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Structural stability concepts in medieval and renaissance mechanics

The identification of the origins of what we now call the theory of elastic stability is not an easy task. Most authors trace the origins to the pioneering work of Leonhard Euler in 1744, and some ... of materials and the means of handling them. The artist of the Renaissance had to know all that and much more: he had to instill into his work geometry and mechanics in the conscious imitation of

Argyres-Douglas theories, Painlevé II and quantum mechanics

background. In the self-dual limit we use the Painlevé/gauge correspondence and we show that, after summing over all instanton sectors, the two-cut cubic matrix model computes the tau function of Painlevé II ... [INSPIRE].ADSMathSciNetGoogle Scholar [63] A. Galindo and P. Pascual, Quantum Mechanics, vol. 2, Springer-Verlag (1990).Google Scholar [64] A. Voros, The return of the quartic oscillator. The complex WKB

TBA equations and resurgent Quantum Mechanics

ODE/IM correspondence, and they can be regarded as the solution of a Riemann-Hilbert problem in resurgent Quantum Mechanics formulated by Voros. Our derivation builds upon the solution of similar

Mechanics of composite hydrogels approaching phase separation

For polymer-particle composites, limited thermodynamic compatibility of polymers and particles often leads to poor dispersal and agglomeration of the particles in the matrix, which negatively impacts ... changes in the mechanical properties of the composites. Materials and methods Recombinant protein-polymers Production and purification of the recombinant protein-polymers T9-CR4-T9 and CR4 was performed

Recent Progress in the Fabrication, Properties, and Devices of Heterostructures Based on 2D Materials

With a large number of researches being conducted on two-dimensional (2D) materials, their unique properties in optics, electrics, mechanics, and magnetics have attracted increasing attention ... preparation of graphene in 2004 [1], the properties and applications of two-dimensional (2D) materials have attracted much attention. 2D materials can be divided into single-element 2D materials (such as

Lung mechanics and high-resolution computed tomography of the chest in very low birth weight premature infants

evaluate an association between lung mechanics and lung structural alterations in very low birth weight infants (birth weight less than 1500 g). DESIGN: A cross-sectional evaluation of pulmonary mechanics

Nonlinear symmetries of perfectly invisible PT-regularized conformal and superconformal mechanics systems

Abstract We investigate how the Lax-Novikov integral in the perfectly invisible PT-regularized zero-gap quantum conformal and superconformal mechanics systems affects on their (super)-conformal ... , Superconformal quantum mechanics, Nucl. Phys. B 245 (1984) 17 [INSPIRE].ADSMathSciNetCrossRefGoogle Scholar [5] E.A. Ivanov, S.O. Krivonos and V.M. Leviant, Geometry of Conformal Mechanics, J. Phys. A 22 (1989

A segunda lei da termodinâmica

thermodynamics in accordance to homogeneous processes thermodynamics, a temporal science which is the very special oversimplification of continuum mechanics for spatially constant intensive properties. ... Mechanics and Thermodynamics of Continuous Media, Springer: Berlin, 1997.         [ Links ] 3. Kestin, K.; The Second Law of Thermodynamics, Dowden, Hutchinson & Ross: Stroudsburg, 1976.         [ Links

Shockwave S-matrix from Schwarzian quantum mechanics

Abstract Schwarzian quantum mechanics describes the collective IR mode of the SYK model and captures key features of 2D black hole dynamics. Exact results for its correlation functions were obtained ... point function of heavy operators reduces to the semi-classical saddle-point of the Schwarzian action. We also explain a previously noted match between the OTO four point functions and 2D conformal blocks

Surface flow profiles for dry and wet granular materials by Particle Tracking Velocimetry; the effect of wall roughness

Abstract.Two-dimensional Particle Tracking Velocimetry (PTV) is a promising technique to study the behaviour of granular flows. The aim is to experimentally determine the free surface width and ... and velocities of scattered tracer particles are tracked as they move with the bulk flow by analyzing images. We then use a new technique to extract the continuum velocity field, applying coarse

Horizon quantum mechanics of collapsing shells

according to the hoop conjecture and the uncertainty principle of quantum physics, and parallels the results obtained for simpler sources. One new feature however emerges, in that this probability shows a ... horizon wave-function of the system. We mostly consider the collision of two ultra-relativistic shells, both shrinking and expanding, at the moment their radii are equal, and find a probability that the

A finite element analysis of the effects of archwire size on orthodontic tooth movement in extraction space closure with miniscrew sliding mechanics

BackgroundSliding mechanics with miniscrews is recently used for extraction space closure. The purpose of this study was to elucidate how and why the archwire size affects long-term tooth movement in ... miniscrew sliding mechanics has been discussed in detail in the previous study [7]. In Fig. 2a, a combination of a 0.021 × 0.025-in. wire and a 0.022-in. bracket was used to simulate an ideal case where

Preface of the thematic issue on rolling contact mechanics for multibody system dynamics

systems with very large motion, requires computationally efficient approaches and algorithms to deal with the rolling contact mechanics. The rolling contact mechanics is a fundamental part of the ... plastic rolling contact mechanics are also an inherent part of the tribology of rolling elements and wear being naturally involved in the development of models for Finite Element Analysis or Multibody

A New Approach for Investigation of Mode II Fracture Toughness in Orthotropic Materials

has been a serious concern in fracture mechanics ( Gu et al. 2015 ). Nowadays there are reliable fixtures and test methods for investigation of mode I fracture toughness of composite materials. Over ... . Experimental investigation of Picea abies.” Engineering Fracture Mechanics 68(5): 565-576. [ Links ] Jurf, R. A. and Pipes, R. B. (1982). “Interlaminar fracture of composite materials.” Journal of Composite

Applications of Microwave Materials: A Review

suitable materials for various microwave applications and vice versa. In this review, seven categories of materials and their applications in a microwave regime are elaborately discussed. The categories ... elaborately discussed. The categories include magnetic materials, carbon-based materials, flexible or stretchable materials, biomaterials, phantoms, tunable materials and metamaterials. A brief overview of

Chromosome Mechanics and Meiotic Engine Maintenance

Michael E. Dresser 0 0 Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation , Oklahoma City, Oklahoma , United States of America - normal kinetics of SC formation, and the usual pattern of meiotic recombination; to ... maintain low levels of ectopic recombination (genetic exchanges between homologous DNA sequences in nonallelic locations); and, ultimately, to reduce the frequency of aneuploidy [1317]. Ndj1 also plays a

Towards holography for quantum mechanics

appropriate boundary conditions, interactions and constraints. The aim of this construction is not to use holography as a tool for quantum mechanics but rather to find the simplest possible setup in order to ... permits any use, distribution and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author(s) and source are credited. References [1] J.M. Maldacena, The Large N limit of superconformal field theories

Thinking about Cross-Cultural Differences in Qualitative Interviewing: Practices for More Responsive and Trusting Encounters

Existing methodological efforts subsume the interview into broad epistemological abstractions, neglecting actual mechanics of the interview as practice, and dismiss linguistic and cultural asymmetry ... approach that democratically exposes the way cultural norms surface in communication, using strategies which (a) transform the dialogical mechanics of an interview?reflecting back and encouraging; (b

Mechanics of Energy Materials

successful development and deployment of these materials rely critically on a fundamental understanding of strongly coupled multiphysics phenomena. Mechanics of energy materials has emerged as a rapidly ... under quasi-static and dynamic loading; and (4) mechanics of piezoelectric materials for energy harvesting from mechanical/ vibration sources. In the following, we provide a summary of the main

An Application of an Optimization Tool to Solve Problems of Mechanics of Materials

This paper presents a study about using computational tools applied to a particular problem of Mechanics of Materials. Our purpose is, on one hand, to solve a structural problem in order to teach the ... to use and they enjoy learning the subject. It is observed that a reinforcement of students understanding of concepts and procedures of mechanics of materials take place. When working in the