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Effects of taurine supplementation in elite swimmers performance

180.0 ± 4 cm, and a body mass index (BMI) of 24.1 ± 0.6 kg/m2. All volunteers were from the elite competitive swim team of Ribeirão Preto city. These athletes regularly trained two to three hours per day ... were instructed to breathe immediately into a face mask (Hans Rudolph, Kansas City, MO, USA) connected to a breath-by-breath gas analyses system Medics Calorimeter® (SensorMedics Corporation, Yorba Linda

Incidência de lesões musculoesqueléticas em atletas de elite do basquetebol feminino

Basketball is a competitive sport, presenting a high incidence of contact and movement injuries. OBJECTIVE: to determine the incidence of musculoskeletal injuries in elite female basketball athletes ... mais visíveis na região lombar e joelho, exigindo programas intensivos de prevenção e acompanhamento de atletas de elite no basquetebol feminino. Descritores: Lesões esportivas; Epidemiologia

La idea de universidad en tiempos de masificación

institutional platform that provides it, particularly with regard to the university component. It describes the ideal, spiritual, elite, mass, heteroclite and post-modern university and the reactions of the ... institucional que o provê, especialmente no seu componente universitário. Descreve-se o passo da universidade ideal, espiritual, de elite, para a universidade das massas, heteróclita e pós-moderna, e as reações

La idea de universidad en tiempos de masificación

institutional platform that provides it, particularly with regard to the university component. It describes the ideal, spiritual, elite, mass, heteroclite and post-modern university and the reactions of the ... institucional que o provê, especialmente no seu componente universitário. Descreve-se o passo da universidade ideal, espiritual, de elite, para a universidade das massas, heteróclita e pós-moderna, e as reações

Novo Parafuso (Acutrak®) No tratamento cirúrgico de jogadores de futebol de elite com fraturas do quinto metatarso

of fifth metatarsal fractures using Acutrak® screw in elite football players. MATERIAL AND METHOD: Three cases of fifth metatarsal fracture in elite football players. The mean age was 24 years old (18 ... do quinto metatarso usando o parafuso Acutrak® em jogadores de futebol de elite. MATERIAL E MÉTODOS: Três casos de fratura do quinto metatarso em jogadores de futebol de elite são apresentados. A

Patterns of Middling Migrant Sociabilities: a Case Study of a Disempowered City and Towns

Drawing on scalar theory of locality and the concept of urban sociabilities, this paper discusses sociabilities, social encounters based on domains of commonality, between middling migrants and local ... feeling of strangeness and otherness experienced by migrants due to cultural and social distance. In contrast to mainstream literature that concentrates on low-skilled migrants or elite professionals in

Introgression of peanut smut resistance from landraces to elite peanut cultivars (Arachis hypogaea L.)

susceptible peanut elite cultivars (Arachis hypogaea L. subsp. hypogaea) and two resistant landraces (Arachis hypogaea L. subsp. fastigiata Waldron). Parents and RILs were evaluated under high inoculum pressure ... first report of smut genetic resistance identified in peanut landraces and its introgression into elite peanut cultivars. - Data Availability Statement: All the data are provided within the body of the

Physical co-presence intensity: Measuring dynamic face-to-face interaction potential in public space using social media check-in records

interplay between spatial geometry, urban movement, and face-to-face encounters. Using anonymized social media check-in records from Shanghai, China, this study proposes pipelines for quantifying physical ... neighborhood streets. This evidence suggests that neighborhood streets facilitate local functions in residential communities, which are hidden geometrically from the places where faceto-face encounters between

Missional church and local constraints: A Dutch perspective

all over the world. In Africa, North America and Europe, churches and local faith communities have been challenged by the changes in the religious state of affairs since the 1960s. Whether we still call ... it 'secularisation' or rephrase it as 'differentiated transformation', the face of religion is changing globally. In many parts of the world, this raises a feeling of crisis that gives way to the

Analysis of elite soccer players’ performance before and after signing a new contract

Perf Anal Sport . 2016 ; 16 ( 3 ): 792 - 800 . 16. Lago-Pe?as C , Go?mez MA, Pollard R . Home advantage in elite soccer matches. A transient effect? Int J Perf Anal Sport . 2017 ; 17 ( 1-2 ): 86 - 95 ... individual?s performance which can be used to improve a player?s recruitment policies and to control for social-cultural (e.g., foreign/ national, top elite leagues) influences that impact players? performance

La Inestable Aceptación de la Homosexualidad: El Caso de las Escuelas Católicas de Elite en Santiago de Chile

Within elitist catholic schools, homosexuality is treated as the result of conciliation between contemporary norms guaranteeing an individual’s coherent sexuality, and ecclesiastic rules defining a school’s educational program. Supposedly, catholic schools would be hostile towards non-dominant sexualities; however, different factors contribute to the emergence of an "accepting...

Resilience, stress and injuries in the context of the Brazilian elite rhythmic gymnastics

and injuries, resilience acts by optimizing the injury recovery process. It was concluded that resilience plays a role in the process of injury rehabilitation and stress control in elite rhythmic ... shown that social support was the most prevalent and most important variable for these athletes to be able to deal with the entirety of adversities that they face, as well as staying in the elite context

Joint specific power production in cycling: The effect of cadence and intensity

examining the effect of low cadence on joint contribution to power. Purpose Our purpose was to investigate joint specific power production in recreational and elite cyclists during low- and moderate cycling ... upward. It also demonstrates that there is a difference in joint contribution between elite- and recreational cyclists, and provide evidence for the possibility of achieving higher relative hip joint power

Spatial and Social Distance at the Onset of the Fertility Transition: Sweden, 1880–1900

the initial phase of the Swedish fertility transition. We conduct spatially sensitive multilevel analyses on full-count individual-level census data. Our results show that the elite constituted the ... existence of communication communities of similar social backgrounds is important for understanding the mechanisms of the fertility decline. The elite also likely differed from others in their access to

Agreement among Six Methods of Predicting the Anaerobic Lactate Threshold in Elite Cross-Country Skiers

was gathered from 8 male elite cross country skiers across two treadmill running incremental exercise tests. The above methods were used to predict LTan. Bland-Altman limits of agreement and Lin’s ... ; physiology; sport; sport science; statistical methods INTRODUCTION Elite cross-country skiers are required to train extensively at many different intensities in order to achieve the all-around fitness

A dependence on politics: Fernando Henrique Cardoso and sociology in Brazil

that of the politician1, much less something that can only be explained as being one of those "things that only happen in Brazil". The study of Fernando Henrique's social path, particularly of his ... . Florestan often expressed the difficulty experienced by a student from the lower classes in trying to break into the select world of the new intellectual elite; this was mainly represented by his lack of

Sending a boy to do a man's job: Hegemonic masculinity and the 'boy

. Failure to meet these norms can result in suggestions that boys are unmanly. For elite Romans, masculinity was attained through the domination of others, including spouse, children and enemies. Though Jesus ... Thomas, his actions lend themselves to interpretation in terms of expectations for elite Roman males. In this text, Jesus is described as behaving in ways normally associated with hegemonic masculinity in

Effects of playing position, pitch location, opposition ability and team ability on the technical performance of elite soccer players in different score line states

advantages over the visiting team [ 31,33,34 ]. Home advantage has also been found to produce triggers for positive momentum (e.g. crowd effects) [ 35,36,37 ] as supporters are typically in a win frame ... not surprising given research investigating match location effects has suggested that the home team have a number of advantages over the visiting team [ 31,33 ]. Home advantage has also been found to

Forty years of business research in China: a critical reflection and projection

Indigenous business research has largely mirrored the economic growth in China over the past 40 years, which has reached a critical juncture. It is, therefore, important to take stock of the past ... predications and suggestions will be offered. KeywordsIndigenous business research Contextualized research Business research in China  Preamble This year marks the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and

Elite fellowship created p.7

ALSTON FELLOWS TO RECEIVE FULL-TUITION-PLUS SCHOLARSHIP Georgia Law has established an elite fellowship program as a result of a $2 million founding gift from The John N. Goddard Foundation