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Translationally Invariant Universal Classical Hamiltonians

simple classical spin models that are universal: they can replicate—in a precise and rigorous sense—the complete physics of any other classical spin model, to any desired accuracy. However, all previously ... computer science, in particular recent complexity theoretic results on tiling problems. Our results imply that there exists a single Hamiltonian which encompasses all classical spin physics, just by tuning a

Continuum Analysis of Rarefaction Effects on a Thermally Induced Gas Flow

A Maxwell gas confined within a micro cavity with nonisothermal walls is investigated in the slip and early transition regimes using the classical and extended continuum theories. The vertical sides ... classical continuum theory results (NSF) using the first and second order of velocity slip and temperature jump boundary conditions. The gas flow behavior is studied as a function of the Knudsen number

Continuum naturalness

Abstract We present a novel class of composite Higgs models in which the top and gauge partners responsible for cutting off the Higgs quadratic divergences form a continuum. The continuum states are

Effect of Method Type on the Response of Continuum Vibro-Impact

The force integration method (FIM) and the methods based on the mode transfer principle are the frequently used choices for solving the vibro-impact problem of continuum. Notably, there are different ... -impact problem of continuum beam is studied. The time-history response under periodic excitation is obtained using the FIM, mode transfer method (MTM) through numerical procedure, and the RMTM through

New physics effects in purely leptonic \(B^*_s\) decays

significant deviations from their Standard Model predictions. It has been shown that two different new physics solutions can explain all the anomalies in \(b\rightarrow s l^+l^-\) sector. Both these solutions ... Regular Article - Theoretical Physics First Online: 08 May 2019 2 Shares 130 Downloads Abstract Recently several measurements in the neutral current sector \(b\rightarrow s l^+l^-\) (\(l=e

On classical n-absorbing submodules

define the classical n-absorbing submodule, a proper submodule N of an R-module M is called a classical n-absorbing submodule if whenever \(a_1 a_2\ldots a_{n+1} m\in N\) for \(a_1, a_2,\ldots , a_{n+1}\in ... {n+1}\in R\) and \(m \in M\), there are n of \(a_i\)’s whose product with m is in N. Furthermore, we give some characterizations of n-absorbing and classical n-absorbing submodules under some

The knowledge-risk-behaviour continuum among young Ugandans: what it tells us about SRH/HIV integration

provide an incisive analysis of the connection between the knowledge – risk perception – practices continuum. Unpacking this important nexus can help to identify likely sources of stagnation along the ... continuum. The high rates of SRH and HIV knowledge observed among respondents confirm our assumption that increasing HIV prevalence among young people and stagnating teenage pregnancy prevalence in Uganda

Editorial note to: R. H. Dicke, The Theoretical Significance of Experimental Relativity

In the mid-1950s the experimental study of gravity physics was close to inactive. Robert Dicke saw the need and opportunity to employ advances in technology to improve the classical tests and add to ... an experiment of possible physical interest can be done better, then do it. It was the start of what has grown to be the rich subject of experimental gravity physics. KeywordsExperimental studies of

New physics vs new paradigms: distinguishing CPT violation from NSI

. Tórtola Open Access Regular Article - Theoretical Physics First Online: 06 May 2019 4 Shares 157 Downloads Abstract Our way of describing Nature is based on local relativistic quantum ... crucially depends on that. 1 Introduction The status of the CPT symmetry as one of the cornerstones of particle physics has its origin on the fact that the theorem that protects it, the CPT Theorem [1

/l/ velarisation as a continuum

, with the liquid consonant at the middle of the word in onset, complex onset and coda positions. Results suggested that /l/ is produced on a continuum in EP. The consistently low F2 indicates that /l/ is ... / production. The same is not true when the vowel context is /a/, since the tongue configuration for the vowel and dark /l/ production is quite similar [ 31,33,40,44?46 ]. Categorical versus continuum view of

Principle of objectivity and classical physics

of objectivity is also applicable to non-relativistic classical physics. ... ; Tensors; Electromagnetic Theory - PRINCIPLE OF OBJECTIVITY AND CLASSICAL PHYSICS In the theory of mathematical sciences, the main aim is to fit suitable mathematical models to some objects of the

A versatile quantum walk resonator with bright classical light

In a Quantum Walk (QW) the “walker” follows all possible paths at once through the principle of quantum superposition, differentiating itself from classical random walks where one random path is ... /PhysRevA.69.052311 42. Spreeuw RJ . A classical analogy of entanglement . Foundations of physics . 1998 ; 28 ( 3 ): 361 - 374 . 43. Simon R , Mukunda N. Minimal three

On Behind the Physics of the Thermoelectricity of Topological Insulators

Topological Insulators are the best thermoelectric materials involving a sophisticated physics beyond their solid state and electronic structure. We show that exists a topological contribution to the ... on Behind the physics of the thermoelectricity of t opological Insulators Daniel Baldomir Daniel Fa?lde Published: xx xx xxxx t opological Insulators are the best thermoelectric materials involving

Variational autoencoders for new physics mining at the Large Hadron Collider

Abstract Using variational autoencoders trained on known physics processes, we develop a one-sided threshold test to isolate previously unseen processes as outlier events. Since the autoencoder

Quantum Reality, Perspectivalism and Covariance

Paul Busch has emphasized on various occasions the importance for physics of going beyond a merely instrumentalist view of quantum mechanics. Even if we cannot be sure that any particular realist ... possess (including memory contents). This general programmatic viewpoint is of course not unique to quantum physics: it generalizes physicalist ideas well known from classical physics. We mention the point

Probability in classical statistical mechanics

the use and interpretation of probabilistic ideas in classical statistical mechanics, namely, the notion of ensemble and of typicality. ... , Philosophia Scientiae 5, 161 (2001).         [ Links ] [5] G. Gallavotti, Statistical Mechanics: A Short Treatise (Texts and Monographs in Physics) (Springer, New York, 1999).         [ Links ] [6] M. Bunge

New physics in double Higgs production at future e+e− colliders

Abstract We study the effects of new physics in double Higgs production at future e+e− colliders. In the Standard Model the chiral limit (me = 0) plays an important role for this process, being ... linear colliders such as CLIC, ILC and FCC-ee and we derive expected 95% CL limits for each benchmark scenario. Keywords Beyond Standard Model Higgs Physics  ArXiv ePrint: 1901.05979 Download to

Guiding new physics searches with unsupervised learning

, for example, a simulated standard-model background, and an observed dataset containing a potential hidden signal of New Physics. We build a statistical test upon a test statistic which measures ... Access Regular Article - Theoretical Physics First Online: 29 March 2019 2 Shares 117 Downloads Abstract We propose a new scientific application of unsupervised learning techniques to boost

Introductory students’ attitudes and approaches to Physics problem solving: Major, achievement level and gender differences

Students’ attitudes and approaches to problem solving are claimed to be related to their ways they learn physics and to their success in solving physics problems. In this study, the Attitudes and ... approaches to physics problem solving. The data were collected from 175 students, in the spring semester of 2015-2016 academic year, from an introductory physics course at a university in the Black See Region

Editorial to the Topical Collection on Clusters of Galaxies: Physics and Cosmology

. KaastraM. BrüggenM. MarkevitchM. FalangaF. B. S. Paerels Article First Online: 04 April 2019 41 Downloads Part of the following topical collections:Clusters of Galaxies: Physics and Cosmology ... Clusters of Galaxies: Physics and Cosmology Edited by Andrei Bykov, Jelle Kaastra, Marcus Brüggen, Maxim Markevitch, Maurizio Falanga and Frederik Bernard Stefan Paerels 1 Clusters of Galaxies in