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Nonparametric self-exciting models for computer network traffic

approach is shown to outperform standard seasonality and self-excitation models in predicting network connections, achieving well-calibrated predictions for event data collected from the computer networks of ... traffic data, obtained from the computer networks of Imperial College London and Los Alamos National Laboratory. Section 3 introduces a piecewise constant model for capturing seasonality in computer network

Research on neural network chaotic encryption algorithm in wireless network security communication

The rapid development of wireless network brings a lot of convenience to people’s lives, but there are still many problems to be solved in wireless networks. Among them, communication security is the ... technology has spread widely, but people must bear the risks brought by wireless networks while enjoying the convenience brought by wireless network communication. The main problems are mainly reflected in

Training residents in patient-centred communication and empathy: evaluation from patients, observers and residents

residents’ empathy and communication skills before as well as after the consultation. All video recorded consultations were coded to rate residents’ communication skills, empathy, computer use and agenda ... ’ computer use according to observers. These findings indicate that the quality of patient-centred care can be improved by integrating patient-centred communication into residency programs, at an academic

Machine auscultation: enabling machine diagnostics using convolutional neural networks and large-scale machine audio data

models from a computer numeric control (CNC) lathe. Numerical experiments demonstrate that CNN performs better than the BP-NN. ... reduce tool life in the computer numeric control (CNC) machines [4]. It is caused because of process nonlinearities [5]. Therefore, chatter identification, detection, and prevention are the most important

Community-Based Event Detection in Temporal Networks

We propose a method for detecting large events based on the structure of temporal communication networks. Our method is motivated by findings that viral information spreading has distinct diffusion ... people regardless of their regular community membership in communication networks. These events prompt more communication across community boundaries (there is increased communication between users of

Characterizing dynamic communication in online eating disorder communities: a multiplex network approach

communication on a different topic. By measuring structural properties of the multilayer network, we find that (i) the same set of users form social networks with different structures in communicating different ... , multilayer networks built based on users’ conversations over time, we further find that (i) actors previously engaged in pro-recovery communication are likely to engage in anti-recovery communication in the

Predicting and containing epidemic risk using on-line friendship networks

) and a static network based on their reported online friendship (the friendship With computer simulations, we compare stochastic infection processes on the two networks, considering infections on the ... monitor and contain epidemic outbreaks? Recent work has suggested that communication traces obtained from mobile phones might help reduce the expected size of an epidemic [37]. In addition, networks

Agile governance in Information and Communication Technologies: shifting paradigms

This paper presents the basis of the Agile Governance in Information and Communication Technology (ICT), which is based on Agile Software Engineering Methodologies principles and values. Its ... proposed as a future work. Keywords: Information and Communication Technologies (ICT); ICT Governance; Agile Methodologies; Project Management; ICT Service Management. RESUMO Este artigo apresenta as

High precision computer-generated moiré profilometry

Recently, a computer-generated moiré profilometry was proposed by our research group. It can effectively avoid the influence of the transient caused by moiré fringes’ direct acquisition and generally ... High precision computer-generated moir? profilometry Chengmeng Li Yiping Cao Lu Wang Yingying Wan Guangkai Fu Yapin Wang Cheng Chen Published: xx xx xxxx Recently, a computer-generated moir

Special Issue: Technological Advancements in Wireless and Optical Communication Systems

, Modbus, and Other Communication Standards”. A water management Cyber Physical System (WM-CPS) is proposed by authors. This WM-CPS is Internet of Things (IoTs) based which is capable to control actuator via

Emerging Technologies, Infrastructures, and Applications for Video Streaming over Future Communication Networks

environment. The paper by W. Wang et al. regards a video streaming scheduling event in wireless networks as a soft real-time scheduling event and then proposes a dynamic soft real-time scheduling mechanism

Special Issue on Advances in Human-Computer Interaction

2017 conference, the biannual conference of the Italian Chapter of ACM Special Interest Group on Computer-Human Interaction (SIGCHI). They are representative of the work by researchers and practitioners ... . Moreover, strategies for effective communications/conversations have also been analyzed from two perspectives: how to help people learn culturally-based communication protocols, and how to teach children

Chemical Communication in Meranoplus (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)

International Journal of CHEMICAL COMMUNICATION IN MERANOPLUS (HYMENOPTERA: FORMICIDAE)* BY BERT HOLLDOBLER BY BERT HOLLDOBLER 0 0 Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology Harvard ... (Poison gland and/or Dufour?s gland) or the rectal bladder are involved in trail communication. Each of the three organs were dissected out of freshly killed workers, crushed on hardwood applicators and

Towards attack tolerant networks: Concurrent multipath routing and the butterfly network

It is crucial for large-scale communication networks such as the internet to be resilient against attacks such as censorship and surveillance, which pose a threat to free expression and free ... communication networks: Strategies, principles, and survey of disciplines . Computer Networks . 2010 ; 54 ( 8 ): 1245 - 1265 . 2010 . 03 .005 9. Nayak GN , Samaddar SG

An analysis of emotion-exchange motifs in multiplex networks during emergency events

multiplex communication network that we derived from a data-set including more than 1.9 million tweets that have been sent during five recent shootings and terror events. In order to study the local ... online communication patterns via network motifs In recent years, a number of studies have taken various approaches to examine the formation of communication patterns in different online social networks

Spatial analysis of traffic accidents based on WaveCluster and vehicle communication system data

Communication Networks Abstract The frequent occurrence of traffic accidents has always been an important problem troubling traffic safety management, so exploring the law and characteristics of case occurrence ... resources of road infrastructure, and reduce the number of traffic accidents. Fifth, in the design safety research content of the vehicle communication system, the workload of the human-computer interaction

A new method for traffic forecasting in urban wireless communication network

timeliness and accuracy of the prediction. This paper proposes a traffic analysis and prediction system which is suitable for urban wireless communication networks by combining actual call detail record (CDR ... and Sonar Networks Abstract With the development of wireless devices and the increase of mobile users, the operator’s focus has shifted from the construction of the communication network to the

Ultra-Wideband Antennas for Wireless Communication Applications

A review paper concerning wide-band and ultra-wideband (UWB) antennas used for wireless communication purposes in terms of the materials as well as a numerical analysis is presented. These antennas ... and Computer Engineering, Buein Zahra Technical University, Buein Zahra, Qazvin, Iran Correspondence should be addressed to Tale Saeidi; moc.liamg@27723sg Received 29 June 2018; Revised 2 October 2018

Editorial: Game Theory for Networks

-band spatial information to reduce training overheads for high-speed mobile communication networks. Since the throughput performance degrades in multi-cell scenarios, authors also proposed a cooperative ... 2019 83 Downloads 1 Editorial Game theory has been recently become a useful tool for modeling and studying various networks. The past decade has witnessed a huge explosion of interest in

Tensor chain and constraints in tensor networks

Abstract We develop our recent work on quantum error correction (QEC) and entanglement spectrum (ES) in tensor networks (arXiv:1806.05007). We propose a general framework for planar tensor network ... of hyperinvariant tensor networks recently proposed by Evenbly. We elaborate our proposal on tensor chains in a tensor network by tiling H2 space and provide a diagrammatical description for general