavior of Pyrrhopyge papius (Lepidoptera: Hesperiidae) and the use of the Mayfield method for estimating survivorship of shelter-building Lepidopteran larvae

describe the shelter building behavior of Pyrrhopyge papius Hopffer, 1874 from northeastern Ecuador. Subsequently we test the use of the Mayfield method, a widely-used ornithological method for estimating ... described the ontogeny of larval shelter-building behavior by observing larvae in the field from 1999 to 2006. To avoid artifacts of confinement within containers, we described only shelters built under

Nanotecnología aplicada a la Arquitectura: La investigación arquitectónica de nuevos materiales y sistemas constructivos como detonante en la creación de nuevos nichos laborales para el arquitecto

In a discipline that historically stands far from the scientific and technological work that benefits to itself, a real architectonic research of new and emerging materials and building systems shows ... research of building materials and systems, Labor niches for architects, Advanced & emergent architectonic applications, Nanostructured building materials.   Introducción Al finalizar la primera década

Towards a more effective and reliable salt crystallization test for porous building materials: state of the art

The durability of building materials with respect to salt crystallization is commonly determined by accelerated weathering tests, carried out in the laboratory. An effective laboratory weathering ... procedures. Salt 1 Introduction Salt crystallization is a major cause of damage in porous building materials (e.g. [ 1–3 ]). Despite extensive ongoing research in this field, the complexity of the problem

Vibration Analysis of Bilayered Graphene Sheets for Building Materials in Thermal Environments Based on the Element-Free Method

double layer graphene sheets (DLGSs) in thermal environments which helps probe into the mechanism of energy conservation of graphene sheets in building materials. The nonlocal elastic theory and classical