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Some remarks on wave solutions in general relativity theory

This paper reviews the concept of pp-waves and plane waves in classical general relativity theory. The first four sections give discussions of some algebraic constructions and symmetry concepts which ... 4-dimensional Ricci-flat manifolds which admit a metric. J. Geom. Phys. 89, 50–59 (2015)MathSciNetCrossRefGoogle Scholar 17. Hall, G.S.: Symmetries, Orbits and Isotropy in General Relativity Theory

Electromagnetism in a nonsymmetric theory of gravitation

The field equations of a proposed nonsymmetric theory of gravitation are derived when electro-magnetic fields are present, by adopting a nonminimal coupling which ensures the validity of the ... neutral point particle has been obtained [3], together with its implications for the motion of light and test particles. The theory is shown [3] to be consistent with all four general relativity solar tests

Quantum Belinski–Khalatnikov–Lifshitz scenario

states quantization. Our results show that quantum dynamics is regular in the sense that during quantum evolution the expectation values of all considered observables are finite. The classical singularity ... considered gravitational system. Our results suggest that quantum general relativity has a good chance to be free from singularities. 1 Introduction It is believed that the cosmological and astrophysical

Real time quantum gravity dynamics from classical statistical Yang-Mills simulations

Abstract We perform microcanonical classical statistical lattice simulations of SU(N) Yang-Mills theory with eight scalars on a circle. Measuring the eigenvalue distribution of the spatial Wilson ... . Dzienkowski, Large N classical dynamics of holographic matrix models, Phys. Rev. D 87 (2013) 084044 [arXiv:1211.3425] [INSPIRE]. [42] S. Aoki, M. Hanada and N. Iizuka, Quantum Black Hole Formation in the BFSS

Transition from quantum to classical behavior for some simple model systems

, are not observed on the classical macroscopic level. By discussing two simple model problems connected via the free-particle propagator, we show under what circumstances typical quantum effects that ... , which made possible the visit of the first author to Mexico.   References 1. E. Joos et al., Decoherence and the Appearance of a Classical World in Quantum Theory 2nd Edn (Berlin: Springer 2003

Topologically twisted SUSY gauge theory, gauge-Bethe correspondence and quantum cohomology

equivariant quantum cohomology classes of the cotangent bundle of Grassmann manifolds and the equivariant quantum cohomology ring. Also, we study the twisted chiral ring relations of supersymmetric Wilson loops ... Supersymmetric Gauge Theory Supersymmetry and Duality Differential and Algebraic Geometry Integrable Field Theories  ArXiv ePrint: 1605.07165 Download to read the full article text Notes Open Access

Quantum information processing and composite quantum fields

analogies between quantum information processing tasks and the combinatorics of composite quantum fields and argue that this can be fruitful interface between quantum information and quantum field theory ... ) 060401.ADSCrossRefGoogle Scholar [19] G. Gutoski and J. Watrous, Toward a general theory of quantum games, in Proceeding of the 39th Annual ACM Symposium on Theory of Computation, San Diego, California

Classical Algorithms from Quantum and Arthur-Merlin Communication Protocols

algorithmic applications of communication protocols: - Quantum Communication Protocols and Deterministic Approximate Counting. Our first connection is that a fast BQP communication protocol for a function f ... Subject Classification Theory of computation ? Communication complexity and phrases Quantum communication protocols; Arthur-Merlin communication protocols; approximate counting; approximate rank

Homotopy theory of algebraic quantum field theories

Motivated by gauge theory, we develop a general framework for chain complex-valued algebraic quantum field theories. Building upon our recent operadic approach to this subject, we show that the ... normalized cochain algebras on \(\infty \)-stacks, and (2) fiber-wise groupoid cohomology of a category fibered in groupoids with coefficients in a strict quantum field theory. KeywordsAlgebraic quantum field

Constraining quantum fields using modular theory

and we obtain a simple proof of its monotonicity. Its monotonicity implies a class of constraints on correlation functions in quantum field theory, only a small set of which were known to us. We explore ... ].MathSciNetCrossRefzbMATHGoogle Scholar [9] V. Vedral, The role of relative entropy in quantum information theory, Rev. Mod. Phys. 74 (2002) 197 [INSPIRE].ADSMathSciNetCrossRefzbMATHGoogle Scholar [10] H. Araki and T. Masuda

Validating quantum-classical programming models with tensor network simulations

The exploration of hybrid quantum-classical algorithms and programming models on noisy near-term quantum hardware has begun. As hybrid programs scale towards classical intractability, validation and ... demonstrate a newly developed quantum circuit simulator based on tensor network theory that enables intermediate-scale verification and validation of hybrid quantum-classical computing frameworks and

Classical variational basis for Schrödinger quantum theory

A two-dimensional classical hyperspace fluid theory of the vacuum which is an alternative to Schrödinger quantum theory involves a “stirring” energy density. This energy density, like entropy density ... Journal of Applied Mathematics and Simulation CLASSICAL VARIATIONAL BASIS FOR SCHRODINGER QUANTUM THEORY* James G. Gilson 0 0 AMS Subject Classification: 81C05 , 76C05 A two-dimensional classical

The self-dual classical double copy, and the Eguchi-Hanson instanton

Abstract The double copy is a map from non-abelian gauge theories to gravity, that has been demonstrated both for scattering amplitudes and exact classical solutions. In this study, we reconsider the ... :0805.3993] [INSPIRE]. [2] Z. Bern, J.J.M. Carrasco and H. Johansson, Perturbative quantum gravity as a double copy of gauge theory, Phys. Rev. Lett. 105 (2010) 061602 [arXiv:1004.0476] [INSPIRE]. [3] Z

Kerr-Schild double field theory and classical double copy

double field theory (DFT) and supergravities. We introduce a generalized KS ansatz for the generalized metric in terms of a pair of null vectors. Applying this ansatz to the equations of motion of DFT, we ... supersymmetric classical double copy which shows that solutions of the Killing spinor equation can be realized in terms of solutions of the BPS equation of the supersymmetric Maxwell theory. Keywords Classical

Revisiting the asymptotic dynamics of General Relativity on AdS3

action, giving rise to an infinite set of commuting conserved charges, implying the integrability of the system. Noteworthy, the theory at the boundary is non-relativistic and possesses anisotropic scaling ... three spacetime dimensions, Class. Quant. Grav. 24 (2007) F15 [gr-qc/0610130] [INSPIRE]. [20] E. Witten, Quantum Field Theory and the Jones Polynomial, Commun. Math. Phys. 121 (1989) 351 [INSPIRE

Statistical properties of a modified standard map in quantum and classical regimes

We present a model—a modified standard map. This model has interesting properties that allow quantumclassical correspondences to be studied. For some range of parameters in the classical phase space ... ]. In this paper, we study the classical and quantum dynamics of a system, for a particular range of parameters for which AMs exist. Because AMs have an important practical interpretation [9, 10, 11, 12

A theory of reparameterizations for AdS3 gravity

Abstract We rewrite the Chern-Simons description of pure gravity on global AdS3 and on Euclidean BTZ black holes as a quantum field theory on the AdS boundary. The resulting theory is (two copies of ... , Springer, (2009).Google Scholar [40] H.L. Verlinde, Conformal Field Theory, 2-D Quantum Gravity and Quantization of Teichmüller Space, Nucl. Phys. B 337 (1990) 652 [INSPIRE]. [41] H.L. Verlinde and E.P

Classical variational basis for Schrödinger quantum theory

A two-dimensional classical hyperspace fluid theory of the vacuum which is an alternative to Schrödinger quantum theory involves a “stirring” energy density. This energy density, like entropy density ... Journal of Applied Mathematics and Simulation CLASSICAL VARIATIONAL BASIS FOR SCHRODINGER QUANTUM THEORY* James G. Gilson 0 0 AMS Subject Classification: 81C05 , 76C05 A two-dimensional classical

Identification of carbonium and carbenium ions by QTAIM

applied the Quantum Theory of Atoms in Molecules (QTAIM) metodology to characterize the carbonium and carbenium ions on an easier and more effective way. By comparing selected topological information of ... solvolysis are limited, the Gassman-Fentiman tool may be considered ineffective.28 The quantum theory of atoms in molecules (QTAIM) was used to study many carbonium ions, such as proponium and 2-norbornyl

Argyres-Douglas theories, Painlevé II and quantum mechanics

Argyres-Douglas theories to the quantum mechanical models with cubic and double well potentials. ... and J. Reuter, Exact solutions to quantum spectral curves by topological string theory, JHEP 10 (2015) 025 [arXiv:1506.09176] [INSPIRE].ADSMathSciNetCrossRefzbMATHGoogle Scholar [58] X. Wang, G. Zhang