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Assessment of self-explaining effect in a large enrolment General Chemistry course

-explaining on conceptual understanding of chemistry. Learning and performance tasks were completed individually in the classroom ecology of a large-enrolment General Chemistry course in the US. The study ... Chemistry. Keywords Self-explaining; Classroom study; Chemistry education; Scientific explanation; General Chemistry RESUMEN La auto-explicación se refiere a la generación de inferencias para el

Presentation of Origin of the Covalent Bond in Turkish General Chemistry Textbooks: A History and Philosophy of Science Perspective

) bond by Lewis; 2) to formulate criteria based on the HPS perspective that could be useful in the evaluation of general chemistry textbooks; and 3) to evaluate 27 general chemistry textbooks (published in ... ) evaluated general chemistry textbooks (published in U.S.A.) and found that most textbooks lacked a history and philosophy of science (HPS) perspective and thus did not deal adequately with the dilemma faced

Prevalence and determinants of stillbirth among women attended deliveries in Aksum General Hospital: a facility based cross-sectional study

. Therefore this was aimed to assess the prevalence and determinants of stillbirth using facility based cross-sectional study among women attended deliveries at Aksum General Hospital in 2018. Systematic random ... to Statistical Package for Social Science version 21 for analysis. Bivariate and multivariable logistic regression analysis were conducted to identify significant predictors and strength of association

The SALS App: Making Chemistry Accessible With iOS Devices

light are converted to changes in sound, the latter now rendered with iPhone or iPad audio. The SALS probe assists the student with visual impairment in a variety of science activities, including those ... . The SALS app also provides options to store tones from experiments and to convert tones to Hertz for quantitative expression of data. Accessibility; Chemistry; SALS; Science; STEM INTRODUCTION

Atmospheric Chemistry and Air Pollution

Atmospheric chemistry is an important discipline for understanding air pollution and its impacts. This mini-review gives a brief history of air pollution and presents an overview of some of the basic ... , 9700 South Cass Avenue, Building 203, Argonne, IL 60439-4843; Tel: 630-252-4178; Fax: 630-252-7415 1 DOMAINS: Atmospheric Systems, Chemical Composition, Environmental Chemistry, Environmental Monitoring

Publication Trends in Drug Delivery and Magnetic Nanoparticles

its applications are progressing in recent years. The results show that documents in the field of nanoparticles in chemistry and material science have improved in citation rate, as the authors were ... 100 papers including 42 articles and 57 review papers and a review on a book chapter, the most common research area is “Chemistry”. “Material Science” is in fact the second favourite research area with

Teaching and Learning with Chemistry in Context

Chemistry in Context is an issues-based curriculum model developed by the American Chemical Society for non-science majors at the college level. Through six editions, the goal has been to establish ... students and faculty. Key words: Non-science majors, issues-based curriculum, science-society interface.   Resumen Chemistry in Context es un modelo curricular con base en problemas, desarrollado por

Analytical chemistry with biosolvents

One of the current trends in green analytical chemistry is the introduction of green solvents, some of which are biobased. At the same time, the development of the biorefinery concept has allowed ... biodegradable and less toxic than most of the solvents that derive from petroleum-related sources) in both analytical chemistry [8] and general green chemistry [10]. As the practical application of biobased

Automation: Chemistry shoots for the Moon

argument in favour of automation is that chemical synthesis is tedious and difficult, even for experts. For many researchers, the process is as much art as science. Burke says that chemistry has become “an ... researchers are making slow, steady progress by focusing on certain compounds, such as small molecules that are potential drug candidates.The resulting systems could shake up synthetic chemistry by automating

Foundation-phase children's causal reasoning in astronomy, biology, chemistry and physics

This study aimed at finding out how young children express their thinking about some of the themes in the early-grades school science curriculum. Foundation-phase children at a primary school in ... spontaneous development, based on some ad hoc instruction. Some concepts from biology are taught in the foundation phase, but very few concepts from chemistry, physics or astronomy are included in the general

Chemistry: Why the Subject is Difficult?

One aspect common in every culture is the decreasing number of students studying chemistry. What are the barriers that prevent students from learning chemistry? The objective of this study is to ... Chemistry? - A History and Philosophy of Science Perspective, Science & Education, 10(3), 243-266, 2001.         [ Links ] Niaz, M., Teaching General Chemistry. A History and Philosophy of Science Approach

Promoting argumentation in undergraduate chemistry teaching

Studies have demonstrated the importance of argumentation in science education. Based on this assertion, we have tried to develop argumentative abilities in chemistry undergraduate students through a ... chemistry undergraduate students through a teaching methodology based on case studies. The process culminated with class presentations by student groups about possible solutions for the cases. To assess the

Investigando a presença da história da ciência em livros didáticos de Química Geral para o ensino superior

This paper aims at analyzing the history of science content of three general chemistry textbooks used in Brazilian universities: the translations of Kotz and Treichel's Chemistry & Chemical ... general chemistry textbooks     Maria Angélica Moreira Fernandes; Paulo Alves Porto* Instituto de Química, Universidade de São Paulo, Av. Prof. Lineu Prestes, 748 05508-900 São Paulo - SP, Brasil

Selenium and tellurium chemistry: historical background

In this paper we present a general survey on the history of the selenium and tellurium chemistry in Brazil and worldwide. ... chemistry areas in Brazil. The participating Brazilian laboratories received an enormous input of new scientific knowledge. A new mentality as to how to do science was introduced.5 Regarding the selenium

Automation in clinical chemistry: developments and recent trends

that in the clinical application of chemistry, automation as we now know it for laboratory work was born, and most of the subsequent advances have been made. There are several reasons why the automation ... of clinical chemistry is not difficult: the samples involved, mostly blood, but also urine and other body fluids, are liquid; the substances to be measured are largely present within clearly defined

Human Development VIII: A Theory of “Deep” Quantum Chemistry and Cell Consciousness: Quantum Chemistry Controls Genes and Biochemistry to Give Cells and Higher Organisms Consciousness and Complex Behavior

Deep quantum chemistry is a theory of deeply structured quantum fields carrying the biological information of the cell, making it able to remember, intend, represent the inner and outer world for ... , behavior and division. We suggest that deep quantum chemistry gives the cell consciousness and all the qualities and abilities related to consciousness. We use geometric symbolism, which is a pre

Mass spectrometry-based metabolomics of volatiles as a new tool for understanding aroma and flavour chemistry in processed food products

formation of volatile aroma compounds that can make food tastier or may introduce off-flavours. Metabolomics tools are only now being used to study the formation of these flavour compounds in order to ... metabolomics in food science and nutrition has been reviewed (Wishart 2008; Cevallos–Cevallos et al. 2009; Scalbert et al. 2009) and the importance of improvements in food analytical chemistry, such as high

Review of Food Bolus Management

of any previous history of dysphagia, food impaction, gastroesophageal reflux disease, known structural esophageal abnormalities and the contents of meals. In general, the patient?s localization of ... Can J Gastroenterol Review of food bolus management Hin Hin Ko FRCPC 0 Robert Enns FRCPC 0 Dr Hin Hin Ko 0 0 Division of Gastroenterology, St Paul's Hospital, University of British Columbia

Visões de ciências de professores de química: a mídia e as reflexões no ambiente escolar no nível médio de ensino

The present paper discusses the influence of TV and general media on students scientific ideas and the teacher's perception of this influence on students during class time. 17 high-school chemistry ... time. 17 high-school chemistry teachers with teaching degree, working in state schools, were interviewed. The interviews showed that both, teachers and students, have a positive opinion of science and

Innovative chemistry learning model: Improving the critical thinking skill and self-efficacy of pre-service chemistry teachers

Pre-service chemistry teachers should have the 21st century competence such as critical thinking skill. Unfortunately, the critical thinking skill dan self-efficacy level of Indonesian pre-service ... chemistry learning that can improve critical thinking skills in solving the problems they face. Chemistry is one branch of natural science. Based on global and historical views, all aspects of daily life