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Consensus in rooted dynamic networks with short-lived stability

message adversary. In contrast to the large body of existing work that focuses on message adversaries that pick the communication graphs from a predefined set of candidate graphs arbitrarily, we consider ... (2004)CrossRefzbMATHGoogle Scholar 3. Biely, M., Robinson, P., Schmid, U.: Agreement in directed dynamic networks. In: 19th International Colloquium on Structural Information and Communication

Applications of artificial neural networks in health care organizational decision-making: A scoping review

Health care organizations are leveraging machine-learning techniques, such as artificial neural networks (ANN), to improve delivery of care at a reduced cost. Applications of ANN to diagnosis are ... ], suggesting capabilities of neural networks as universal approximators [ 85 ]. During the 90?s, most of the research was largely experimental and the need for use of ANN as a widely-used computer paradigm

MRCS: matrix recovery-based communication-efficient compressive sampling on temporal-spatial data of dynamic-scale sparsity in large-scale environmental IoT networks

gathering methods by relaying data from each node to the sink, which keep data unaltered but suffering from costly communication, or tackle the spacial data in a proper basis to compress effectively in order ... networks (IEEE, 2015), pp. 531–539.Google Scholar 52. R. H. Keshavan, A. Montanari, S. Oh, in Communication, Control, and Computing, 2009. Allerton 2009. 47th Annual Allerton Conference on. Low-rank matrix

Computer simulations of coupled idiosyncrasies in speech perception and speech production with COSMO, a perceptuo-motor Bayesian model of speech communication

, within COSMO, a Bayesian computational model of speech communication. First, we show that if the learning process in COSMO includes a communicative mechanism between a Learning Agent and a Master Agent ... exist. Introduction Auditory vs. articulatory invariance in speech communication The nature of phonetic invariance has been at the heart of lively exchanges among speech communication researchers [ 1

Using computer-vision and machine learning to automate facial coding of positive and negative affect intensity

Facial expressions are fundamental to interpersonal communication, including social interaction, and allow people of different ages, cultures, and languages to quickly and reliably convey emotional ... . This is likely, in part, because achieving inter-rater reliability for facial action and affect intensity ratings is painstaking and labor-intensive. We use computer-vision and machine learning (CVML) to

Wireless sensor networks: A survey on monitoring water quality

. However, these networks have resource limitations in terms of processing power, memory, communication bandwidth and energy/power. If not addressed properly, these limitations can hinder the effectiveness ... , M., Wagh, S. J., & Utpat, A. (2014). A quick survey on wireless sensor networks. In Proceedings - 2014 4th international conference on communication systems and network technologies, CSNT 2014 (pp

Scientific communication: how to make it effectively?

EDITOR'S VIEWPOINT   Scientific communication – How to make it effectively?     Correspondence to     Scientific communication consists in publishing research results to the ... publication of the periodical Acta Cirúrgica Brasileira and to the creation of the Research Group on Scientific Communication in Surgery [Núcleo de Comunicação Científica em Cirurgia – NCCC] (8), which is

Spectacle, communication and communism in Guy Debord

language, which is the transition of the concept of expression to that of communication or dialogue. He seeks to compile and maintain, but also surpassing, the critical characteristic of uncommunicative ... (and, therefore, refractory to the "pseudo-communication" of the bourgeois society), as it was conceived and experienced by modern art and the vanguards of the beginning of the 20th century, formulating

A investigação da construção de modelos no estudo de um tópico de física utilizando um ambiente de modelagem computacional qualitativo

The integration of information and communication technologies into the educational context has been the subject of several symposiums and conferences around the world and also in Brazil. Many studies ... in the study of a physics issue using a qualitative computer model environment     Thiéberson Gomes1; Laércio Ferracioli2 Laboratório de Tecnologias Interativas Aplicadas a Modelagem

Real-time feedback control of computer networks based on predicted state estimation

We present a real-time feedback control strategy to optimize the dynamic performance of a computer communication network. In previous studies closely related to this topic, feedback delay, arising ... the performance-related problems in computer communication network, it is critical to build a dynamic model of the information flow through the system. Further, the basic statistical properties of

Perceptions of organizational communication processes in quality management

Language is a natural psychological phenomenon, indispensable to all humans in society. This article presents the theoretical foundations on communication in process quality management, bringing ... in organizations. The importance of the steps that should permeate the communication process is highlighted through published research, concluding on the need for studies that demonstrate the

A wearable neural interface for real time translation of Spanish Deaf Sign Language to voice and writing

This paper describes a work related to the design and implementation of a communication tool for persons with speech and hearing disabilities. This tool provides to the user a Human-Computer ... screen mounted in the clothes of the user, and in verbal form by a speaker. Keywords: Neural Networks, Human-Computer Interfaces, Signed Languages.   Resumen En este documento se presenta el

Implementing artificial neural networks through bionic construction

neural network, especially the Deep learning Neural Networks (DNNs) are implemented only through exhaustive training and learning. Fixed structure is built, and then parameters are trained through huge ... . 09 .003 6. Nguyen , A. , Yosinski , J. , Clune , J. Deep neural networks are easily fooled: High confidence predictions for unrecognizable images . Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition. IEEE , 427

Computer-based simulation of high-temperature corrosion phenomena

The aim of this paper is to introduce a computer simulation tool, which is designed for prediction of service-life of components operating under corrosive conditions such as carburization, oxidation ... the grain boundaries and within the grain interior. Excellent agreement between experimental observations and simulation results revealed the high potential of the computer modeling for application to

Contributions of Jayme Luiz Szwarcfiter to graph theory and computer science

This is an account of Jayme's contributions to Graph Theory and Computer Science. Due to restrictions in length, it is not possible to provide an in-depth coverage of every aspect of Jayme's ... in Computer Science. Almost 20 years later, in 1992, Knuth wrote a book entitled Literate Programming [29]. Chapter 3 of this book contains a reproduction of the original article. This paper was one

Scholarly communication in the web 2.0 environment: why not?

communication, there is still so much resistance to the adoption of both 2.0 tools and 2.0 as an adjective in the context of academic publications. Nevertheless, authors are not always aware of the advantages ... that they would obtain from scientific communication being open to evolving these tools in the human-mediated communication. Nowadays, persons do not only search on the web, they also interact in there

Fuzzy Based Mobility Management in 4G Wireless Networks

appropriate and to avoid loss of communication and provide better performance. Key words: 4G; Mobility Management; Heterogeneous Networks; Vertical Handover; Fuzzy INTRODUCTION In recent years ... heterogeneous wireless networks. Handover management does the operation of maintaining the ongoing communication seamless without any discontinuity in service while the mobile user is on the move, changing its

Quizzen für den Unternehmenserfolg: Weiterbildung mittels Enterprise Social Networks neu gestalten

The adoption of Enterprise Social Networks (ESN) enables companies to design platform supported collaboration processes. In addition to valuable functions such as knowledge management, project ... Enterprise Social Networks (ESN) ermöglicht es Unternehmen, Kollaborationsarbeit plattformgestützt zu gestalten. Neben wertvollen Funktionen wie Wissensmanagement, Projektmanagement und

A review on synchrophasor communication system: communication technologies, standards and applications

and current phasors is communicated to the central control center or the phasor data concentrator (PDC) where the data is analyzed for detection of power system anomalies. The communication of the ... Communication System TVE Total Error Vector UMTS Universal Mobile Telecommunications System WAMS Wide Area Measurement System WLAN Wireless Local Area Networks 1 Introduction The modern-day power grid aims

Editorial Note: Forensics of Multimedia Covert Communication

Multimedia Tools and Applications gratefully acknowledges the editorial work of the scholars listed below on the special issue entitled, “Forensics of Multimedia Covert Communication.” Of 80 papers submitted